Ricky Gervais & NBC Appear Ready For 3rd Golden Globes Stint: But Will HFPA Agree?

As the long courtship and quick departure of Oscar host-to-be Eddie Murphy proved this week, suitable hosts for major awards shows aren’t found easily. So the Hollywood Foreign Press Association may want to hold onto two-time Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais. NBC has always wanted him back and Gervais in August announced that the network had invited him to return as the Golden Globes host. He confirmed that to Access Hollywood tonight, singling out the HFPA as the holdout. “I think NBC wants me to do it, but [the] Hollywood Foreign Press have got to want me as well,” he said. “It’s their event. It’s their party.” The sides are talking, albeit informally, and Gervais recently dined with reps for both NBC and HFPA in Paris. But with only 2 months to go until the January 12th event, the HFPA has got to make its move soon before Gervais changes his mind again. Or gets invited by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for the Oscar hosting gig that is also vacant. Gervais tonight said (maybe joking, maybe not) that he could host both awards events at a discount price.

There is also the issue of potential celebrity defections if Gervais returns as host, as Hollywood star power has been the Globes’ biggest draw. I hear that so far there is only one A-lister who is threatening not to attend if Gervais emcees. Of course, the Industry can’t forget how much his second stint as Globes host last year stirred the pot with blunt one-liners targeting big-name celebrities attending the event and even the controversial HFPA itself sponsoring the show. Later, the HFPA reps distanced themselves from Gervais, saying that he “went too far” and “crossed the line”. That lingering resentment seems to be the obstacle to a formal offer for Gervais to return as a Golden Globes host.

The British comedian was originally signed by NBC to a 2-year deal. The network could revert to the Golden Globes’ longtime no-host format but doesn’t want to. That practice came to an end when Gervais was hired. Gervais at first dismissed the possibility of a three-peat immediately after his second time hosting. But he has been gradually warming up to the idea. In all recent interviews, Ricky has shown an eagerness to return as emcee. He confirmed to Access Hollywood tonight that he hasn’t been “officially” offered the job yet but admitted that the idea of going back behind the podium “is very tempting”.

  1. HFPA has got to realize that inviting Gervais back after what went down last year (and the resulting press coverage) will lead to huge ratings. No better hype for the show than “What will Ricky say this year, and who will he zing?”

  2. Gervais was so bad last year – not nearly as funny as he thought he was. The Globes would be well off to steer clear this time.

  3. Sure, big ratings but what’s the appeal for Ricky? How can he top last years outing or the subsequent coverage? Most of his gags, initially, will be about his performance last time round and that will grow real old, real quick. Secondly, serving it straight to the various nominees and dare I say the word celebrities can’t go much further that straight out insults, which won’t be funny and could truly have a lasting negative effect on Gervais. Who I believe is pretty damn good at what he does. Maybe he’s mulling a new angle?

  4. Ricky Gervais was the best thing that ever happened to Golden Globes. And it make Oscras looks like child school play. People laughed their butts off at Ricky and then came Oscars with Franco and Hathaway. And that was just embarrassing.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. These self congratulatory ceremonies are usually quite boring, and Gervais’s act last year was the exception. Some hilarious bits, some less so, and i watched til the end wondering what he may come up with next. So get him on board, and if that means Tom Hanks is not in attendance, so be it.

    2. I agree, which is why they need to stick to hiring comedians instead of just plain actors. Comedians are able to adapt to any situation and make it funny while actors can only work with the script they are given.

    3. shy, the reason why the public where laughing because Ricky Gervais was roasting the A-list celebrities ( to the point where it was downright cruel ). That type of attitude is not needed for the Oscars. The Oscars has to be classy.

    4. 3 cheers for Ricky. I love how he struck down some of these high and mighty celebrities who think they’re the reason why the sun shines every morning. Listen, I love Hollywood but if you are going to make an irrelevant show and hand out awards that are purely based on bribes and sweet talk than at least make it worth watching. Bring Ricky back!

  5. Wannabe is spot on. The HFPA and anyone offends needs to get a sense of humour and wake up to the fact that last year (whether they like it or not) got the Globes more press coverage than ever and getting Gervais back again would be a massive ratings boost for what (let’s face it) a joke of a ceremony. Gervais called it like he saw it and half of what he said was what everybody was thinking but was too afraid to say.

    Reality is Ricky would add ratings and the HFPA need to realise more people will pay attention to them if they show they have a sense of humour about last year and invite him back.

    I’d watch for the first time if he were hosting. Otherwise i’ll dismiss them as the waste of time they are as usual.

