HFPA Divided On Ricky Gervais Hosting Golden Globes, Must Decide By Week's End

Ricky Gervais & NBC Appear Ready For 3rd Golden Globes Stint: But Will HFPA Agree?

I have learned that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is deeply divided over whether to bring back Ricky Gervais to three-peat as host of the Golden Globes. But, with the Globes less than two months away, the organization has to decide one way or the other by Thursday or Friday at the latest. The HFPA membership appears roughly evenly split on inviting Rude Ricky back for a third hosting stint, but both sides are united in their anger at NBC for its seeming lobbying to have the comedian back and pressuring the HFPA to follow suit. Says a source close to the discussion: “NBC has put the HFPA in a lose-lose situation. If the Hollywood Foreign Press says yes to Ricky, it risks turning the Globes into The Ricky Gervais Show and leaving the impression that they’re annually throwing a great party while inviting someone who humiliates all of the guests. If it says no, the HFPA looks like it has no sense of humor about itself. The problem is, if you have Ricky, the show tends to wind up being all about him and how mean he can be. He effectively dwarfs the importance of the ceremony itself.”

The other argument being waged by membership is that there has been more and more consistent chatter about the Globes in the two years Gervais has hosted than perhaps ever before, helping to swell interest and potentially ratings. “There are those who feel that ratings and revenue are what the HFPA need to focus on most,” the source said. “Of course that’s all NBC is interested in. The other faction believes that without Ricky, you may lose a little in viewership but wind up better protecting the brand. Some think the job of a host should be enhancing everyone’s experience and making sure they all have a good time. But that isn’t where Ricky’s head is at. He tends to make it all about his career and all about him. The question the association has to answer now is, is the boost in interest ultimately worth the price? Nobody really knows which way it’s going to go yet. But what NBC needs and what’s in the best interests of the HFPA may be two very different things.”

Right now, it appears that the choices the HFPA is exploring are either Gervais as host or no host at all (as the Globes did for 13 years). However, NBC has made it clear it wants a host and was instrumental in bringing Gervais as the Globes’ first emcee in many years. The source added that at the moment, the pro-Gervais camp appears to have a slight advantage, and should Gervais ultimately be invited back, the HFPA could well reserve the right to vet his monologue and script. “Not that he’d necessarily pay any attention to that,” the source said. ” could promise to be a good boy and then turn around and do whatever the hell he felt like doing.”

    1. Bingo. Ricky beats the “stars” with the truth: self-important leftist dregs who need a good come-uppance.

      Go Ricky!!

  1. gervais got more press than the fucking globes. he doesn’t need to promise to be a good boy. he could, if he wanted to be nice, ask them respectfully to kiss his ass. am i wrong?

  2. I disagree that Gervais makes the show about himself.
    His show serves the viewing audience at the expense of the pampered, bored, and somewhat drunk guests. I thought he was hilarious and hope any future Globes gig features him for more than the 20 minutes or so he appeared in 2010’s Globes.(most of it priceless!)

  3. I thought he was an okay comedian until I saw him host the Golden Globes. Now I think he’s a sad angry little man. I tune into award shows to see beauty and glamour. I watched for years and years without a host. I don’t understand why this is even a question.

    If HFPA intends to insult everyone they’ve invited in exchange for the possibility of increased ratings from the demographic of angry little men, then maybe they should just get rid of the show altogether.

    And as far as NBC goes, do they even know where ratings come from? Oh yeah, nice families. The kind who like Once Upon A Time. Notice how there’s no insult comic on that show.

    1. While the notion that only “nice families” are given Nielsen boxes would certainly explain a lot — like why dreck succeeds year in and year out while a brilliant but challenging and often NOT “nice” series like “Community” gets pulled from the mid-season schedule — the truth is that if only “nice families” had Nielsen boxes, that wouldn’t be a representative sample of the audience.

      “Nice families,” I would wager, aren’t watching the barrage of highly racy sex jokes on “2 Broke Girls,” but it’s a huge Nielsen hit, so clearly SOMEONE with a box is watching it.

  4. “He effectively dwarfs the importance of the ceremony itself.” Memo to HFPA: the ceremony isn’t important. At all. At least having Gervais there will make it entertaining.

