Robert Downey Jr. Asks Hollywood To 'Forgive' Mel Gibson While Accepting American Cinematheque Award

The American Cinematheque tribute to Robert Downey Jr last night held might have been unthinkable just a few years ago when the actor was hopelessly hooked on drugs, destroying his career and winding up in prison. But if there is anything Hollywood loves, it is redemption –  and a second (or third or fourth) chance. That’s something Downey received and ran with largely thanks to his wife Susan who put him on the right course and hasn’t let him fall off since. With a hot career thanks to a second Oscar nomination for Tropic Thunder and blockbuster franchises like Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, Downey not only turned around his career, he fixed his life and now he’s reaping the rewards as evidenced by the great turnout on Friday night at the Beverly Hilton. But the evening took a serious turn when Downey made an impassioned plea to Hollywood to “forgive” his friend Mel Gibson who was on hand to present him with the award. “Unless you are without sin — and if you are, you are in the wrong [expletive] industry, you should forgive him and let him work,” Downey said to much applause.

The undisputed highlight of the night came when previously unannounced guest Mel Gibson appeared.  Gibson and Downey Jr co-starred in Air America and Gibson’s unwavering support of Downey during his darkest hours was well-documented at the time. Gibson brought up Downey to accept the award to a standing ovation and said, “He taught me many things and I will use the ‘C’ word, courage. There’s nothing so much wrong with him. Of course you have to worry about the guy making the judgement here. He’s a good dude with a good heart.”

“This is my fuckin’ time,” Downey said. “Mel and I have the same lawyer, same publicist and same shrink. I couldn’t get hired and he cast me. He said if I accepted responsibility – he called it hugging the cactus – long enough, my life would take meaning. And if he helped me, I would help the next guy. But it was not reasonable to assume the next guy would be him.” Downey then went to on to hug Gibson and urge people to let Mel continue his career without shame.

It was a star-studded event, to be sure. Jack Black called Downey a “stone cold stud muffin” while Michael Douglas (looking great) said working with Robert Downey Jr on The Wonder Boys was “something special. He absolutely has the ability to be more alive in front of a camera than in his own life.” Downey’s Iron Man director Jon Favreau told the crowd he didn’t know the Robert that “screwed up”. He said when the actor came in for the role he was focused, dedicated and knew it was his part. Downey’s Iron Man co-star Gwyneth Paltrow, on tape, called him “one of the finest actors this business has ever seen – but everyone knows that.”

That opening pre-tape piece didn’t pull any punches. “It’s amazing how clean he is with all that cocaine,” said Jamie Foxx of the night’s honoree at one point, and that was pretty much the tone all night. Downey was laughed at everything. Jodie Foster came out and noted that they both had worked with Gibson twice and said Downey was “crazy brilliant and brilliantly crazy. Luckily for us, he flipped the switch and got sober.” Jennifer Aniston on the other hand cracked she knew “he would never let his career get in the way of classic Grade-A drugs”. Anthony Hopkins also appeared on tape and led into clips from Downey’s Best Actor Oscar-nominated perrformance in Chaplin which should have been a winner but unfortunately lost to what amounted to a career award for Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman.

Robert’s pregnant wife Susan appeared and said she fell for him despite “his well-documented DNA. But I’m not going anywhere.” On his acting she commented, “Give him one line and he will give you 100 variations”. The whole family was there including Robert’s mother Elsie, sister Allison, and first son Indio. Robert Downey Sr, a fine filmmaker in his own right, showed footage from Downey Jr’s film acting debut at age 5 in his father’s Pound which he was cast in because, as Sr said, “we could not afford a babysitter”.  In one of the night’s most poignant moments, Downey’s dad turned to him and said, “Robert, the moment you turned your life around is more heroic than any movie. I’m proud to be your father.”