  6. This may be hard for those being made fun of to understand, but a lot of people found it funny. Gervais is willing to make jokes to your face that the rest of the country is making or thinking behind your back.

    Would I like it if the tables were turned? No. Absolutely not.

    That does put Hollywood in a weird position. They either have to endure some public mocking or they have to look overly sensitive.

  7. Gervais is leading his own campaign for the gig. Humiliating the audience is cringeworthy – how dare he think it humour? The HFPA needs to elevate its program. Gervais is an egotistical bully.

    1. pffft. Humiliating the audience? Get a grip and a sense of humor. NPH or Hugh Jackman can’t host everything…plus the song and dance numbers get tired.

      The Globes last year were hilarious – period. You probably enjoyed Franco and Hathaway last year at the Oscars? “Elevate its program”? Elevate to what exactly? Gervias was classic and it’s a pity that some sensitive A-Listers are going to boycott – what a bunch of wusses.

  8. I guess I’m in the minority, but I didn’t find him the least bit amusing. I didn’t even smile during his “jokes.”

  9. I’m fine with it. Just, please, Ricky, hire more writers. Shocking and mean isn’t the same as funny, shocking and mean. Also, no clams.

  10. The central problem with Hollywood is this… Yes, I claim to know it. People come here dripping in a desire to be discovered, their ambitious, greedy lil’ hearts beating with the illusion of fame, fortune, and success. Before they know it — talkin’ about the ones who make it — they are so steeped in the business, in the blogs, the goings-on, etc., in the “reality” of Hollywood, that they have completely lost perspective. So they have no idea how to invent anything other than to replicate what already works . . . with a bit of a twist. “It’s Thelma and Louise meets Short Circuit,” or whatever. (Actually, come to think of it, I’d pay to see that movie.)

    This is how 90 percent of the junk the TV and Film producers gets made.

    Now. When it comes to an award show host, it begs the question, whom do you hire as a spokesperson for one of the most insular businesses on the planet. You’d hire a plumber to fix a toilet, a sailor to man a ship…and so why not hire a storyteller to speak for a room of storytellers?

    It’s only logical that the people AGAINST Mr. Gervais’ biting witticisms are, on some level, afraid of the truth being exposed.

    This is why our best voices — Woody Allen, Ricky Gervais, Larry David, a bit of Judd Appatow maybe, along with the slew of auteurs, et al — remain on the fringe. They have this incredible, artistic ability to never actually enter the circus. Rather, they encircle the grounds, occasionally lifting up the tent to have a peek inside and sniff the elephant crap, etc.

    So what better choice than to hire one of those beings on the fringe to satirize an otherwise glitzy, publicity-driven event?

    Here here to the foreign press, says I!

  11. I really like Ricky because he singles out the ridiculousness and says what everyone is thinking anyway. “The Tourist” was a bad movie but still got nominations. Tim Allen’s career compared to Tom Hank’s career is a stark and funny contrast. You can in fact “buy” a golden globe. Although this year – if he hosts – I hope he does come from a more clever angle than simply roasting Hollywood. The bit he did about Bucky Gunts and how “let’s face it” we’re all Bucky Gunts at the Emmy’s was HILARIOUS. I think a third hosting turn will really showcase how intelligent and versatile he can be as a comedian because it will force him to change his game. Of all the people Ricky himself will know he needs to and it should make for an amazing show.

  12. Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue from the globes has over 7 million hits on youtube.

    There aren’t any other opening monologues in the Oscars on youtube that have anything close to that.

  13. Ricky Gervais is that rarest of things in Hollywood these days; a comedian who is actually funny and has talent. His David Brent character is one of the best in television history, and the public loved watching him skewer celebrities last year. No one at home cares at all about seeing self-important idiots like Tom Hanks congratulate themselves over whatever mediocre new project they just released, they want to see someone like Gervais speak the truth in a funny way.

  14. I’ll say it again. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites. This idiot goes around making fun of the mentally disabled, and he gets a free pass for it. He’s a bully who gets off insulting people in no position to be able to defend themselves. But they aren’t gay, so no one gives a damn.

    Hollywood isn’t dying; it’s killing itself.

    1. Yes, top Hollywood celebs are weak and defenseless… whenever writers and publicists aren’t around. That’s why people don’t go to movies or watch TV anymore, and prefer spending time working out, doing homework with their kids and playing bridge with good friends.

  15. Please God, no. He was absolutely terrible. And his recent “mong” comments are repulsive. This guy must be having a mental breakdown but we don’t need to see it on TV.

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