OSCARS: Eddie Murphy Pulls Out As Host

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UPDATED: Only three months before the Oscars, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and ABC are almost back to square one. Hours after Brett Ratner tendered his resignation as Oscar producer in the fallout of racy-bordering-on-vulgar public comments and the use of an anti-gay slur, Eddie Murphy has stepped down as host. The move is not entirely unexpected given that Ratner was the one who brought in his Tower Heist star Murphy, and Deadline noted that Ratner’s exit Tuesday gave Murphy the perfect chance to bow out. But it still gives the Academy a big headache having to replace a producer and now a host only three months before the February 26 Academy Awards ceremony. On the other hand, Murphy’s acceptance of the gig was abnormally early. With the two departures, the only key member of the creative team remaining in place is veteran TV producer Don Mischer, who had been originally paired with Ratner. As for potential replacements, Brian Grazer, who produced Tower Heist, is being rumored as a candidate to succeed Ratner. Here is AMPAS’ statement on Murphy’s departure:

Beverly Hills, CA – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak announced that Eddie Murphy has withdrawn as host of the 84th Academy Awards. “I appreciate how Eddie feels about losing his creative partner, Brett Ratner, and we all wish him well,” said Sherak.

Commented Murphy, “First and foremost I want to say that I completely understand and support each party’s decision with regard to a change of producers for this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. I was truly looking forward to being a part of the show that our production team and writers were just starting to develop, but I’m sure that the new production team and host will do an equally great job.”

Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2011 will be presented on Sunday, February 26, 2012, at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center, and televised live by the ABC Television Network. The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 200 countries worldwide.

  1. I knew this would be Billy Crystal’s year. It’s time for Billy to save the awards in a pinch and restore the glory.

    1. COMPLETELY agree with you. Wasn’t looking forward to Murphy as he hasn’t been funny since the 90’s at best.

      1. and when was the last time Billy Crystal was funny? exactly… the 90’s.

        please dont bring back geriatric Billy Crystal. It was bad enough to see Steve Martin hosting, when he hasnt been funny in 20 years. Let’s not dig up yet another grave.

        1. Oh, come on. Billy was last funny when he rolled out of bed this morning. But Robin and Whoopi? Not so sure.

        1. Billy Crystal still funny + relevant?
          Um, yeah… That little cowboy movie he made about 25 years ago was mildly amusing I guess…
          Hmmm… Now that I think about it, the Oscars haven’t been funny, relevant OR entertaining for about 25 years, or whenever it was that Carson stopped hosting.

          Oh, also in response to the brave “Anonymous” Christian-basher (there’s one on every comments page), I guess it’s perfectly fine for you to sit through endless hours of awards shows watching the truly uneducated, uninspiring, guilt-ridden, sanctimonious, preening, preachy, simpering, self-loathing/self-loving Hollywood Intelligistas droning on year after year bashing anything or anyone with remotely traditional values, pandering for audience laughs from their fellow limousine liberal “elites”. But, God-forbid someone should use an “anti-gay” slur (“The HORROR!”), and then the knives come out. Grow up, people… One day, some of you may figure out that there’s more pressing issues going on than who’s on “Dancing with the stars” or the Academy Awards…


      2. It’s a no-brainer. Billy should host. To be honest, it was a mistake not to go to him in the first place.

        1. Crystal was great in his day, but times change. The Academy also wants to attract younger viewers. They’re not going to do it with warmed over borscht belt schtick.

      3. Now, there is one less reason to watch the Oscars.

        Who wants to see a room full or rich, elitist, politically correct celebrities, producers congratulate one another while making money from advertising their films?

        Then, of course, the same room full of people who mock and stereotype conservatives, Christians, Mexican Americans, Asians, etc… will then whine about “tolerance” for people who claim to be homosexuals.

        The hypocrisy is astounding.

        I was planning to watch the Oscars BECAUSE of Eddie Murphy. Now, there just isn’t a reason to watch.