The tribute to Downey Jr brought out filmmakers like Sean Penn in the audience to Joel Silver who spoke (too long) with Jared Harris to Universal Pictures chief Adam Fogelson. Warner Bros Pictures top execs Jeff Robinov, Dan Fellman, and Sue Kroll were out in force: their Sherlock Holmes sequel is that studio’s big holiday release this year. Its director Guy Ritchie also spoke. Also there was Downey’s agent, CAA’s Bryan Lourd, who recounted to me how he had to go to the Marvel board to assure them Downey would be clean and sober to do Iron Man. The actor was still a big risk then, and Lourd said the board had to be convinced. The rest is obviously history, but it was a reminder of how far Downey has come in so little time.

The whole evening was about as loose – and honest – as these events ever get. Perhaps that was due to the lack of cameras. Dedicated to showing and preserving the great films and operating my favorite theatres (the historic Egyptian and Aero in Los Angeles), American Cinematheque did not lock in a TV deal this year after having their annual award show broadcast on AMC and most recently ABC. Comedian Gary Shandling made note of that right off the top: “It’s untelevised this year. It’s been downgraded to a live show. If you don’t see it on TV, does that mean it’s good? Does that mean you can say F***?” And then Jamie Foxx, in the same pre-taped bit, started singing CeLo Green’s ‘F*** You’ song.

  1. Really Mel Gibson? When Jodie Foster was defending you and that didn’t work you decided to hang on biggest names. What’s next? Gonna run to DiCaprio, Pitt, Clooney and beg then to shake hands with you in front of cameras? And say how wonderful person you are.

    I don’t blame RDJ. He was down and Gibson hired him. He owns him. But Gibson, please… No one will ever forgive you. If we would not heard those tapes then it would be different. But we HEARD. And saw what an awful, full of hate and violence, pathetic person Mil Gibson is behind closed doors. Those tapes destroyed you forever. Thank Oksana for that.

    And there is the thing. Celebrities can go to rehab and be cured from narcotics and alcoholism. And public forgives them. But you can’t go to rehab and be cured if you are monster and woman abuser. Chris Brown and Mel Gibson will never be cured.

    And the most funny thing that it’s not like Mil Gibson is running around to every interview, cries and asks public to forgive him. Promises that he will get help and will be good boy. No, he was just sitting in his rich home and was hoping that few months will pass and everyone will forget about those tapes and everything will be like before. And in his mind he really can’t understand why no one forgives him.

    That’s because you never ask for forgiveness. In that one interview with Deadline you were sitting and FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF. Even Mike Tyson was able to turn his life around and he always says that he feels sorry for the way he behaved. But Chris Brown, Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan will never be cured. Because they are monsters inside and there is no cure from that.

      1. You do know that Tyson was sitting in jail for that crime? Do you? He paid the price. He served time for his crime. Did Gibson serve jail time? For hitting a woman that was holding an infant child in her arms. And then was abusing her mentally and threatened to kill her.

        That’s the difference between Tyson and Mel Gibson/Chris Brown.


          For a second there, I thought that “Shy” was just some bitter hate-oholic with a massively skewed conception of “forgiveness” and right & wrong.

          NOW I realize that “Shy” is REALLY Oksana Whateverhernameis and is spending her time paid for by Mel Gibson searching for forums to spit her venom ABOUT one of her two money-buckets.

          Can’t you just go back to Russia and retire in style thanks to the two suckers that were foolish enough to bed you?

          1. Yep … probably her and/or those who leaked the tapes to Radar Online and then were investigated for extortion … what a group.

            If I remember correctly, Mark Burg was the first executive to take the chance on Robert Downey, Jr. when no one would bond him. It was while Burg was at Island Pictures. In fact, I think Mike Fleming was the first to write about it many years ago.

          2. Agreed. I love how people are judging Mel simply because he is a celebrity.

            How about that Oksana who marries celebrities instead of making her own money, and is now currently milking Mel as we speak and use her own child to set herself for life.

    1. I glazed over most of your silly little rant, but “no one will ever forgive you”? Dude, seriously. Speak for your own bitter and twisted self.

      Count me as a forgiver.

    2. You do realize Mel Gibson is one of the few directors who can deliver great films on Hollywood size budgets. Now look at the movies out this week. Whose losing out?

