Benjamin Walker, who plays the title character in next year’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, is also the ringleader of a comedy troupe that puts on a show the first Tuesday each month at Joe’s Pub in New York. The show’s called Benjamin Walker Presents Find The Funny, and Walker and his group has released a holiday card. The vampire hunting 16th president evokes a bunch of White House wannabees in its humorous holiday message.

FTFHOLIDAYCARD from Rodolfo Valdez on Vimeo.

5 years
Standby by for angry conservatives to begin boycotts because Obama wasn't also satirized in 3...2..1..
5 years
It's not really supposed to be funny as much as bitter satire. You're listening to the cruel...
5 years
I couldn't find the funny either, it's beacuse there was no funny to be found. Keep looking...