        1. am sure the ‘christians’ all love brett ratner/murphy humor. gay bashing and misogyny always goes down well with them.

          1. I’m a Christian and I don’t think Gay Bashing is okay. How dare you insult people who try to do the right thing all time and be good to all our fellow human beings with this kind of insult.
            Don’t think you’re all sanctimonious and special. You wouldn’t even post your real name.
            I pray for you. You must be so misguided as to think that everyone who believes in our Lord is like them. Don’t agree with it but also feel the country is being overrun with people who think they can censor all humor.
            Sickened by your comment. Learn to be Christian and you might find it in your heart to forgive Humans who make bad jokes.

          2. You’re right. To be a hit with the Hollywood crowd you have to cowtow to the Islamist line. Can’t tolerate “gay bashing” and “misogyny” (whatever those vague labels mean) but it’s OK to glorify and accept beheadings, oppresion of women and the killing of anyone who believes differently than you.

            That’s Hollywood Cool.

          3. Wow, bigoted much? Don’t you love when people stereotype and then bash people because they believe that their target stereotypes and bashes others?

          4. Not all Christians are bashing. While we may not agree in lifestyles and really don’t believe that it was in the grand plan of God, we don’t all bash. The true principal in being a follower of Christ is love. Now that being said, at what point did we cut out the tongues of those who have free speech?? We don’t hesitate to fork the tongues of those who, while they are human and err,speak their mind and yet we speak no less a forked tongue and justify it. Who is zooming who here?? He who is without sin cast the first stone. As for the Oscars?? I never watch them anyway and I am an actor. It is, as entertainment industries are, a two sided chameleon anyway. A parallel to our life if we really care to truly face the truth.
            Oh and Eddie probably would have done very well

        2. My thoughts exactly…no reason to watch without Murphy. He’s the only comic I can think of who would give the “so-called” celebs some in-your-face comedy!

        3. Thank you…My thoughts exactly! this will be the first broadcast I’ve missed in years for the same reasons!

      4. Eddie Murphy was getting more laid back and funny again. I could tell from his interviews. Oh, I just remembered to put Olivia “D-bag” Munn on my black list. You don’t go trashy trash another director.

        1. I agree. Murphy has matured and so has his sense of humor. If anyone had an opportunity to see Eddie and Ernie Browm, Jr. of “Call of The Wildman” interviewed together on a recent Jay Leno show, I’m sure they would agree.

          Ernie kept referring to RAcoons as “‘coons” as he was seated next to Murphy. The expressions on Eddie’s face were priceless and his interjections hillarious.

      5. Agree. Eddie went corporate years ago, and the tranvestite prostitute bust didn’t help him.

        But Billy is a leftist whackjob; as I remember his last Oscar gig he was busting Bush’s chops every chance he got.

        I wish Bob Hope or Carson would come out of their graves and do it.

        1. Eddie should be outraged at comments..and err on the side of morals instead of marketing….he’s been known to be on the down low for some time…what a hypocrite

        2. Ah yes – gone are the days of the TRULY gifted hosts. We lost class and talent along with fun and CLEAN humor that both Bob Hope and Johnny Carson delivered so effortlessly while hosting the Oscar telecasts for many years. When Billy Crystal first came on the scene it was delightful – but now they’ve moved on to other hosts, which I consider a major step down. Yes, I sure do miss Hope and Carson. We’ll never see those days again, ever.

      1. You hit it square on, my friend.

        Look at the movies that have been ‘successful’ recently. There’s hardly an original idea among them. They are all sequels (Transformers, X-Men and the vampire flick), copies (too numerous to list) and comic strip (Green Lantern, Green Hornet) revivals.

        There has not been an original ideas in a big budget Hollywood movies in a long, long time.

        1. It is amazing how many remakes, adaptations, sequels and prequels there are to every original film. The only big budget blockbuster films I can think of off the top of my head that were completely original was Inception and District 9.

