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VIDEO: New 'Young Adult' TV Spot

EXCLUSIVE: After going out last weekend on its modestly wide break to nearly 1000 screens where it grossed $3.4 million and cracked the box office Top 10, Paramount’s Young Adult is shifting its emphasis in TV spots airing starting on Thursday. It’s the same thing Paramount did last year when it transitioned the campaign for The Fighter from its consumer emphasis to one that was “Oscar-centric.” With Academy ballots going to members early next week, the distributor wants to emphasize the awards-worthiness of the film directed by four-time Oscar nominee Jason Reitman, written by Oscar winner Diablo Cody (Juno) and starring Oscar winner Charlize Theron (Monster). Although the spots are not full of the usual “sell” for films of this type, Paramount is obviously hoping Academy members will be sold on the merits of this dark comedy, which has already earned Theron nominations for Golden Globes and a Critics Choice Movie Award —  the group that also nominated Cody’s script and supporting actor Patton Oswalt. Here’s the new ad:

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  1. True marketing genius that this movie is being sold as a comedy and that they crafted an appealing trailer.
    The truth is this FAR from comedy, and at best, nervously humorous for a few moments. We watched it over the weekend and once we got past the “2 hours of our lives that we can’t get back…” comments, marveled at the genius behind the campaign. It is abominably wretched, awkward, boring and really not funny or good. Not a glimmer of good.
    Clearly, Theron reprising Cage’s “Leaving Las Vegas” role wouldn’t be a big sell so why not cobble together some laughs in a trailer?
    The movie is really, really horrible. Don’t spend $$$ at the box office, chop up the screener to save future generations the suffering and get started sewing wings on your favorite pig in anticipation of first flight.

    1. I think that’s the point – they created a tv spot that more accurately depicts the movie. the first trailer was super commercial, lots of laughs, etc. this has a lot more edge and tonally it is absolutely more what the movie is. And for me, it was a provocative and entertaining film.

  2. I actually liked the movie. Definitely not for everyone, but it was darkly funny and I thought Charlize was great. I liked Juno and especially Up In The Air better, but I did think it was good.

  3. actually a pretty brilliant trailer, but unfortunately:
    1. seems like a back pedaling from their previous marketing technique(s)
    2. the movie is quite stale

  4. This is astonishing.
    Mcwhutterson hit the nail on the head. It’s like some kind of parody. Or a parody of a parody. Or a short film put together by that kid from AFTERSCHOOL.
    What could possibly explain this?
    Is the dark humor in this film so poor that it floats up dead…as drama? Is there a new demographic for disenfranchised Midwestern drunks the studio is going after? Has Mandate abandoned this as a viable film with its own identity and is now simply going for acting awards gold?
    I mean, this thing seems crazy. Like crazy people made it.

  5. This trailer shows another side of the Charlize Theron Character – the side that doesn’t say anything about the movie – it’s boring. I like the early trailers much more, and the people hating on this movie are not really giving it a chance, because she’s not your typical heroine. Charlize Theron gets credit here, because she takes risks as an actor.

  6. I don’t think it’s a bad ad.

    Haven’t seen the movie yet but can’t wait to. One of my most anticipated this holiday season.

    1. If you wait two weeks you can see it for 2 bucks at the discount theater. Where it is quickly headed.

      Oh, and Theron won’t get a nom. Davis, Streep and Williams are all locks, and the two spots will go to either Close (who will get votes for her total career), Swinton (who is much more beloved) or Mara who is getting glowing reviews even in the few middling reviews Dragon has received. She has no chance. A giant waste of money.

  7. no one does “FORCED QUIRK” better than the diablo cody/jason reitman duo…U G H

    great example of ONE of the reasons NO ONE goes to the movies anymore…here’s a movie that no one except aging hipsters want to see (and THEY don’t even know they want to see it) saw a screening of this and the other posters above me are correct, whoever’s in charge of marketing doesn’t know how to market it because….(here it is)…IT’S NOT A MARKETABLE MOVIE…NO ONE wants to watch this and the few that do will find it limp and trite (but the dude writing for the LA WEEKLY will gain street cred if he writes a paragraph praising it)

    there’s many more reasons why NO ONE goes to the movies anymore…but this is one example

    young adult is made by people who think they’re all hip and edgy and ironic who make movies that only their buddies will like….while on the other side of town…studios pour LOADS of cash onto movies that have NO STORY and NO ACTORS WITH CHARISMA that they think people will want to see… office is the proof that’s in the dismal pudding

    1. Sorry? This is an example of why people don’t go to movies, anymore? Huh? Are there a lot of movies like this being made?

      As for it not being marketable, you’re probably right, but I’m not sure how that makes it a bad movie. If you only like Hollywood packaged products, then I can see you not liking this, but if you’re complaining about people not seeing movies, anymore, and using this is an example, that makes no sense.

