The Muppets As Oscar Hosts? …Really?

With freshly picked Oscars producer Brian Grazer now looking for a host, one of the first calls some people suggest he make is to The Muppets. A Facebook page has been advocating for the Muppets to host the Oscars since February 28th and now appears to be gaining traction with today’s departure of Eddie Murphy. Quite a few Deadline comments echo the sentiment. But The Muppets? Really? Disney owns both the Muppets and ABC, which is the network that broadcasts the Oscars and just happens to have a new movie starring Jim Henson’s creations releasing on November 23rd. Can you smell PR stunt?

    1. Totally agree. Which was the crazy guy who kept blowing up “The Muppet Show” with dynamite? He’d be a great addition. Also, the one who threw fish. No need for Statler and Waldorf though as that’s pretty much AMPAS anyway!

  1. I had this exact thought and posted it under the previous article. Get Jason Segel to write, and have the Muppet chaos reign all night. It’ll be a blast for the live audience and the one at home.

  2. Statler: That’s not a half bad idea!
    Waldorf: It’s not half good either!

    But actually, this is a brilliant idea.

  3. Enough of Eddie Murphy! He’s a has been! bad choice to begin with. Sherak got what he deserved with this mess hiring Ratner in the first place.

  4. Yes Please!! Muppets would make this the best Oscars in quite awhile! Swedish Chef and Beaker to present Best Picture!

  5. It would be FANTASTIC to watch but with it being a “live” broadcast (7 second delays don’t count) I think it’d be potentially damaging to the Muppet franchise if we caught an accidental TV image of the puppeteers working.

    It would certainly call for a LOT more rehearsals regarding camera staff, no? (Long shots of the winners walking to stage and all.)

  6. The Muppets might have puppeteer’s hands up their butts, but unlike Brett Ratner they don’t have their own heads up their butts.


    But seriously, it’s one of those crazy ideas that might actually work.

  7. The Muppets really would be pretty awesome. Remember when Mark Hammil and Carrie Fisher were on The Muppet Show BITD and they did that Star Wars version of “Pigs in Space”? Good times. It really could be as awesome as that. Muppet movie parodies are like TV crack. They could also have the cast of the Avengers host but they’d have to be in character. But they should only do that if Julie Taymor directs — which is a good idea, actually. They should intentionally go AS TRAIN WRECK AS POSSIBLE!

  8. This would be the best tribute to Hollywood ever. Put Waldorf and Statler in the balcony and let them host.

  9. It would be infinitely better just from a concept then any of the crap we’ve endured for the last few years.

  10. I would love to see the Oscars with being host by The Muppets. It would be fun! I never heard of anyone not liking the Muppets. I rather Kermit than Eddie Murphy.

  11. People calling for The Muppets to host the Oscars is akin to voters writing in Mickey Mouse on a Presidential ballet. It’s their way of thumbing their nose at a process that they’ve become extremely cynical about due to years of unsatisfying outcomes.

    1. um, no it’s not. The job of the Oscar host is to entertain between awards and create a cohesive flow to the evening (something the Muppets would most likely do very well). The job of President is to govern a nation (something an imaginary mouse can’t possibly do).

      Personally, I find the Muppets to be timeless, classic comedians in the vein of Johnny Carson and Bob Hope in that even their barbs always seem to have a warmth to them. Having them host would be an inspired choice and there is nothing cynical about it.

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