          1. Inception was a total waste of time. I don’t know what it’s budget was, but the movie was a steaming pile of wasted time. Watching special effects is one thing, constantly trying to follow the plot is another. Hollywood is now intellectually bankrupt and computer generated images will never replace a truely great actor, which BTW are also scarce. I quit watching the AA’s because of the AH’s.

        2. Ah, the good old “Hollywood today is bankrupt of ideas and only do such-and-such movies”. Look here, this is how it’s always been to the people who make that complaint – remakes, book adaptations, genre flicks are nothing new and have always been the bread and butter of the major studios. It’s just that the people who like to view things through nostalgic rose tinted glasses always, always miss this.

    2. Billy should host. He could do it in his sleep. He’s the only great Oscar host of the last 20 years. This is his chance to remind the world of how talented he is.

        1. Yes sometimes you have to remind people. Fake Hollywod just looks to promote the next big flashy new thing. They forget the people who mad Hollywood what it is. They should not censor people because they do not think like them. No one thinks like them out here in the sane world. A little tip to them is to stop making remakes of crap no one but kids want to see.

    3. Does anyone actually watch the Oscars anymore? I stopped watching after “Shakespere in Love” won over “Saving Private Ryan”. A revolving door of idiots and political biased voters.

      1. I totally agree. When “Shakespere in Love” won over “Saving Private Ryan”, the Oscars jumped the shark. It lost total credibility with the majority of movie goers. Since that disaster, the Oscars have become an art house award. Main stream movies rarely get recognition, but they added five more nominations for Best Picture to satisfy the situation when they stupidly snubbed The Dark Knight. The message wins out over the movie making most of the time. Frankly, America just doesn’t care about the Oscars anymore. It’s become a silly best of the red carpet fashion show as opposed to an event like it was 20 years ago. It’s a crashing bore.




    5. Robert Downey Jr. would kill it as an Oscar host. Not sure if it would work with his schedule, but if he could, he should.

    6. What would be really funny is if Billy said he was hosting because no one else wanted to work with the fags.

      1. Seriously….Eddie Murphy would make a huge comeback if he would just start going into the impression of the police siren fags posing as the fashion police.

        Gays are hated as equally as every other sect of society. Quit trying to conform our hate. You gays hate religion just as equal.

          1. Why not have Roman Polanski host….then arrest him during the opening monologue while Meryl Streep cries herself to death?

    7. I think Marty Short would be a sensational host…he definitely holds that comedic elder statesman status. Hell, maybe get Steve Martin and Marty as a duo…they’ve been touring together recently and God knows they satirize our biz better than anyone…we might even get a little Jiminy Glick out of it!

      If we’re out to retread the glory of the 80s, let’s at least do it justice!

      1. I agree that Martin Short would be an awesome host. Like Hugh Jackman he is a Broadway musical star who can sing and dance. And he is funny. And sweet.

        1. Send Martin Short back to Canada with all the other so called comedians we drafted from there. He sometimes looks like he is asleep on stage……

      2. Ouch, that was uncalled for and extremely painful to even read. Two horribly untalented hams who send people diving for their remotes. Bad Paycock, bad!

    8. It’s irrelevant who hosts the Oscars since all of us will be HERE anyway snarking about how the show is, once again, a train wreck.

      1. Right on with the Muppets!

        Kermit could host with Miss Piggy. Also bring in Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street with a monologue about loving Hollywood trash!

    9. They should hold an open casting call for any non-celebrity to host the Oscars. Maybe then people would watch again.

    10. LMAFO!! Yeah, the “has-been square” to the rescue…….
      They’re all failures. So are you for even watchin the crap.

    11. you need movie guys…not TV guys….and guys with a track record in the industry….funny is a necessity….smart is a necessity…someone we will listen to as knowing more than we do…gotta be Woody Allen…..

    12. The absolute last thing we need is another Billy Crystal snoozefest. Was so looking forward to having a fresh face on the Oscars, but alas, it will most likely not be this year.

