Parody: Can Leo Win Oscar For 'J. Edgar'?

J. Edgar opens limited runs today in 7 theatres in 5 cities — LA, NY, Chicago, Washington DC, and San Francisco — and nationwide on Friday in 1,910 locations. So Funny Or Die just posted this trenchant video mashup about Leonardo DiCaprio’s pursuit of the Best Actor Oscar past and present:

  1. The reviews are out and apparently the film is as stilted as it appears. DiCaprio in that make-up looks like “Dress Up Day” while Clint spins another tedious, overlong emotional flatline. Guess I pass this up!

  2. We should start a new Oscar category of “Undeserved Awards” including Leo, Julie Roberts and Gweneth Paltrow. Fame does not equal Oscar-worthiness, especially if you can’t act!

  3. O how the Academy loves to give Oscars for biopics! Add that to Clint Eastwood pandering–a winner for sure!

  4. Wow, the hate here is amazing. I saw it last night, and I thought he did a terrific job. As for the film, it flew by, and was very well done. Hammer was excellent (except for the bad old age makeup job they did for him).

  5. Leo was good. Pitt in Moneyball was way one-dimensional. He didn’t explore anything but stoicism. Should have shown him cry at the home plate…film drooled into its conclusion…Not an Oscar Worthy performance…

    Leo played such a despicable character in J edgar that it’s almost hard to vote for him.. Hammer was awesome btw. But Leo did deliver a great performance even if the film was long and sloppy. That film beat me over the head with the cause of manlove…. it wasn’t objective enough…very subjective but that’s Clint I guess…his way or the highway…

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