  5. Did anyone else laugh out loud at the notion of “protecting the brand” of the Golden Globes?

  6. He effectively dwarfs the importance of the ceremony itself.

    I believe that’s the dictionary definition of damning with faint praise.

    He overshadows a joke? Please. Gervais is much better than that.

  7. This is a joke, right? Or let me put it this way: the HFPA IS a joke. That’s the point of Gervais’ humor—he’s full of himself because the entire room is full of itself. That’s his schtick in this bloated-ego exercise! Let’s summarize: the so-called “writers” are a joke, the Golden Globe is a joke and the HFPA is a joke. Go get them, Ricky. You’re the only reason why I watch.

  8. Of course the HFPA doesn’t want to anger anyone. If they do, they won’t get special studio parties and studio swag.

    What would these poor people then do? They may actually have to write something then.

  9. Let’s look at the situation more analytically, shall we?

    (desperate need of studios and theater owners to get patrons in seats worth billions) < [LESS THAN] (desperate need of NBC to get viewers hence advertisers worth many more billions) = likelihood of Gervais to host.
    NBC offers $$$ to Gervais to develop “Extras” for their Thursday Night Line Up with the provision that he tone down his comments at the Globes = likelihood of Gervais to host.
    Results: Gervais likely to host the Globes.

  10. HFPA not fooling anyone at all. No one. It’s all a scam we all know it and it’s less than 100 voting so not important at all. Might as well make some dough. Let gervais come back.

  11. We are split down the middle…..NONSENSE! Most of the members love Ricky and the spirit he brings to the awards. Many of the stars love to show that they have a sense of humor about themselves. Most of the members live in fear of the foul temper of a small number of over-influential people in our midst, who are bullies. Ricky occasionally goes a little too far, but he has made the Globes an event again.

  12. Someone needs to let the HFPA know that there is no ‘importance’ to the globes. No one is interested or cares about them outside those who watch for the ‘glamour and beauty’ which has what to do with rewarding people for there work? Nothing.

    Having a host makes it more interesting, I never ever watched the globes until Gervais came along.

    For a group of people who spend all day pretending to be someone else, actors take themselves a little to seriously. Anyone offended by Gervais, especially viewers, need to get a grip on reality and realise that the most normal people in life are the ones who can laugh at themselves.

    1. Aww, Jack’s angry. 14.9 million viewers of the Globes, whether tuning in for fashion, drunk actors, or actually because they care, might beg to differ with your “no one is interested or cares about them” spiel. Are they rigged? Absolutely. Does that make them irrelevant? No more than any sports game ever.

      They are to film what the World Series is to sports; not as big as the Super Bowl, but watched and supported by fans and foes of those on the field. Highly irrelevant, incredibly inane, but so what? I don’t think they’re desperately trying to achieve your approval there, buddy.

  13. The Academy should be so lucky as to have Gervais, instead Crystal trotting out his tired old Borscht Belt schtick.

  14. If the HFPA is so interested in protecting the brand of the Golden Globes maybe they should stop being such blatant fame whores and start nominating better quality films. These are same people who nominate complete garbage like The Tourist all so they can rub shoulders next to Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie and they worried about Gervais lessening the importance of their ugly stepchild of the Oscar ceremony. Please their just worried because for the first time the have a host who will actually call the Globes for what a joke that it is.

  15. What the HFPA consistently fails to acknowledge is that without something like Ricky to provide some spark or amusement, the Golden Globes as a TV show has NO entertainment value at all. There are NO acts, there’s NO music, and there’s NO comedy. It is a terrific BORE. Most people who win– many of whom are completely unknown to the general public– get up and recite a tedious list of their friends or associates that mean nothing to anyone watching. The whole thing is godawful. Hey HFPA: either provide some damn entertainment for TV viewers, or stop calling yourselves experts in judging entertainment!!!!

  16. The Globes mean about as much as the Oscars. They are both dog and pony shows. Ricky was great last year, hope he is there again. And who in the world want “entertainment,” like the Oscars forces on us. Please no horrible pre-written “jokes,” for the presenters and hell no…no singing and dancing!

  17. Gervais is toxic. I can’t stand watching him for one minute and I’m sure as hell not going to watch anything he hosts. Not only did he blow it last show, but the Mong biz lost any supporters he might have had. It’s over for Ricky Gervais.

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