      I just hope they don’t do something silly like a Jane Lynch/Mario Cantone duo or one of the Baldwin clan…

    13. There is no reason to watch the Oscars. It is a pointless mutual admiration society among a bunch folks that in reality should hold to relevance to us at all. They are our golden idols. Before Moses is even half way up the mountain, we are making golden Tom Cruise idols. Mindless gibberish. Most of the actors can’t act. The directors can’t direct. The films are one special effect after another. In their spare time the actors spew ignorant social commentary without,with a few exceptions, having done any homework on the subject.

      The Oscars are much like watching several post game interviews with players and coaches back to back to back. They say the same predictable things. In the case of the actors they spend a lot of time thanking individuals we don’t know. We hardly budge in our arm chairs as expend our energy reaching for another chip. Americans really need to spend more of their time doing vs. watching. How about getting a little exercise for instance?

      1. I wholeheartedly agree. There’s no reason to waste our time with this stuff. I hope more people start to see this and understand that living vicariously through these self-important idiots is a waste of their lives. Why watch this show? Such and such wins an award because they said their lines, which many non-‘actors’ would be able to do as well, and probably took hours of take after take to do it. Then they got paid more than most people will see in their lifetime. Then they get an award. Big deal. How about an award for the average Joe who holds down a steady job for years on end and works extra hours and overtime to give his kids a chance to go to college? Or someone who does something he doesn’t like day in and day out to support his family? We need to stop holding these people up as anything more than fortunate people who happen to have been recorded in a movie. Idol worship like this is ridiculous.

        That said, I do like Eddie Murphy, or at least I have liked his work and he hasn’t seemed to go off the deep end like some of these maniacs. But whether or not he hosts the Oscars wouldn’t make me tune in. I think I’d rather pluck my nosehairs that night.

    14. I have a better idea. Just cancel the awards program permanently. No one watches them anyway. At least no one with brains.

    15. Hey! How about Jim Carrie! He makes me laugh till I hurts! All the face contortions, he would bring the house down.

  2. Tom Sherak is a tool. Finally, we had a chance at a decent (dare I say amazing) Oscar and Tom has to go and fire Brett thus losing Eddie Murphy. Tom, were you so surprised by Brett’s comments? You had no idea he could possibly do something like this? I mean, he was on the Howard Stern show (promoting his film, not the Oscars btw) and he was acting like an idiot, big deal! This is absurd, everyone is so wound up and SCARED. Guys like Tom Sherak operate from a place of FEAR and that is the scariest place for people in a creative industry. Oh well, back to same boring lame Oscar’s. Nice work Tom, you’re doing great.

    1. if you read the press more carefully, you’ll see that tom sherak actually stood behind ratner (mistakenly in lot’s of people’s opinions, i’m sure) and ratner quit.

    2. Don’t blame this on Sherak. I was looking forward to seeing Murphy host and Ratner produce, but Ratner dug his own grave. We’re not talking about him making some joke that could be interpreted one way or the other. Fact is, you don’t drop the “n-word” or the “f-word.” This isn’t PC gone a muck. He didn’t joke about some Oscar curtains looking gay and get fired. This one was on Ratner. he ruined what could have been a great show with is own stupidity.

    1. @fan … I think the “pro” is stuck in a time loop called the 1980s. If you can soup up your Delorean and bring him up to speed, more power to you.

      1. Gervais is not funny! May I suggest the perfect duo to host? James Franco and Jay Leno. Think about it – one an overwhelmingly successful Oscar host from last year, the other a figure beloved by the Hollywood community who grows a little funnier each and every day.

  3. Eddie used to drop the F bomb in his stand up acts all the time. It was hillarious then and it’s hillarious now.

    We are way too PC as a society. I for one am tired of it.

    Oscars suffer for this loss, not Eddie.

    1. it was funny then in the mid to early 80’s… not now. same logic applies that white people today should wear blackface to get laughs.

      next time a kid kills himself from bullying for being gay you should treat yourself to a nice night out to celebrate.

