2012 Academy Awards Tap Hans Zimmer And Pharrell Williams As Music Consultants

EXCLUSIVE: The 2012 Academy Awards has got the musical waterfront covered. Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and Grammy-winning hip-hop artist and producer Pharrell Williams have been set to supervise the music for the awards show. They will serve as musical consultants, the first time either has done it. Oscarcast producers Brian Grazer and Don Mischer were looking for an opportunity to inject music into the program that touches on Zimmer’s classical flair, and the hip hop, R&B and pop sensibilities that Williams is known for.

Zimmer won a Best Original Score Oscar for The Lion King, and was nominated eight other times. His film scores included Sherlock Holmes, Inception, Gladiator, The Da Vinci Code, the last three Pirates of the Caribbeaan films, and all three of Chris Nolan’s Batfilms, including the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. He has won four Grammys and been nominated six other times.

Williams has won three Grammys as an artist and producer, and he wrote the original score for Despicable Me. His songs have been on the soundtracks of films ranging from Any Given Sunday to The 40 Year Old Virgin.

    1. You’re joking right? Pharell is actually making a serious career for himself as a new gen composer and bringing youth to the Hollywood music department, much like Trent Reznor. Relevance is not a matter of how much of their music you hear.

      1. Comparing the guy who wrote Busta Rhymes beats to Trent Reznor? Ouch…

        How many bizkit albums do you own, bub?

    2. Granted and(somewhat) debatable, Zoo Dork. However, Pharrell wasn’t chosen for his ‘Relevance’. What a ‘Music Supervisor’ leaves behind on a product is mostly his essence as an artist. You take the essence of these two musicians (both with bright spotted catalogs to their credit)and let them tumble around a bit in some theoretical sound scape and you have something very interesting.

      Maybe a bit too interesting for the Academy Awards, hey guy?

  1. In what is another misfire by the Academy they have decided to give the likable, acclaimed and Award winning Henry Ford of Film Music the opportunity to supervise the music for the Academy Awards. To say that Zimmer has a classical flair is very rich indeed since the man cannot compose to paper, orchestrate , properly conduct , nor has a classical background in music. Qualities that he is incapable of doing and is happy to admit. He has stated such in the past in the Los Angeles Times , Hollywood Reporter and other print publications around the world. Zimmer employs people who have that skill and has done so since the late 1980’s . He is a product of the electronic computer age ,one of the best concept designer / producers/ factory employers and one of the best schmooze individuals in the business . However, he is incapable of doing the job himself unless it is done via electronic means (nothing wrong with it if you are actually doing the work and the music is relevant) . Zimmer’s music though memorable early on in his career because of its freshness has become a ghost of its former self. The music he has collaborated on for the last decade is reworked and restructured by his current 30 plus music employees along with all the former employees on each and every film and television show they work on. Often borrowing heavily from previous scores using the same sounds / rhythm he developed and used for the last 15 years.

    Hiring Pharrell Williams as the other consultant because of his hip hop credibility and songs for an animated film is yet another slap in the face to all those individuals who studied music and lyric writing.

    The Academy wants the youth audience. Please, do you actually think the youth care who wins an Academy Award. They couldn’t care less. Old guys trying to be hip but missing the point of an award or craft. Let’s do a wrap of each song , score and embarrass, lyricists the filmmakers and composers who created the work.

    Try hiring someone who actually can compose and conduct, is an acclaimed composer, lyricist and vocalist . Hire someone who is respected in their field as opposed to reviled and or feared because of their connections to power players.

    The mediocrity of Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams has launched into the field of film music only bolstered their coffers and improved people’s ignorance of what is actually considered film and music. I applaud them for being able to capitalize on the fragility of the executives lack of knowledge and willingness to accept the lowest common denominator based on the success of another creative filmmakers or individuals work.

    If the Academy Awards were the MTV , Grammy or People’s Choice Awards then these might be good choices, While you are at it , perhaps the Khardashians , Ryan Seacrest, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Jesse James,Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul should be the other celebrities in charge of music at the Academy.

    Bravo Academy for showing even less respect for the craft of music than you have showed in the past with the embarrassing dances and presenters of the music awards.

    1. I don’t really care if a composer was classically trained or not. All I think is important about music is, if it gets the emotion across or not. In the case of Zimmer and his associates I have my doubts about that.

      But to bash someone because he can’t compose on paper or orchestrate or conduct and to give him a job is a slap in the face of all classically trained musicians, that’s a big leap. Music ain’t about training it’s about emotion. Danny Elfman didn’t have any musical training, so what? Bach didn’t have any classical musical training, because frankly there wasn’t any available at the time, so is he no composer too?
      Mozart and Beethoven in that regard didn’t have any “classical” training at a conservatory too.

      To bash Zimmer and his colleagues because his lack of composing something emotional or truly outstanding (I don’t want to use the word original here) is one thing, but to bash someone because he didn’t receive the appropriate musical training is the most elitist opinion possible. People like you just want to have the baton handed back to their little cicle, that’s all. At least your argument comes across as such with sentences like this:
      “Try hiring someone who actually can compose and conduct, is an acclaimed composer, lyricist and vocalist . Hire someone who is respected in their field as opposed to reviled and or feared because of their connections to power players.”

      All you want is the power to shift back to the people you see as on the right side. And all that just based on what you think is proper education?


    1. Yes, Zimmer won that award which just so happens to have the largest voting block of current and former members of his factory of music associates associated with it I believe the voting number exceeds 70. In addition, due to the proliferation of over using the additional music by credit on films for over 20 years, his voting block has infiltrated members of the Academy of Motion Pictures, Grammy, and Television Arts and Science. I am never surprised by the proliferation of how many past and present Zimmer worker bees show up on those lists. His nominations are more a testament to his voting block and well placed publicity.

  2. Pipe it haters…every Hans Zimmer score contributes about 40% to a film’s overall quality. All your pathetic ramblings above are just idiotic…Everyone knows this man’s genius…

  3. Anyone who thinks Pharrell isn’t talented…doesn’t understand what producing music is. Or how it works. Or really anything. So he sold a beat to a rapper you don’t like…deal with it.

  4. Chris, ever thought that some people don’t consider Pharrell to be talented because they genuinely don’t rate his music?

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