Meryl Streep's 'Iron Lady' Gets End-Of-Year Release Date

EXCLUSIVE: Meryl Streep is waiting until almost the last possible minute to jump into this year’s Oscar race. Although many places list her Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady as a December 16 release, The Weinstein Company has decided it is best to keep us waiting a little longer. So the official opening date for the movie that co-stars Jim Broadbent and is directed by Phyllida Lloyd is now December 30 in a limited platform release, with a wider break to come on January 13 to cash in on those expected Golden Globe and Oscar nominations. Streep is expected to be a front-runner for lead actress, which would be her 14th nomination in that category and 17th overall (she has three in supporting) with two wins, the last coming in 1982 for Sophie’s Choice. The records she keeps breaking are her own. Although an impressive statistic, Streep likes to remind people she has also lost more times than any other actor in Oscar history. The closest competitor for number of Best Actress nods is Katharine Hepburn who stopped at 12 (although Kate’s ahead in the actual gold count with four wins).

Will her portrayal of Thatcher bring Streep that elusive third Oscar?  She has tough competition from potential nominees Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn, Glenn Close in Albert Nobbs, Charlize Theron in Young Adult, Viola Davis in The Help and Tilda Swinton in We Need To Talk About Kevin among others.

At research screenings, Streep reportedly got the highest test numbers Harvey Weinstein has ever seen. Between Meryl and Michelle playing Margaret and Marilyn, Harvey is holding a hot hand in this year’s Best Actress contest.

Streep has also been announced as one of this year’s recipients of the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors, which will be awarded on December 4 and air on CBS on December 27 — the same day Oscar nominating ballots are mailed. Timing is everything.

  1. Word is film has problems , so even though a commitment was made to qualify for awards , picture is not strong enough to compete in mid December . Dirty Girl revisited ?

  2. Enough Harvey with all the hype about this performance! Yes Streep is always solid in EVERY role she does. But anything less than stellar in this role and not just getting the voice and hair down could backfire.

  3. It seems like every year Harvey says his Oscar movie got the highest test screening results he’s ever seen. This year it’s The Iron Lady, last year it was The King’s Speech, one year it was Finding Neverland…I’m getting tired of this tactic.

  4. as much as i would love for meryl streep to win, I hope that Viola Davis gets it — especially after being robbed for Doubt. But here are my hopeful winners:

    Best actor: leonardo Dicaprio, j Edgar
    Best supporting actor: Charlie Day, Horrible Bosses — at least a nomination!
    Best supporting actress: Bryce Dallas Howard — i dont’ know why she’s not being talked about — she gives a great performance.

    1. Charlie Day??? Because that role was so challenging??? Comedic actors are underrated, however, it’s really not that hard playing an idiot… the same idiot he plays on IASIP. Horrible Bosses was disappointing and Leo was not a good Hoover.

    2. You mean the very unfunny and disappointing Horrible Bosses in which Charlie Day plays the very difficult and challenging role of an idiot, the same role he has in IASIP? You must not know the type of people who are in the Academy to think that Horrible Bosses would get a nom for anything.

  5. The obvious question: will the movie be screened early enough to be considered for EOY awards like the NYFCC, NBR, etc. etc. Or are they hiding it?

  6. It is essential Kirsten Dunst is in the mix for Best actress in the Oscar “Contest”…Lars Von Trier’s unfortunate remarks have condemned “Melancholia” to Hollywood purgatory…Miss Dunst cannot be overlooked.Her performance was as complex and nuanced as any I’ve ever seen.

  7. So…

    Option 1 – Brilliant campaign move to avoid the usual earlypeaksyndrome Streep always faces (she is always the early fave).

    Option 2 – The film is not completely finished so they need all the time they can get.

    Option 3 – The film is bad and they are trying to delay the inevitable…that would also explain the complete lack of (much needed) festival play.

    I’m hoping for the first…but fearing the third.

    Thoughts ?

  8. Why is everyone saying she looks so great as Margaret Thatcher? I don’t see it. She looks like Meryl Steep doing a Margaret Thacher bit on Saturday Night Live.

    1. Yes! I agree 100%. She looks like a white, Condoleezza Rice. She’s going to nail Thatcher and win the Oscar, she’s never disappointed… I hope that terrible Margaret Thatcher hair and makeup is an afterthought after Streep hits it outta the park. Geez.

  9. Pete , please stop the hype. Michelle Williams is not a believable Marilyn Monroe ( not the sex appeal, not the mannerisms, nor Marilyn’s speaking voice ) . Williams is overrated, and she plays the same roles and she gives the same performances. Let’s start hyping Jessica Chastain & Tilda Swinton.

  10. I am getting a little TIRED of and annoyed at all these biopics of Western monarchs and elder statesmen/women which portray them with a little thread of sympathy when their actions have been ignoble.
    Hopefully is just going to be a short cycle.

    1. I agree. No one will be going to this movie to learn more about Margaret Thatcher or to remember some “good old days”. People will be going to this movie to see Meryl Streep play Margaret Thatcher.

  11. Thatcher is one of the most hated women in British history.

    Treating her as something other than a soulless beast won’t sit well with the British wing of AMPAS that was witness to her most depraved decisions when they occurred in the darkest days of the 1980s.

    Though I’m sure The Daily Mail and The Scum will love it.

  12. Agent of Chaos.

    Thatcher is only hated amongst the poor, the Irish, and the Scottish.

    The Affluent englishmen don’t have a problem with her, and in cases like my family, we love her.
    And I’m sure with the AMPAS voters Thatcher isn’t hated as people think she is.

    1. Really? I’m not poor and neither are my friends in the 1 mill houses they grew up in and we HATE her. The rich did NOT need that old bag to make money, they were doing JUST fine.

      Oh and the poor love her you tool. Spend some time down a council estate or a BNP rally and see how many love Maggie.

      It’s actually the liberals-rich, middle class and poor-who hate Thatcher. And the Irish. The Argentians. Anyone who isn’t a sociopath and thinks it’s fine to go war to kill as many people so they can line their greedy pockets with dirty money.And most Commonwealth nations-most university educated people with high cognetive dissonance-ethnic minorities who went to work for Britain during the war only to be dumped in the 70’s in ghettos and then quickly ignored but never thanked for their work in World War 2. The Creative Sector that became the Creative Industries in the 70’s that commercialized art and charged people go to historical museums about their past making the poor even more uneducated. The kids in state schools who had their free milk taken away because it was too costly but that didn’t stop Maggie giving tax cuts to big, big, big businesses….money wpthe country could’ve done with…oh and how can I forget ANYONE who has to take public transport like the trains! They used to run properly until that dear old cuddly sweetheart privatized them and now…heh…they never run on time, are always breaking down and stink.

      Yeah we LOVE Thatcher in the UK.

  13. Meryl Streep is a great actress period, she doesnt need another oscar to ascertain that.Her magic is we all go to see what Meryl Streep will do this time and 10 minutes into the movie we forget that and we watch a nun or a cook or an australian or an abba singing ex slut or a rafting mom. Now thats what i call acting. Usually actors are believable in their first movies when we dont know who they are, then only the true actors can make you believe. I find many of the actors hiding behind atonic faces long morose gazes and posing, No meryl acts! she creates characters accents …she is real!…the best actor PERIOD!..a phenomenon!, unfortunately her acting has always been far superior than the directing in her movies, i can imagine what she would be capable of doing in the hands of Bunuel, Bergman, Antonioni…anyways I think criticizing MS is like criticizing Heamingway

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