        1. Once upon a time, the word “tolerance” meant putting up with things we didn’t like.
          Now if you’re not ACTIVELY PROMOTING a lifestyle that is revolting to many people, you’re called a bigot.

          1. Er, calling the homosexual lifestyle “revolting” (we all know what you meant) does make you a bigot, just FYI. No need to “actively promote” it.

          2. I see, once liberals adopt a new grievance lobby group, we’re not permitted to feel revolted by them. Only the politically correct feelings will be permitted! Everyone else report for re-education camp!

      1. Maybe the kid that kills himself because of bullying should have some parents that raise him to respect himself more and not be driven to suicide by the words and deeds of others… in other words, grow a pair and be a man.

        1. That is a great comment, freeman! It is precisely because we are running around being PC and treating everyone with kid gloves, i.e. no score keeping in games for little league, etc. that we then are susceptible to hateful words someone says and the result is committing suicide because you are not strong enough to deal with it. Life sucks. Grow a pair is exactly right. Do we want a world without bullying? Yes. Is it realistic? No. Imagine if the whole United States became bully free and one day the terrorists came in and blew up a city. What would we do? Would we be strong or run crying for the hills? We’d probably walk up to the terrorists and ask if we can all get along.

          1. Flatobango,
            I agree. In the US, San Francisco has the highest number of gay suicides per number of gays in the city. and I believe they are one of the most PC cities in the country. That shows that intolerance does not lead to suicide, but tolerance does.

      2. Kids these days dont know how to handle confrontation. I for one will not become PC because I “might” hurt someone’s oversensitive feelings.

      3. Then these kids should just support conceal and carry laws. You know picking the word gay to describe homosexuals was a real queer choice.

        1. How many high schools have enjoyed the footlights performing in “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay”? I refuse to change the meaning of this adjective.

      4. Yes, as soon as we strike the word “fag” from the lexicon the gay bullying/suicide epidemic will be solved. What a stupid predicate. Besides, I think Jack was talking about the real “F” word, commonly called the F bomb, not the “gay slur”. But please, continue painting with your broad brush. I’m sure he, like all people that think we’re getting way too sensitive, throw a party every time something bad happens to someone. I generally take it to Olive Garden and tell them it’s my birthday.

      1. Was it really? Imagine if someone who was supposed to be a judge at the Pillsbury Bake-off had said, “Testing recipes is for f..s.” Who would think that person was a professional, appropriate choice?

        Because it’s not just the slur. It’s that he said *rehearsals* are for…With that statement, he dismissed one of the essential pieces of his own craft. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, no matter how you feel about “political correctness,” if you’re part of the film or television industries, you had a right to feel insulted. And if you’re gay, or have colleagues, friends, or relatives who are gay, then all the more so.

    2. Two things: 1) the Oscars hasn’t been anything more than a bunch over rated left wingers patting themselves on the back in many years; 2) Eddie Murphy, is someone who has long since used up his tank of funny “gas” and is running on fumes, confusing foul mouthed with funny. A truly “funny person” doesn’t need to be foul, if he is foul, then he’s not a truly funny person.

    1. You found the prospect of Eddie Murphy hosting as “exciting”?

      Good riddance. The man hasn’t been funny since 1980s.

      Just have Hugh Jackman host again.

    2. I agree. I WAS optimistic. Now until I hear a new host, I’ve lost all interest.

      Murphy would have been great. I do like Jackman too, though.

      1. Perfect choice! Finally, a rational reply to the political correctness that isolates Hollywood from the rest of America.

        The Oscars are redundant. Time for the Hollywood aristocracy to realise the internet has changed the game and transformed the old studio house model into a dinosaur. Films win Oscars through the lobbying and promotion by professionals, not through artistic merit.

        Time to move on.

