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NY Critics Delay Awards A Day To See David Fincher's 'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'

The New York Film Critics Circle has delayed by one day the group’s annual movie awards to allow its 33 members to see David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo from Sony. Instead of Monday November 28 the New York critics will announce their verdicts on the year’s best cinema work on Tuesday November 29. The group raised eyebrows earlier this year with the announcement that they would reveal their awards two weeks earlier than in the past in order to be the first of the numerous critics awards.  That still gives them a one-day jump on the National Board of Review, which in the past has been first. The Los Angeles Film Critics Association will reveal its choices December 11. The New Yorkers won’t, however, wait for Warner Bros to show them the Tom Hanks-Sandra Bullock vehicle Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Studio executives said the completed movie directed by Stephen Daldry would not be available for viewing until December 2. Dragon Tattoo opens December 21; Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close debuts December 25.

  1. One would think that any credible critics association would care more about seeing every movie in a year and judging them all equally rather than simply being first. What a silly move by them.

    1. This is my biggest gripe with the rumors that the Academy wants to move the oscars to January — that people are rushing and they don’t get to see the films — and the way it is now people just seem to nominate whoever they hear is great — It’s a stupid move.

  2. Can someone explain the need to be the first to announce fairly meaningless awards at the exclusion of a possibly even better film that isn’t ready to view?

  3. The New York critics are stupid a holes for doing this! What is wrong that group of total douchebags! They just make me sick! They are all so stupid and ridiculous. Just wait for December the sons of bitches with no brains!!!

  4. This is all so silly. And what’s sillier is the hype over the Hollywood ‘Tattoo’ film, as if it’s really going to be such an awards contender. I liked the Swedish film versions very much. But, most Americans don’t want to read the subtitles, hence, Fincher to the rescue.

    1. i enjoyed the original. i didnt have to follow the subtitles too much since many of the swedish words, diction and dialect translate easily into english.

    2. What a pretentious elitist assumption. The Swedish movies were frankly hyped up TV movies with a skilled central performance. Maybe people just want to see what one of the most interesting current hollywood directors has up his sleeve with a complex crime saga that doesn’t look like it was made for daytime tv.

    3. On what exactly are you basing your over-generalized claim that “most Americans don’t want to read subtitles?” I am an American and I enjoyed the Swedish version very much. I am also hesitant that this film, more specifically that Rooney, will be able to measure up to Rapace’s performance in the original. You might want to consider the fact that not all Americans have access to foreign films, particularly ones from the smaller European countries like Sweden. There is also the chance that the viewers will become aware of the original after seeing the remake and seek it out. There are many sides to this equation, not just the narrow, anti-American side.

  5. i have extremely high expectations for ‘drag tat.’ the orig is soooo well produced and well written. fincher is a directing god in mine eyes, but i’d like to see the performances. im bating with anticipation.

  6. I don’t get it – so they sneak in a film the day before they announce the awards…that’s going to change the voting how? Do they all vote online late at night and it gets compiled in the morning?

  7. Rooney Mara looks horrible in this. I’m not even giving this a chance. I just don’t like the actress at all and think her family connections may have gotten her into Hollywood.

    1. Hint: next time you have a bias against an actor, try hiding it long enough that people won’t dismiss your critique immediately.

  8. This makes them look like they feel this movie is more important that others. They apparently won’t be seeing quite a few others, but won’t wait for them. Why wait only for this one? Seems odd.

  9. they could just give david the award without seeing the film and still be the first ones out. is there some problem with that?

  10. If there was ever a more unnecessary film, I can’t think of 1.
    The original film is brilliant, intense & (wait for it)…original.
    This is merely some studio trying to squeeze a shekel out of American ignorance & xenophobia.

  11. To dismiss the original as mere daytime TV fodder is laughable at best — are you completely clueless? I don’t know what daytime TV you’ve been watching. You are an ELITIST.

    This is a joke and the worst thing David Fincher has done in a long time. Daniel Craig? Are you fucking kidding me. Bwahaha. Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander? Did you see her in The Social Network?

    I suppose you liked the American remake of Let Me The Right One In better than the original as well.

    Get fucked.

    1. You sound a little worried it’ll be better than the Swedish movie. I don’t see what the big deal is. If it’s good, then we get a good movie out of it. If not, you’ve still got the Swedish movie.

      Fincher is a good director, Craig is a good actor, and yes, I saw The Social Network and Mara was terrific in it.

    2. I followed you until you attacked Let Me In, as if every American remake of a foreign film is going to be worse. Have you actually seen Let Me In, or are you just an elitist foreign film snob? Because I’ve seen both, and while Let The Right One In was an amazing film, I was pleasantly surprised to find Let Me In even better. The character relationships were much more developed, especially that between Chloe Moretz and Richard Jenkins.

  12. It’s especially sad bc daldry and his team have done their very best to give the city of new York justice in this film. Eric Roth had even said while writing the screenplay that this film was his “love letter to ny” and to be dismissed by the ny critics is very much a mistake on the nyfcc’s part…

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