      People lose their tempers. Most are not celebrities who get recorded and then pasted on every website and newspaper. I find it strange that some people have such strong feelings towards artists and celebrities whether it be positive or negative and not their body of work. It’s a sheep mentality and a shortcut to thinking.

    3. y’all know that RDJ is jewish dont you? His father was jewish, and his wife, Susan Levin, is also jewish, and he forgave Mel…

    4. I was composing an elaborate comment regarding the countless number of worse “personalities” in Hollywood that HAVEN’T been “caught” yet, then I realized, judging by your ignorant post, that logic probably falls on deaf ears.

      You’re a sad, sad little person.

    5. That may be your opinion and you’re entitled to it. While I can’t condone what Mel said or did, I think I can learn to forgive and move on. If you had an anti-Semite preacher of a father, you’d be messed up too!

      Please Hollywood, give Mel work and give me a reason to want to go to the cinemas once more!

      1. Gibson`s deeply flawed and permanently scarred. Now someone else has to grow the balls to make an Apocolypto

    6. I wonder the people that make those negative comments about Mel, his out of control rant, have every lost their cool and went off…….. I did not know Jesus was back on earth and able to control his temper…….. the idiot that said after listening to those rants, lots his career for ever, is probably the same person that sees him or herself in those comments, has done the same if not worst and is looking to make themselves feel superior…… we all of lost it at times, but not all of us are set up by our spouses to be recorded……… she got him all upset with things prior to starting the recording….. I bet if I was married and told my wife I had multiple affairs, then turned on the tape recording, all of you would think she was insane,…….. so shame on you for judging, I will assume you will be judged the same way.

      1. It’s true being set up by someone to make it sound like you said things when you really didn’t know all about that. They were the haters and jealous people. They still deny it to this day and even added more lies to it. They have the problem of truth and honesty. I would never do that to another person tape there personal conversations and trick them into saying something oh it’s just you and I no one else will know and then broadcast it to other people to hurt someone. It does happen.

    7. I actually took the time to read every last letter of your silly post; who the f died and made you God? Mel Gibson can get as many chances as he needs, to see where he’s gone wrong and to correct it. And that’s just because you deigned to elevate yourself to a level that determines what is worthy of forgiveness and what is not.
      Glad we don’t have to read about YOUR HATEFUL TRANSGRESSIONS…and you know you have them because we all do. Nice try, guttersnipe.

    8. So, you can wake up in your neighbor kid’s bed after a B&E, but being raised by a stone cold anti Semite and having some anti Semitic rants disqualifies you from forgiveness? Hell, he called a lady LASD sergeant “sugar tits” that night at the Lost Hills station. Should Hershey or breasts boycott him too? When the guy “hugs the cactus” he should get another chance.

      We ARE still waiting for the hug, however…

    9. Yeah, Oksana was completely blameless, the poor little angel. She simply took a heated and ugly family argument and used it to blackmail the shit out of the father of her child.

      Of course she’s the victim and is in NO WAY an evil b****.

      As for the jews, GET OVER IT! Your love for Polanski, a man who drugged and raped a teenage girl, shows what hypocrites you really are. “Oh, but he’s a JEW! He’s one of us! The chosen people!”

      Rolling my eyes…

        1. I don’t think he’s an anti-semite. More just pointing out the obvious.

          The jews are a prickly bunch. One negative word and you’re an anti-semite. But hang out at a kitchen table with them and listen to them talk shit about this group and that.

          And God forbid their daughters date a black guy. You’d think the world was ending.

      1. wow.
        Polanski didn’t drug or rape anyone…she was young and willing. She has said so on national TV!!!
        Let’s put her mother in jail.

        Now Mel…we all know that woman married him for his money, got pregnant to get more money and he should have said “yep, I was an a** hole” and divorced her. Not slapped her around. We all notice his first wife is keeping very quiet…I wonder why?
        How many old men have been taken to the cleaners by some young least this one was attractive.

        1. Dude, she was 13 years old and he gave her drugs and alcohol… and had sex with her vaginally and anally..

          “Young and willing” – That is fucked up…

        2. There’s a specific Wikipedia site dedicated to this case alone. In it the girl is quoted to have told Polanski “No, no, I don’t want to do this!”

