EXCLUSIVE! Brian Grazer Telling Hollywood He Will Produce Oscars & Looking For Host

Brian Grazer Will Step In To Produce 84th Academy Awards
Brett Ratner Out As Oscar Producer

WEDNESDAY 3:50 PM, 3RD UPDATE: The Academy Of Motion Pictures & Arts Sciences just made it official.

3:30 PM, 2ND UPDATE: Imagine Entertainment is confirming that Brian Grazer will produce the 84th Academy Awards with Don Mischer. Still no official AMPAS announcement, though. And there’s more news on this fast-breaking story: As much as the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences hoped that Eddie Murphy would reconsider his exit as host, insiders tell me that Brian Grazer has moved on this afternoon. “We are not going back to him. No way,” I’m told.

2 PM, UPDATE from Nikki Finke: I have just learned that Brian Grazer was offered and has accepted to produce the 84th Academy Awards. Nothing has been announced yet, but Grazer is telling Hollywood that he’s committed to the gig. The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences owes Brian big-time for stepping into the breach left when Brett Ratner exited because of the scandal which the director had created around himself. Immediately, Grazer began calling around town looking for the Oscar host (see HAMMOND: Eddie’s Exit Throws Oscars Into Further Chaos; So Who Should Host Now?) and speed-dialed the top agencies checking availabilities for big talent. But the Academy still wants Eddie Murphy to host, and Grazer is tasked with first trying to convince the actor to do it. Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment produced Tower Heist, which Ratner directed and co-stars Murphy. If anyone can get Eddie back in, it’s Brian. For Grazer to take on the Oscars demonstrates a dedication to the movie community that I hope the Academy won’t soon forget. Grazer’s name frequently comes up for the Irving G Thalberg Memorial Award, the most coveted Oscar honor for anyone in Hollywood, and almost received it for the 76th annual Oscars. So maybe sooner rather than later it should be Grazer’s turn for the Thalberg. I say give it to him next year.

11 AM, Mike Fleming reports: Right now, the Academy Awards are still in disarray, but a name that is making the rounds is Brian Grazer as a potential replacement for Brett Ratner. This is unconfirmed and might have made more sense when Eddie Murphy was still the host. Grazer partners in Imagine Entertainment with Ron Howard, and he just produced Tower Heist, the Ratner-directed film that stars Murphy. Developing.

    1. haha Funny. I hope Brian Grazer can get back the greatest stand up comedian of all time: Eddie Murphy. I checked out all the other sites and Eddie Murphy not hosting is a serious let down across the web (from nerdy fan boys to women to movie lovers and the list goes on).

      I feel sorry for Ratner. He was made a scapegoat. No one even noted that Olivia Munn said far more crude things than Ratner ever did!! I’m glad that Ratner ended up taking the high road and trying to make amends with everyone. It shows he truly has a good heart. As for Olivia Munn, we really should not welcome her onto any more productions. If you don’t know who Olivia Munn is than don’t do any research, she really is not a star. Ratner stepped down because of the gay slur. Seriously, Glaad needs to take a chill pill.

      Bill Crystal is great but he’s no Eddie Murphy on stage. Eddie Murphy seems to be channeling his old comedic self in interviews. We just might see the immature and “I don’t care about being cool” Eddie Murphy of the 80’s when he ruled highest on the A-list. If you are old enough to remember than there was no one better. I’m ready for Eddie Murphy Delirious well a pg-13 Eddie Murphy like he was on Saturday Night Live.

      1. I just watched Hollywood Dallies on Reelz channel and they portrayed Bret Ratner as a villian who just “up and said derogatory things about Olivia Munn for no reason.” They showed a clip from Attack of the Show on G4 BUT only part of the clip that didn’t portray him in the best of light. Magic editing! They left out the fact that Bret Ratner was responding to Olivia Munn’s very crude and obnoxious comments about him. He was just defending himself. LET ME REPEAT THIS, They left out the fact that Bret Ratner was responding to the Olivia Munn’s very crude and obnoxious comments about him. HOLLYWOOD DALLIES ON REELZ CHANNEL LIED BY TAKING THINGS OUT OF CONTEXT.

        I haven’t watched Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood yet. I hope they have more integrity to show the whole truth instead of trying to put down a man when he was only defending himself against innapropriate things said by Olivia Munn.

        I’m not a big lover of Bret Ratner. In my opinion his last good movie was Rush Hour 2. I just don’t like it when people go around twisting the facts around. Don’t watch Hollywood Dallies they are not honest.

    1. anonymous, have you seen the awful & awkward performances of Justin Timberlake in In Time & Friends With Benefits ? Trust me, he was atrocious. Timberlake doesn’t deserve to host the Oscars.

      I hope Brian Grazer is not trying to host the Oscars just to win the special Irving G Thalberg Award.

    2. Justin Timberlake’s agent: You can stop spamming this board pushing him for host. You’ve had your shot at making him a star, and no one’s buying. Give it up already.

