SHOCKER! Brett Ratner Out As Oscar Producer

Brett Ratner Explains His Oscar Resignation
Academy Statement On Brett Ratner’s Resignation
HAMMOND: Oscars Post-Ratner – What Now?
Brett Ratner Told Oscar Duo: “I Can Do This”

UPDATE: The Academy is not commenting beyond the statement it issued about Brett Ratner’s resignation, but I’m told that a search will begin quickly for another producer to join Don Mischer in putting together the Oscarcast. The expectation is at the moment is that Eddie Murphy will hang in as Oscar host. It is also clear that while AMPAS president Tom Sherak pledged to back Ratner as long as he didn’t screw up again, a chorus of Academy members, actors and filmmakers were so upset by Ratner’s homophobic comment and his lewd comments on the Howard Stern radio show that the Academy was under extreme pressure to drop him.

EARLIER: Brett Ratner has stepped down as Oscar producer, after a slew of dumb public statements that put the Academy in a terrible situation. This comes hours after Academy president Tom Sherak said he was standing behind Ratner despite his using the word “fag” in a Q&A to promote Tower Heist, and speaking graphically about his sex life on the cable TV show Attack of the Show and also in a phone interview with the Howard Stern show. From what I’m told, the Academy board met and backed Sherak’s decision to stand behind Ratner, but the filmmakers finally threw in the towel. I doubt anybody tried to talk him out of it. Now, the biggest question is: Will Eddie Murphy stay on as Oscar host? I wouldn’t be surprised that after Tower Heist‘s lackluster box office and all this maelstrom, Murphy might wonder why he ever said yes in the first place, and he has a perfect out. The other question is, who will become the new Oscar producer? The Academy will make its list quickly. I’m told that they were looking closely at New York stage producer Scott Sanders before they made the surprising decision to give the job to Ratner. Maybe they will go back to him or one of the other producers who’ve done the show before, a list that includes Joe Roth and Laurence Mark. Here is the statement:

Beverly Hills, CA – This morning, Brett Ratner submitted his resignation as a producer of the 84th annual Academy Awards to Academy President Tom Sherak. Ratner then issued an open letter to the entertainment industry in which he explained his decision. “He did the right thing for the Academy and for himself,” Sherak said. “Words have meaning, and they have consequences. Brett is a good person, but his comments were unacceptable. We all hope this will be an opportunity to raise awareness about the harm that is caused by reckless and insensitive remarks, regardless of the intent.”

    1. Offensive.

      Quitting isn’t for fat losers, quitting is for sleazoid talentless lecherous aging douchebags like Brett Ratner.

        1. I meant no offense Greg. I don’t know you but I’m sure you’re a higher class of douchebag than Ratner.

      1. You folks from the film industry really need to lighten up. Hell the way it’s going we are going to have computer producers. Today’s films are like Gene Shallits critique of Barry Lindon years ago. “A feast for the eyes and a famine for the mind.”

        1. …. Today’s films are like Gene Shallits critique of Barry Lindon years ago. “A feast for the eyes and a famine for the mind.” ….

          And/or bring to mind the inimitable Burt Prelutsky’s review of the one that “… starts out with a bang and ends up chitty!”

          Course that’s only when we’re being generous, for, God knows, most modern flicks are more likely to bring to mind Leni, than Dick Van Dyke!

        2. I totally agree. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Awww… that’s a shame. Someone’s feelings got hurt.
          Lighten up.

        1. No…Quilting is for Fags..
          It seems Holywood can use all these words in movies and promote them but don’t let one of their little group actually use one of these words. Free speech on the West Coast?
          Fag is the new N word huh.

        1. Ratner wasn’t talking about cigarettes rehearsing, he was talking about people. Try and up your game David and Michael and Dead Parrot.