  8. I saw the movie… TWICE — and I went in expecting a comedy and it delivered many laughs. But this television spot captured what the movie really delivers. Yes, It’s funny, but it’s also deeply sad and poignant and offers a lot of depth. The acting is some of the best of the year and the screenplay is original and brave — I’m not sure why the haters on here, but I suggest giving the film a second chance. It’s brilliant.

  9. Charlize Theron deserves an Oscar nomination and got amazing reviews, but probably won’t get it. Her character is an unsympathetic woman, she’s not starring in a biopic, and people feel they owe Glenn Close an Oscar nomination even though Theron’s reviews were better than hers.

    1. Did you see it? She’s very sympathetic. Between her oblivious parents and everything that’s revealed at the gut-kick Baby naming party, she’s an incredibly tragic person.

  10. I’m exhausted of people calling this screenplay brave. I promise you, there are plenty of writers in Hollywood writing counter-commercial endings to scripts that explore less reassuring elements in the human condition (and a lot of them are better than this). THEY JUST DON’T GET GREENLIT. If anyone is brave in this lineup, it’s not Cody. She has some talent, but what she has more of is luck and timing. It’s her turn at the tiller, but it won’t be for long unless she can write with more rigor and intelligence.

  11. Surprised by all the negative opinions about the movie posted above. I actually saw it at a screening a few weeks ago and really liked it, despite a few false notes (Reitman movies always have those, and they betray the fact that he’s a Hollywood rich boy with no experience of the “real world” people–suburban teenagers, laid-off middle management folks, etc–about whom he makes movies; for example, the awful, patronizing JK Simmons scene in Up in the Air). THAT SAID, I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it, and I’m glad that people seem to hate the movie, because something about it made me strongly dislike the people who made it. They seem like smug assholes.

      1. Your comment makes no sense. You hated the movie, but liked Charlize and Oswalt- given that they were the on screen virtually the entire film- how can you dislike the film/people who made it but love the acting?

        As for your assessment of the acting- yeah, it was fantastic. As was the script and direction. Easily one of the better films I’ve seen in the past month. Far better than the awful mess and waste of a great cast in Rampart, the over-hyped Hugo that put me to sleep, the cowardly/sentimental My Week with Marilyn or New Years Day.

    1. This trailer is great… but I hated the movie.
      And I completely agree with what you say about Reitman. He LOVES himself, as does Diablo and it really comes across in this pretentious, smug piece of crap.

      Paramount does a great job of convincing the audience that Reitman movie’s are so fantastic. And their strategy works. Up In The Air for Best Picture? puh-lease.

      Don’t get me wrong, I have liked his movies – just tone down the ‘amazing’ factor.

  12. I so wanted to like this movie but it just wasn’t good. There’s not much humor but it wasn’t really trying for any. The characters are ham-fisted and one-dimensional. The story is empty and given that Theron’s character never changes or grows, there’s no satisfying conclusion. Watching it was a miserable experience. If I wanted to be pissed on for two hours I’d watch a Todd Solondz film.

  13. YOUNG ADULT was just like JUNO except without the charm, wit, emotional connection, or connection to reality. It’s a movie made for people who find JERSEY SHORE to be interesting.

    Besides some good performances (Theron’s is fearless but comes up short because the character is such a fucking shrewish bore) the writing was ridiculous and self-absorbed (a character is told a guy she pines after is happily married and just has a child…her response, “Everyone’s got baggage.” Really? Bet that looked funny on paper but it made the character come off as pathetic and semi-retarded.) And the big message: people don’t change. Wow, I could sit around with my family on Christmas,I don’t need to spend 10 bucks and try and find parking for that hipster, aren’t-we-being-clever message.

    I’m with whomever above said, “There’s two hours of my life I won’t get back.” I was looking forward to this movie and went opening day…but it’s like coal in your stocking.

    1. I have never, nor will ever watch Jersey Shore, but I enjoyed Young Adult. Not sure why you need to (incorrectly) categorize people who enjoyed this movie. You didn’t like it? Fine. But believe it or not it’s possible for others to. Most adults (outside of many who comment here) seem to understand this.

  14. I just read the script (the one that claims it’s the FIFTH draft) and it is terrible. And this is coming from a huge Diablo Cody fan and a fan of the movie. The script is hard to read, thank God most of the lame dialogue was cut out, and what was left was changed so that it flowed better. Good movie, bad script.

  15. I actually found the movie to be exactly like the theatrical trailer made it out to be. It’s obviously a dark comedy, and I think that is clear from the original trailers (or even the poster). This is the most enjoyable movie I’ve seen this year, but I can see how the Cody’s voice doesn’t appeal to everyone.

  16. omg worst movie of 2011, great year to end hollywood…not? I rather watch the trailer on repeat for 2 hours straight then too ever watch this movie. Such a waste of money and time and this is my first review of a movie ever on the web! Am i missing something with the movie? I knew within the first 3 minutes that the movie will suck. The movie made more CASH on all the advertising!!! Within 5 minutes we see McCafe, Diet Coke being perfectly angled and displayed. We got STAPLES and KFC also mentioned quite a few times for no apparent reason. I dont get it. What r these directors smoking?????????????

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