Hot Trailer: 'Rampart'

Oren Moverman’s corrupt LA cop drama Rampart stars Woody Harrelson, Sigourney Weaver, Robin Wright, Ned Beatty, Ben Foster, Ice Cube, Anne Heche and Cynthia Nixon. Millennium Entertainment plans to launch Best Actor, Director and Screenplay campaigns for Harrelson and Moverman.

  1. I’ll see it. I’ll probably love it. But my heart will always belong to THE SHEILD — which got here a decade ago.

    1. And before The Shield there was Training Day, and before Training Day there was 20 other movies about corrupt cops. The Shield wasn’t anything new, perhaps new on TV, but not new to movies.

      1. That wasn’t what I was claiming.

        The point is, Ethan Hawke’s character was the protagonist in TRAINING DAY. And even Washington’s corrupt cop, corrupt though he was, was still not that bad.

        When I see, “The Most Corrupt Cop You’ve Ever Seen on Screen” all I can think is, “They’re going to have to go pretty far to top Vic Mackey.” And that’s keeping in mind all the corrupt cops from movies going back a long way.

        But like I said, I’m planning on seeing it, I’m expecting I’m going to like it. This wasn’t about putting down a movie I haven’t seen yet… just fond memories of a really great TV show.

        1. Oh, and for the record, I think BAD LIEUTENANT (1992) takes the cake for most fucked-up corrupt protagonist cop ever.

          1. Bad Lieutenant! I was trying to remember the movie with Harvey Keitel, but I’m way too lazy to do a 5 second search on the internet. I’m sorry I read your comment wrong, I thought you were trashing the movie before seeing it. Happy to say I was wrong, and thanks for reminding me of Bad Lieutenant.

        2. Brother, if i were rich, id offer to buy u whatever car u want because u and i share the exact same sentiment. Vic Mackey is, was and always will be the baddest most corrupt cop in the history of hollywood. Training Day, Colors, Bad Lieutenant, etc were all 2 hours of corruption…The Shield was 7 seven years of mayhem caused by Vic and his Strike Team. This man stole the armenian money train, covered up murders and rapes, wreaked so much havoc on the rampart division of LA, his name was echoed through the halls of Police headquaters all the way up to the Chief.

          I was also an extra during season 4. I was in the barns cage in the scene where Glenn Close sneaks one of the inmates candy. I remember her looking at me and smiling when we cut…omg…even just her smile was oscar worthy.

          The Shield is hands down the best corrupt cop show of all time. Thank you and good night.

          1. I didn’t realize it was a period period piece, set during the scandal. This is even cooler. Now I’m even more excited to see it.

  2. Saw a sneak of this last week. Woody Harrelson should receive some recognition for his performance as Officer Dave Brown. He was fantastic. The movie is worth checking out for the sequence with him drunkenly mauling a burrito alone.

  3. Funny they could call this movie Rampart, but when The Shield was called Rampart, it had to be changed.

      1. I thought Rampart was the training day story. Crew of dirty cops robbing drug dealers and partying in Vegas which was alluded to with the Alonzo character who got into it with the wrong people on one such jaunt. Was the Harrelson character a part of that too?

  4. Just what we need, another inane cop movie that looks like every other unnecessarily violent cop movie and cop tv show… and one that glorifies the stereotypical image of inner-city Westlake L.A. as a bad place to live… Instead of the culturally diverse, historic part of L.A that it is…

  5. I was seriously confused by the oil and water combo of the obvious quality of the film and the involvement of Millennium; then I realized they just bought US rights at Toronto. Ah, the world makes sense again!

    1. If you had seen the movie you’d know that the music is actually pretty fitting. I think it makes for a pretty engaging trailer too. But i would have been nice to get some higher quality, less generic metal.

  6. Is anyone else weary of seeing problem cop film protagonists showing their pain via drinking and rubbing their face against a gun? It just feels like an American film cliché.

  7. I just saw this. Are you kidding me? This is such an overblown, pretentious movie and the casualty of the new ‘splinter’ in film-making in America. It seems we make films and we then we make ‘Oscar’ films. And, oh boy, does this one LOVE to tell you it’s an ‘Oscar’ film. Actually it never stops reminding you. And in such a tedious way. You can hear the director thinking on every shot ‘where can I put the camera that is really unconventional, where I will be applauded for doing so?’
    It is so sad that this has happened to our industry. It used to be you made good movies. And if they got an Oscar nomination, well that was just a great dividend. Not a goal. AVOID this movie.

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