          1. He said “fag” to indicate a homosexual. What’s the big deal? They exist, you know. What’s wrong with saying “fag?” It’s been used to connote these people for at least 100 years…

        2. A fag is English slang for a cigarette: the word is also used in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. If you are tired you can be “fagged” or “fagged out”. In the north of England a “faggot” is a large meatball. The word “faggot” also means a bundle of wood tied together, usually placed at the feet of some heretic or witch due for burning. And a “fag” at top fee-paying school Eton used to be a younger boy who was the unpaid servant for a senior one. The practice was known as “fagging” and whilst no money changed hands, the younger boy could expect to be beaten and sodomized for his efforts but knew that one day he’d get to do the same to someone else. I suspect, though, Mr. Ratner had another meaning in mind when he used the word.

      1. When they said he was outed for saying the F word,, well I’m so out of date I thought they meant the word fu@%. Fag? Really? But who really cares. I quit watching their garbage years ago.

    2. Ever since the Academy Awards started losing its prestige with its leftwing message movie nominations and ultra-politically correct acceptance and post-award speeches, I just don’t care. But I love posting responses to hypocritical people.

      1. Boo Hoo, so some thin-skinned Fag’s were offended. I’m offended as someone who is for free speech. Go ahead, let the Oscars become the TONY Awards West. See how that goes.

        Sorry, you closed-minded, intolerant Fag’s ruin everything. Sometimes a joke is just a joke. It’s not always about you and your gay lifestyle.

        1. You say that now. But if a celebrity made a highly public slur against trolls, you’d be all up in arms.

          1. I dunno i hear alot of white guy jokes and have heard hairlip jokes yet i manage to not get offended EXCEPT for the fact that noone else is mature enough and confident enough in themselves to take a joke or even an outright insult and let it roll off their back. But hey keep being a sensitive little snowflake, see how that works out for ya.

        2. I agree. This is intimation of free speech. It is ostracizing someone because he used a word you didn’t like. I have heard more vile language from some in the gay community than what was said by Ratner (I don’t even know who the guy is really) and this really seems to be an over-reaction to a joke. It is so tiresome.

          1. “Intimation” of free speech? Oh Mandy, there you go, fighting a losing battle against words. They must not be real big on book-learnin’ back where you’re from. Anyone else noticing a direct correlation between “people who support homophobia” and “people who can’t properly craft a sentence?”

          2. Intimation is a real word. And it makes sense in the context of what Mandy is trying to say. Do you think that vocabulary is limited to what you can read on Twitter? You’re already on the Internet, and you were still too lazy to look that up? Do you realize that you sound just as ignorant as these ass clowns?

            Having said that, Mandy’s a douche canoe for agreeing with Bieber’s Baby’s post. This isn’t about free speech. The Feds or the State had no opinion on this. This was a private contract between two parties. I am sure that it makes perfect business sense for the Academy to terminate their agreement with BretRat given that a: nobody likes a dick, b: the Oscars always had a huge gay following, and c: nobody likes a dick.

            Nobody likes a dick, you two. Just to clarify.

          3. No one may like a dick, but people who offend easily and act like every offense no matter how slight can be classified in the most extreme terms like “homophobia” as if making a joke using the term fag means someone is afraid of homosexuals is seen by the average thicker-skinned individual as pathetic. Yes no one likes a dick, but no one likes a thin-skinned douche either. It’s annoying that the activist wing of the gay community has to run around like every slight offense is equivalent to Selma, Alabama.

        3. I see drudge has linked up to DHD tonight. I think you should head to the yahoo comments section instead; I think you’d be more at home with your bigoted ilk over there.

          1. I’m pretty sure that ostracizing and condemning a person you don’t know (or even one that you do) just because you don’t like the words that person says IS intolerant and bigoted.

            Intolerance and bigotry is a poor defence against intolerance and bogotry. And the people condemning Ratner are showing way more of it than Ratner showed himself.


        4. You express exactly the mentality that has been censured here. You also don’t know how to use apostrophes correctly. You place a possessive in “fag’s,” which is incorrect. It’s always interesting how idiots give themselves away without noticing it.

