Morgan Freeman To Receive Golden Globes' Cecil B. DeMille Award

Morgan Freeman has been tapped to receive the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Cecil B. DeMille Award, which will be bestowed during the Golden Globes ceremony January 15. The honor is given for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment and is the organization’s lifetime achievement award. Previous winners include Warren Beatty, Anthony Hopkins, Steven Spielberg and Robert DeNiro, among others. The Oscar winner and five-time nominee won the best actor Globe in 1990 for Driving Miss Daisy.

  1. A wonderful actor, yet sadly is totally ignorant when it comes to anything having to do with politics. His comments lately about the tea party is typical liberal blabber; just another Hollywood type towing the line, making sure to hit all the talking points. But still a good actor.

    1. nah, I’d say he’s spot on and most of America would agree. The tea party has a stinky brand, and no one but the tea party faithful gives a shit about what Freeman had to say about them.

      1. How can he be spot on? So one comment about tea party folks being racist is now gospel? I support the tea party and I am not racist.

        Always interesting when Dems try to whitewash the history of the party’s opposition to the civil rights act, anti-voting rights, connection with the KKK and so on and so on. But hey, always easier to call a bunch of folks racist and call it a day. And if Morgan Freeman says it, even better.


    2. Nor does he know how to run a production company – it is more of a hobby , somewhere to go during his days in LA…
      He needs better staff

  2. He’s great…but this is now the 11th straight year that they’ve given this to a man. He has had a wonderful career, but by any measure there are women more deserving. Bigger stars. Greater actresses. Who have won more awards. Who have had a greater impact.

  3. All this Tea Party racist denial is really bugging me. Freeman is not wrong. Want concrete proof? Simply go to Fox Nation’s website, click on a few stories @ Obama or Cain & read all the racist comments (especially anything having to do with Michelle Obama. That is the Tea Party base talking!

  4. Congratulations Mr. Freeman! Two of my favorite movies are “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Driving Miss Daisy”. You deserve this award and many more!!! May you continue to be successful in your acting career!!!

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