Tom Sherak Reflects On The Past Week…

Tonight in the Samuel Goldwyn theater, at the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences president Tom Sherak got a knowing laugh. It was right before the screening of The Great White Hope as part of the new Governors Awards film series. He was introducing the tribute to James Earl Jones and asked the audience, “How’s your week been? Let’s compare weeks.” Then Tom added, “There are 52 weeks in a year. It’s just one week.” Yes, but this has been a week for the Oscar history books.

  1. “Sharwreck” is by far the worst President in Academy history. His record speaks for itself–10 Best Picture noms? Oscar host (in)decisions? Ratner? Murphy? Wasting tons of Academy funds on glossy mailings. And his latest raft of comments make him Man of the Week with Rick Perry…Enough already.
    Thank God Billy said yes.

    1. Agreed. And paired with notorious moron Dawn Hudson, the Academy is about a decade away from not existing at all.

  2. this is hard to watch i’m a fan of the oscars i know board members over there. yet over the last 7 years i’ve watched the suits take over an institution founded by filmmakers

    the marketing team of ganis and sherak are doing for the academy what the guys who created new coke did for coca cola they are devaluing a brand

    look at the household names in hollywood who were past presidents capra, bracket, peck, mirisch, koch, wise, hiller and pierson charles bracket alone wrote or produced 39 feature films meanwhile ganis and sherak have been the final word on set as a producer exactly zero times

    if you are going to produce, cause to be produced, or meaningfully influence the creative process on a production you need to be seasoned, have chops and fundamentally be a SHOWMAN

    we see these two front and center always ready to talk and be in the press, but they have nothing of substance to say, and they’re combined efforts have led to a diminished brand

    the academy board really has to ask itself whether it needs to be led by a showman/show-woman or a suit

    judging by the facts – starting with what is acknowledged as the worst oscars ever last february and the decision-making since last august (l’affaire du rat) – the marketing team should step aside and let the filmmakers run the show

  3. It was a tough week for Sherak? Why, because the producer of his Oscar telecast said a word, uttered gillions of times a day, that a lot of people in the “community” CHOSE to be offended and others pretended to be appalled too, to keep their cred.

    Funny how Hollywood loves to look back at the McCarthy era, when the prevailing winds of power were blowing the other direction, and give the moral finger to those who blew in the same direction.

    Even funnier, Lenny Bruce would be greeted with open arms now–and no one would notice the irony. What a bunch of pussies.

  4. Sid and Tom are not afraid to take risks. If they stayed with the same old formula and the ratings continued to slide then the same schmucks would be here posting about how out-of-touch the Academy is, how they need younger ideas, etc etc. The Academy is often criticized for ignoring commercial films and filmmakers and so this year they went for it. It didn’t work out but it showed that Tom has chutzpah and that he’s making the tough choices, which is what a leader is supposed to do.

    1. Since when is hiring Billy Crystal as the host considered “taking a risk”. Hiring Grazer certainly is (as well as being a huge mistake and the same thing goes for Mischer.) Playing it “safe” is more like it. Whatever disaster this turns out to be, and with these vison-less clowns running the show it’s sure to be a huge one, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves. The Academy, Hollywood and the viewing public deserves better.

    2. Right on…I have long respected both of these men. And they have both had long and successful careers in and out of “suits”.

  5. the quotes are “sid and tom are not afraid to take risks” and “this year they went for it”

    yes, david from above, one cannot be afraid to take risks when he or she does not have the experience to recognize the consequences

    it’s called blundering forward making it up as you go

    and “going for it” reeks of desperation, not what one wants in a leader

    that’s why they marketing boys are in the mess they’re in they couldn’t anticipate what the seasoned filmmakers/showman saw coming from a mile away on their ‘revamp’ of the oscars during the last 6 years

    what did the this revamp give the oscars first, in terms of ratings, they are down over the last six years, compared to the previous six (pre the new coke guys) next, last year’s show was the worst received critically since alan carr (quite an achievement) it also had the 3rd worst ratings of all time two years before saw the second worst ratings of all time the numbers are right there in wikipedia have a look

    the most meaningful impact from the new coke guys is that the brand is tarnished other than its brand the academy has nothing reputation is everything

    and what the marketing boys have also failed to anticipate is that abc will at some point step in and say we’re giving you $50+ million a year for a show and we don’t think you’re competent enough to produce it we need the academy to listen to us now the academy has always had autonomy because it had competence in its decision making no more

    abc has a right to speak up after that happens anticipate the desperate housewives presenting the cinematography award

    finally the comment that tom sherak makes when he walks on stage at the governors awards last night (“and how was YOUR week”) suggests a total lack of instinct on how pissed off the academy members are he owns l’affair du rat nobody over there gives a damn about how he feels or how tough his week has been

    it’s a mess that he and his new debutante dawn hudson created for themselves and the other half of his marketing/cheerleading team supported they should feel like hell

    if you dig into why someone would say something like that (“how was YOUR week”) after such a disaster it’s because they are deeply insecure, know they’ve done something wrong but are unwilling to just come out and say it for fear that others will recognize the emperor has no clothes

    competence needs to be king over there not (per the honorable david above) “chutzpah” isn’t that what le ratner has so much of

    where does that get you? what do “chutzpah” and the academy of motion picture arts and sciences have to do with each other?

    a train wreck?

    trying to get a laugh from your constituency – so that it appears that we’re-all-in-this-together – shows among other things that the academy president’s ability to lead has to be called into question

    it’ll start to unwind soon

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