          1. When idiots call others idiots for grammar issues, it’s always fun to point out their own foibles. Can you find yours?

          2. People who go thru fast paced blog comments and edit critique the spelliong grammer and puunctuation, out themselves as having no friends. Id rather be an idiot with friends than a lonely pr!ck.

          3. Thank you Keith Olbermann and the grammar police. We all sleep better knowing that your (oops, you’re) on the job. Hurry now, I hear there are a few misspellings over on the CNN site.

        5. There is no apostrophe in fags when used as a plural. Nor should it be capitalized. That’s unwarranted.

          1. Oh,no. He stuck his apostrophe in the rear of fags. That is soooo naughty. He should be spanked by the grammar gestapo until he stops that deviant behavior.

      2. All this show is is a Left wing ideological promotion and a gay agenda celebration aimed at twits who actually think the freaks in Hollywood are talented.

        Tell me, you morons who drool over the weirdos who make up the so called “entertainment” Industry, what is so difficult or accomplished about what these people do? Does anyone here who has a real job have the luxury of doing their jobs over and over and over again until they get it perfect? Well that’s what the clowns in Hollyweird do. They get to “do it over” as many times as it takes to get it right while people who work for a living get MAYBE a second shot and then fired.

        Hollyweird has the largest concentration of phonies on the planet and the only people more screwed up then the inhabitants of Hollyweird are the empty headed fools who live their lives through these losers.

        1. Joseph is correct. Where else but Hollywood do people that make millions of dollars for their work also have the need for ceremonies and rewards?

        2. Joseph,

          Unless you only watch fox news (which is probably the case) and have swore off any other tv, movies, and music, then enjoy what Hollywood has to offer. Quit biting the hand that feeds you.

          Also, you and the other ditto heads are forgetting about the thousands of blue collar workers that work behind the scenes and work their butts off over 60 hours a week. Aren’t they your fellow brethren? What do you think they think when they see your stupid, ignorant comments?

          And as for the actors, directors and producers. I’d like to see you match their talent? Your just jealous because all the drama geeks in high school became insanely rich and your fat, bald, and working pay check to pay check. Who’s the cry baby now??

      3. Amen.

        PC is insidious leftist McCarthyism that squelches FREE SPEECH.

        And after reading this article, I guess being a fag means you can never “lighten-up”.

        Must be getting old, for I remember a Nursery Rhyme:
        “Sticks and stones…”

        1. “McCarthyism” – Originally coined to criticize the anti-communist pursuits of REPUBLICAN U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin.Widespread use of the term POLITICALLY CORRECT and its derivatives began when it was adopted as a pejorative term by the POLITICAL RIGHT in the 1990s

          Maybe people should learn FACTS before they post!

    3. I find your comment “fat loser” EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE. Please resign from your job and I’ll feel better.

    4. Brett Ratner is a terrible terrible terrible hack of a filmmaker.

      Brett Ratner is the worst director to ever “make a name of himself” in this town.

      I’ve never talked to anyone who’s met him who didn’t have very bad things to say about him afterwards.

      Brett Ratner perfectly embodies, in a single man, everything wrong with Hollywood today.

      Make him GO AWAY for the sake of our industry.

      Thanks, D.

    5. Thise who denegrate pansies are themselve closet queens..We all know this ..You don;t have to be F-ing Freud.
      And, by the way, Eddie has played more women than any black boy we know..Eddie’s a no talent pansy himself.

    6. I think we should burn all DVD copies of John Hughes’ films due to the immortal Sixteen Candle lines –

      Just answer me one question.
      Yes, you’re a total fag.
      That’s not the question.

      Getting rid of this man because he said fag cracks me up.

      Lighten up Francis.

  1. For a live show of this magnitude, you need to rehearse. Ratner, who would attribute it to his sexual preference, doesn’t, so it’s a bad fit for everyone.