      2. I only want Lindsay if she’s not in rehab, not doing her community service at the morgue, has recently relapsed (preferably backstage while she’s doing the Oscars) and is again in violation of one of her probation/court conditions…it’d be kinda like having an old/young Bette Davis host, plus there’d finally be a chance for some humour AND potential excitement. I think it would even make Sheen work at it to keep up!
        Oh…and maybe Gervais could produce….except Americans really don’t get his British sense of humour, do they? I think it’s too jewish, maybe…
        (and it’s nice to see this detour from the gay/bullying angle and get back to topic)

    1. Great idea! Jimmy would definitely be better than any of the above. Sadly, he’s probably too goo for the Oscars (which are always boring).

    1. A year from now someone will have to remind us that Eddie Murphy was once slated to host the Oscars. Onward.

    1. Crystal was funny in “Soap”, but not much since. Nowadays, he couldn’t make it at Comedy Traffic School, even though he seems to be their model.

  4. I wonder if Tower Heist bombing had anything to do with it?

    I think the tide is a chang’in. Brett Ratner is not a director. He is a producer in directors clothing. Like many of the “creative” folks today, fast-talking is more important than actual talent. Look at Malick. Look at the real directors. They don’t need to do with Ratner or McG do. These guys are bullies that get what they want because they are supposedly cool and in. But there is no real talent there. Brett, McG etc. cannot write. Come from money. And have no true talent other than putting projects together. Brett is a great producer. That’s it folks. Tower Heist was unwatchable. What I love even more are the folks on Twitter who kiss Brett’s tushy telling him his movie was good. And if you look at who these folks are they are equally insecure no talents who are using the mediocre times we live in to capitalize. Most of them come from fortunate backgrounds like Ratner. It’s a circle jerk folks. And the old guys like Sherek need to remain feeling they are viable so they kiss the “in”crowds ass. Nothing more to do with talent. Where are the young DeNiro’s? Actually Gosling is the real deal. Jason Reitman, not. Come on, that airplane movie was garbage. Any mediocre director could have done the same job. But then again you see the kiss asses on twitter, the wannabe crowd trying to please him.

    I think Brett as a producer of the Oscars was a good choice. Eddie a great choice. But I am glad we are seeing that he really is not a director at all.


    1. Who’s Olivia Munn. Didn’t she used to host Attack of the Show. On second thought I don’t care who she is.

      Getting on to actual important people. If they get Brian Grazer than perhaps he can pull Eddie Murphy back into hosting.


    if anything, PLEASE NOT BILLY CRYSTAL! I loved him back in the day, too, but he hasnt been relevant in over a decade.

    1. brian m, after seeing Justin Timberlake’s acting and lack of screen presence in ” In Time ” & Friends With Benefits “. Timberlake doesn’t deserve to host the Oscars. The guy is highly overrated, and he is definitely not Frank Sinatra.

        1. You guys are crazy, Justin Timberlake would be a great option. He’s funny, he can dance, he can sing. Haven’t you guys noticed the only good SNL’s in the last five years have been ones with him on it.

    2. Interesting. I am starting to warm to Tinkerbell after despising him for much of the last decade-plus. But the reality is that the host’s only real job is to open the show, then take it easy for next 3, 4 hours. The main objective should be to deepsix Bruce Vilanch.

  6. Does anyone else think this whole thing could have been a big publicity stunt to build pre-release hype for TOWER HEIST, and Ratner/Murphy were never actually going to end up doing the Oscars?

    Crazy thought, I know. But the timing of this whole thing does seem a little weird.

  7. Can we get Jiff Ramsey to impersonate Eddie for the telecast? As long as there are no closeups, the audience can’t tell the difference.

  8. This whole thing is irrelevant at best.
    They all cuss behave badly and act like the uneducated arrogant dolts that they are.
    Personally Id rather have infected hemorrhoids, at least at some point they go away.

  9. I don’t love Brett’s films but I thought the combo of Brett and Eddie would bring a fun, fresh new tone to the usually boring Oscars. This is a major loss for the Oscars…I just hope they don’t try to hire James Franco again.

  10. Forget Crystal…Bring on Ricky Gervais!

    He’d have a field day with all of this in his opening monologue.

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