OSCARS: Billy Crystal Set As (New) Host

Hammond: Billy Crystal Rides To Oscars Rescue — Again!
Tom Sherak: “We’re Weeks Ahead Of Schedule”

UPDATE: The Academy has confirmed to me that Billy Crystal is locked as host.

EARLIER: Well, that didn’t take long. Billy Crystal will be the host of the Academy Awards for the ninth time. Crystal, who has been public about his desire to come back to the Oscars, was the first candidate approached by Don Mischer and Brian Grazer and he said yes right away, I’m told. This comes a day after Eddie Murphy bailed as Oscar host following the resignation of Brett Ratner as producer. Grazer just replaced him last night. They certainly wasted no time in putting the show back on track.

While bringing back Crystal doesn’t do much for the Academy’s recent efforts to inject the awards with young talent (despite last year’s Anne Hathaway-James Franco train wreck), Crystal certainly brings a level of comfort after all the turbulence of the past week.

Crystal has tweeted the news, and here’s what he said: “Am doing the Oscars so the young woman in the pharmacy will stop asking my name when I pick up my prescriptions. Looking forward to the show.”

    1. Eddie Murphy was the ONLY reason that I was going to watch the Oscars this year. Now, we have to face another long program filled with Yiddish sarcasm and Republican jokes.

      Since Eddie Murphy isn’t on the best of terms with the Academy, I thought that it would have made for some fine television (finally).

      1. Agreed. You will see millions on the internet saying the same thing.

        The academy just took the Oscars from a potential blockbuster to just mediocre. News flash: Even with Billy Crystal people have complained the Oscars have been boring.

        Way to over react and blow it with Brett Ratner. Then be dumb enough to think that it was a good thing that he walked. Then when Eddie Murphy who’s the greatest stage comedian of all time walks they don’t even give it a few days to try and get him back.

        Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop was the number one comedy of all time when it first came out and it’s still one of the top box office movies of all time. Billy Crystal never accomplished that because he’s not as funny and he’s not as funny on stage.

        Everyone one from even punk teenagers said they were going to watch the Oscars for the first time with Eddie Murphy. If they had a brain they would try to get Eddie Murphy to cohost. But, looking at all the prudish and arrogant things the Academy has said recently than I doubt it. Way to blow it morons.

        1. really? “Everyone” said they were going to watch? I guess you polled “everyone”? ‘Cause…hearing Murphy’s irrelevant name as a potential host was the first thing that told me and my friends we’d be watching something else come Oscar night. “Everyone” I know breathed a collective sigh of relief when he announced he wasn’t going to do it. Thank goodness!

    2. This is coming from somebody who actually works in entertainment, unlike you out of work trolls who do nothing but hate on these blogs.

      Let’s face facts. There is never going to be anything “edgy” about the Oscars. The Oscars are a classy tradition…if you want edgy, go watch the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards, the Teen Choice Awards or the MTV Awards. Trying to be young and edgy means hiring people who cannot host an awards show–do you really want more of Anne Hathaway and James Franco; that was an unmitigated disaster.

      Billy Crystal brings class, elegance, and grace. And he is funny. And before you ask…I am 37 years old and I have watched every single telecast of the Oscars since I was 5. Billy Crystal is by far, the best choice to host these awards. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Prediction–these ratings will be the highest in 5 years. Mark my words…and suck it.

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Thanks for writing this so I didn’t have to. Your prediction is right on the money, TEAM BILLY..all the way.

      2. Have the t-shirts printed right now. TEAM BILLY. I’d rather see Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours Part 3 than host the Oscars. Bring the funny back…

      3. Nope, the ratings won’t be the highest in five years for something that has nothing to do with the host: no one will care about the movies being honored. While the nominated movies may be great, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any big hits that the public will be rooting for to do well, and that’s what really gets people to watch.

  1. Been there, done that. We’ve tried humans before to mixed results. I really believe it’s time to give the Muppets a shot.

  2. Six bucks and my right nut says that, at some point during the show, he appears wearing Eddie’s red leather “Delirious” suit.

    1. Billy Crystal is the star of WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, CITY SLICKERS and ANALYZE THIS, the actor who played the first openly gay character in the history of American TV on SOAP and was a regular on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, and the guy whose childhood babysitter was Billie Holiday and whose Uncle Milt was the only man in America with the balls to record her classic song “Strange Fruit.” Who the hell are you, sonny?

      1. You go gramps! I hope they let you stay up to watch the show at the home. You might want to wipe off that drool.

  3. Thank God, now I will definitely watch the Oscars! Love him!!!!!! we are all applauding in the office.

  4. What’s wrong with Hugh Jackman? Billy Crystal is classy and a safe bet, but he’s also getting old. Try establishing a solid social media campaign too.

  5. Ugh.
    Almost made it to the 21st Century, Oscars. Now we’re back to ’70’s humor by way of the Borscht Belt. Maybe in another 90 years or so you’ll reflect what’s funny now.

  6. Oh lawd please no. He was good in a different time and era, but not now. If this is the way there’re going at least consider Sean Hayes as he is the younger, hipper and funnier version of Billy Crystal. I for one can’t sit through a 3 hour show, without being distracted by Crystals ‘dental work’. But what could one expect from Grazer the safest player in Hollywood.

  7. Safe. Predictable. Boring. Ben there, done that.
    Tom was saying they weren’t behind schedule yet…Well, they’re (the Oscars brain trust) behind the times.
    They had a real opportunity to make a statement and all BC says is, “Humdrum, repetitious, follow convention.”
    Just like all the movies coming out of Hollywood

  8. Dear Academy:

    We can’t stand the teasing, torture, daily poisonous chemical treatments and public ridicule Billy’s hiring as host means for us.


    Billy’s Hair

  9. I supposed they’ll be (re)hiring the Bruce Vilanch writing team as well.

    And The Academy wonders why they’re losing any and all significance.

  10. Really? Another old guy? Why not Justin Timberlake? Or if they want an old guy, have them share. I love Billy but come on, it is time to pass the baton or at least share it with someone that has their own hair and can wear their pants at their hips. With all of the talent in Hollywood this is the best to present the best? Just saying….

  11. Wow, can we tone down the antisemitism a bit? “Yiddish saracsm” (seriously?) Catskills and Borscht Belt? As if in his previous stint as host he’s done 30 minutes of jokes only Jews could understand… not. He could hardly have been more mainstream.

    You don’t have to like him, but let’s try to keep the baldfaced bigotry to a bare minimum… sheesh.

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