    1. Maybe we can have the lovely and charming Hollywood icon, Janeane Garofalo, now have her turn.

      1. Oooh. I might just watch that and I NEVER watch self congratulatory “awards shows”. A more unfunny, pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, d’bag, has been, er, never was, there never was. I refer to Garafalo.

        with apologies to d’bags everywhere.

      2. Yes. She can talk about her role as the obnoxious, smug, plain girl that nobody wants to go out with. All 17 of them. Then she can tell us which political figures do and do not qualify as African American. Great idea!

    2. I’m sure I’m not alone in requesting Ratner step down for his insensitive comments. Okay, let’s change the subject: How many slut Bachmann, Bush is Hitler and Cain is Uncle Tom jokes do you think the new Academy host will be able to fit in during the opening monologue? I’m guessing 10.

      1. Give me a break, like anyone is going to joke about Bachmann being a slut– a crazy-eyed lunatic, maybe, but the fact that she’s completely irrelevant now, I think she’s safe.

        1. I see MSNBC has linked up to Deadline tonight. I think you’d be more at home with your bigoted ilk over there.

          1. ilk? I get it. Go 25 posts up. Looks like a retaliatory “ilk” aimed at cookymeyers. Now, about those fags…

    1. Eddie Murphy’s comedy bits of celebrities (Mike Tyson’s my fave) having grunting forcible gay sex and his jokes about gay people make him a shoe-in for the job by discriminating Hollywood leftist Academy board members.

      1. Yeah, let’s get some real talent like Andrew Dice Clay, and see how that flies. I’m sure his lack of homosexual jokes in his act would be cool. What? His act has homosexual jokes in it? You’re joking? So does Eddie Murphy’s? BS! Now I know you’re lying. I’m sure they wouldn’t fire one guy for making a homosexual joke while continuing to keep a guy who MADE A LIVING off of the poor homosexual community. Nah, they wouldn’t be that stupid. They did? I stand corrected.

      1. Yeah, let’s trade homophobia with sexism.

        “…and the co-host should be, you know, some real hot slutty supermodel with her tits hanging out. Maybe we can get Megan. I miss all of the nasty looks when I tell her more boob action or arch that back, sweet-stuff.”

        1. Mr. Mehoff,

          What is Homophobia? Isn’t that something the PC and queers made up? Normal people aren’t afraid of homos, just the fact that they’ve infiltrated the media, government, education, etc. to such an extent is disturbing though. Who’s afraid of the big bad homo? People aren’t afraid of the degenerates that copulate in an unnatural fashion, just disgusted. It’s a shame that the vast majority of people remain silent, thinking they MUST be PC, instead of speaking out about how they really feel. The majority should again reclaim rule, as opposed to allowing small groups of minorities dictate policy!

          Oh, those “Homosexual Pride” parades paint the queers ib such a positive light!

          Liberism is not just a position, it’s a disease!

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! This is about the only good decision Ratner has made! Get out of Hollywood and take your STD’s with you!

  3. ha… what a jerk… i don’t understand how someone still talks like that… in public… about gays when kids are killing themselves due to bullying and that attitude…

    1. You sound like a real puss!! I love it when perverts are offended. They ought to be. Just think about what they do!!

    2. If “…kids are killing themselves due to bullying and that attitude…”, then I should’ve been dead a long time ago.

      Fortunately for me, I’ve been blessed with a brain and a backbone.

      1. You sound like Herman Cain:

        “I don’t understand why the other 99% of people don’t become CEO’s and join the 1% — I chalk it up to laziness.”

        Go back to Drudge…

      2. Fortunately for me, I’ve been blessed with a brain and a backbone.

        I guess that makes you a Conservative. Congratulations

  4. This only further reinforce my believe and my sadness about the state of our industry today…. majority of these guys are self serving, talentless promoters instead of crafty filmmakers and story tellers… just a bunch of whankers with no respect for the craft and business that they’re exploiting shamelessly… hence my honest opinion

  5. he lives in ALLAN CARR’s old house, so maybe this isn’t such a bad idea, after all. the PC element of this “controversy” is very retrograde, and boring, however. i’m sure ratner is no homophobe.

