Hammond's 2012 Golden Globe Predictions

Deadline Hollywood’s ENTV presents Awards Columnist Pete Hammond’s 2012 Golden Globes predictions for movies & TV. First up are his film winners:

Here are his TV predictions on Deadline Hollywood’s ENTV channel on YouTube:

  1. i’d rather read the predictions, not watch ’em. pete hammond’s a great writer, that’s why i’ve been reading him for years, not watching him for years!

  2. He’s adorable…and does the best Q & A’s in the business. You can do more than just read him – and he is an astute and brilliant writer and prognosticator. His love and knowledge of the cinema and his enthusiasm are hypnotic!
    Don’t just read….participate!

  3. I dunno… I read deadline on my phone on the train so it’s actually kind of nice to have the video there… much more fun than staring at my tiny screen!

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