      1. To be fair to Justin, he has proved to be a big international draw – Friends With Benefits did really well internationally and In Time seems to be following suit. Anyway, it’s not about whether someone can open a movie or not. It’s about whether they are suited to hosting the Oscars, which I think Justin is well-equipped to do.

        1. Did you see any of Justin Timberlake’s interviews, the guy is not a pro, he has no natural talent for live moments. It’s probably gonna be awkward and cringe-worthy if he hosts. Only positive thing for the oscars will be ratings boost from all the teenie girls watching. they need an older guy, more experienced, comedian would be perfect, who is not a totally has-been

  1. Mr Congeniality? Let’s hope not. He’ll give himself the Thanlberg award and spend the whole evening covering that!

  2. Grazer hosting would be a step up from Ratner. He could bring in JT or Billy Crystal and this show would be a big one.

  3. Justin Timberlake should host??? What the fuck!!! whoever wrote this please go to the doctors and check if your brain is intact. Who should produce this should be Joel Silver, somebody with some edge and understands that the Academy Awards needs to appeal with the youth inorder to get the ratings. I’m not taking about MTV crap.

  4. Brian Grazer is a great and inspired choice. Solid producer who actually has a talent for QUALITY and BOX OFFICE. Now, after picking Grazer — a no brainer, really — the academy should consider a refreshing, daring pairing. Not sure if these would make the popular cut but here’s my list of possible hosts for the Oscars….

    Justin Timberlake and Tina Fey?

    Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey?

    Billy Crystal and Aisha Tyler?

    Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey?

    Alec Baldwin and Julia Roberts?

    Betty White and George Clooney?

    Billy Crystal and Justin Timberlake?

    Jerry Seinfeld and Tina Fey?

    Ricky Gervais and Justin Timberlake?

    George Clooney and Ricky Gervais?

    Jimmy Fallon and Betty White?

    1. The Muppets should host. Why, you ask?
      I’ve got 10 good reasons…

      1. They’ve aged better than Billy Crystal

      2. They hosted their own show for a number of years = very experienced with live television

      3. They’re used to dealing with tough critics (see: Statler and Waldorf)

      4. They have a movie coming out this year = relevant!

      5. It’s easier to make fun of people when you’re using a puppet (see: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog)

      6. Nostalgia is so in right now

      7. They’ve still got it (see: their recent parody trailers/viral videos)

      8. Miss Piggy vs. Meryl Streep needs to happen (as does Swedish Chef vs. Alexander Skarsgard)

      9. They’ve got their own band = saves $$$

      10. Everyone loves the Muppets = UNIVERSAL APPEAL!!

    2. No idea why so many people keep suggesting Justin Timberlake as an OSCAR HOST?! But I agree with your suggestions of Tina Fey or Ricky Gervais. However if Gervais is hosting the Golden Globes again it is doubtful he will also be picked to host the Oscars.

    3. Fritz Coleman & Mel Gibson?

      Randy Quaid & Jay Leno?

      Roman Polanski & Khloe Kardashian?

      Mario Lopez & Nancy Glass?

      Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr?

  5. Honestly, how many speculative threads are we going to have about who is going to produce/who is going to host the Oscars now?

  6. Would Grazer even do it? He was one of the producers on Tower Heist. Maybe he has some loyalty to Ratner like Murphy.

  7. I think it should just be a giant friar’s club/comedy central-type roast. let’s be honest. it’s about that time for everyone to get ripped to shreds


  8. The Muppets are the most annoying thing this fall. Eddie M hosting is GENUS. It sounds boring but when you think about all the ppl who would tune in to see if he’s still funny …

  9. Brian Grazer shoud be thankfully the Eddie bowed out and not spend any energy tring to convince him to return

  10. just like the movies that are released these days, set the release date, then hire the talent and pray it all comes together and comes out well.

  11. I think Jimmy Kimmel should host, requesting people post segment hosting spots on YouTube and using them.

    1. I love Jimmy K. I’ll just throw this one out there…..
      The ENTIRE cast of Twilight…..hummmmmm

  12. Well at least Brian Grazer is a class act who has the experience and taste to pull this off. NO NO NO stop on the Justin Timberlake talk…he’s not a film star. His movies don’t perform when they bank on him, he lucked out in the role of “Social Network” playing basically himself. I love the idea of TINA FEY and always love STEVE MARTIN. Can we do a male / female pairing that actually have talent and wit? The Academy needs hold the standard high to keep the dignity of Oscar…otherwise, who will care anymore?

  13. Brian Grazer is a good choice but not solid.
    Eddie Murphy should come back.
    Justin is charming but nah.
    Seth MacFarlane is good for roasts and stuff he is UNKNOWN outside of US and other world territories.
    Murphy is a comedic icon in Europe. Get him back.

  14. “Paging Hugh Jackman…Hugh Jackman, please pick up the white courtesy phone nearest you…”
    Brian Grazer should be on the other end.

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