    1. The men have ALWAYS been bigger trainwrecks than the women. It’s just that society has let men behave this way forever whereas women get slammed as early and as often as possible. Maybe things are finally changing and the men are no longer get the free ride they’ve gotten for so long.

    2. Former presidential candidate John Edwards, with his movie star looks, suave demeanor and Hollywood values, would make a perfect host. Has he returned any of the calls asking him to consider hosting the event?

  6. Whoever gets the job will not be anyone to envy. It’s a massive undertaking, with literally thousands of problems to solve, and now a lot less time to do it, and no matter how much work & heart you put into it, critics will still harp about it.

  7. If Murphy is also done get on your knees & beg Hugh Jackman! That would be a nice last minute replacement.

      1. Good God, no. Timberlake and his puddle-deep talent are already waaaay over-exposed. His movies bomb – no one wants to see him on their screens.

    1. What about NPH? He’s always entertaining. Sometimes on par with Jackman, and a hell of a lot better than Murphy can be.

  8. From this I gather it is OK in Hollywood to be a vile misogynistic pig and be offered steady employment up to prestige jobs like producing the Oscars. However, even a mild display of homophobia results in losing work. I think this explains a lot about how Holylwood values women.

    1. Agree, he is a vile douchebag. Academy should have fired him last week after he bragged to Kimmel about sneaking up on people and lobbing water balloons at them in the neighborhood. He thought this mean-spirited prank was ‘fun’ cause Michael Jackson had convinced him to do this with him. Even the Stern stuff was unusually evil, not like Howard’s usual conversations with the famous about sex. Next day Howard read the hate-mail that poured in, as if to prove it. Ratner is not only a pig, but he is obnoxious and juvenile, like an 11 year old boy. Hardly Oscarworthy.

  9. i hope eddie gets out. There’s no way this chaos is going to end up producing an even mediocre oscars this year.

  10. The guy has just been a loud-mouth jerk promoting that under-whelming movie. I’m hardly the sort of person who espouses political correctness BUT you just can’t be a blantant liar and an asshole and expect people to be OK with that. The correct decision was made here.

  11. He prob wanted out due to the format. Its corny snd its going to stay that way. Run eddie. Someone chose to make fag the new n word and now everyone has to change overnight. What about fag hag. Get real. The show needs a new overhaul, what about ryan murphy

    1. yeah right you get rid of one guy people hate to work with and then replace him with another one..By the way what format would make it less corny? Maybe rap the nominee names?

  12. Jeez. The right to Free Speech isn’t a Right to Free of Consequence. Would you want someone like Ratner representing YOUR business?

  13. I would have no problem with the Academy’s decision only if they hadn’t allowed an alleged child molester to actually win an Oscar.

  14. Ugh, more “too PC!” and “what about Free speech!” ignoramuses to be heard from.

    You ARE free to use all the slurs and insults you’d like. Just grow up and understand that OTHERS are every bit as free to object, and sometimes there is a price to be paid for deciding there’s just no way you can be you without slurs against others. Some folks decide they hate you, some decide they love you. Sorry – can’t chose to allow only one of those categories to exist.

    1. You can say whatever you like in your private life. Your boss (here, the Academy) has the right to fire an employee if you say it on the job.

    2. I can’t help but think that if people didn’t get so pissed off about words in the first place, none of this would really matter.

      “Oh me! Someone said something! It’s just sounds and it didn’t hurt anyone but I’m offended!”

      Don’t be such a fag. Get over it already.

    3. I hereby revoke your right to post anymore, forever. If you are no fan of “free speech”, please refrain from making any more remarks whatsoever, either in person or on the internet. If you don’t like free speech, please feel free to be quiet and stay at home and do not address anyone ever again about any opinion you may have about anything that may be misconstrued by others as you practicing your right to free speech. That is all.

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