          And she went on to say “No” another dozen times. He forced her into it. I believe that’s the definition of rape.

          Say what you will about Mel, but he never raped a 13 year-old.

        3. There’s a reason we have statutory rape laws in this country. No 13-year-old child is “young and willing”, no matter what fantasy world she’s concocted in her head since then. If “Hollywood” can hold Roman Polanski up for what he did (and didn’t do – face justice), then they can forgive Mel Gibson – AFTER he atones for his sins publicly.

    10. Why all this pity for Mel Gibson? He’s a seriously disturbed person, past his years as a leading man, and won’t sell movie tickets… not to mention he made $300 MILLION with “Passion of the Christ!” Goodbye, Mel!

    11. Wow! You obviously don’t belong in this town, Shy, as, per RDJ’s mandate, those without sin ought not be here. Damn, you’ve gotta be the only person in this hemisphere who’s sin-free. Me? I still slip up and say things like “Sugar tits” all the time, so that pretty much disqualifies me.

    12. Why is it your opinion that people can be cured of all kinds of things, but not from being a monster? It seems reasonable that a former monster could change for good if they were motivated enough. I think if we let the past go and forgive others we will be happier ourselves.

    13. really shy , what deep insight you have with your longwinded thoughts.
      Please next time use two sentences, the length of it made me think
      it was something of importance and with real insight.

    14. It takes a bigger person to for give someone for the bad things they did. Who are we to judge people anyway! None of us are perfect and we all have done stupid thing in our life. I ‘m not saying what he did to his woman was right and he needs help for anger. Remember that sticks and stones can break our bones but words can never hurt us. It takes more time and energy to hate than it does to forgive.

    15. @Shy

      You are so clueless that you cannot understand that addicts have to struggle with their addictions for the rest of their lives?

      You cannot cure addiction, you can only hope to be stronger than it

      1. To WHAT Mel Gibson is addicted? Is he alcoholic? Is he addicted to drugs? No he is not. Is he addicted to being full of rage monster? Who hates black people, latino people, gays, jews and God knows who else he hates. Yes he is. And there is no cure from that. Because he is not sick. He is just disgusting and pathetic person inside. And the reason why we didn’t knew it before is because he was pretending in public. And only those tapes showed what kind of person hides behind the walls of his rich home.

        1. Your arguments would benefit from more thorough fact-checking. You are basing your opinion on conjecture and hearsay and you are factually incorrect.

        2. @Shy:

          You’re the biggest liar out there. It’s clear that you don’t even know anything about this issue, but that doesn’t stop you from running your mouth. Those precious audio tapes you keep referring to were obviously tampered with by Oksana Grigorieva.

          Here’s what ABC reported on July 15, 2010: “I believe these are professionally done. I think she had help,” said forensic audio expert Arlo West. “She clearly was speaking into what we call a large diaphragm microphone. Her voice is very well engineered. She sounds great.”

          Here’s what CBS reported on July 16, 2010: Forensic expert Frank Piazza examined the phone calls and “one he pointed to ‘definitely has edits, deliberate edits'”.

          By the way, in the state of California, you’re not allowed to record a conversation without the consent of the other party. Grigorieva secretly recorded Gibson on tape without his knowledge, altered the contents, and then released them to the public. She’s not an innocent person at all.

          1. Yes someone told me that a few years ago that he can make tapes sound anyway he wants no matter what was said and i didn’t understand that at the time until edit splice and what ever else.

    16. Addiction is a physical disease not a moral issue. It is a chemical imbalance what tricks the mind into beleiving that poison is the cure! Unless you have suffered the effects of living with an addict or worse yet being one how can you stand in judgement? How are we to know what actions or reactions the chemicals cause in others?
      Addicts need help not your fogiveness or judgement. When they can give the forgiveness they need to & from themselves then their behavior will change. Why not try to be part of the solution rather than perpetuate the cycle?
      Never withhold good when it is within your power to do good. If we could all do that unconditionally, there would be alot more right with the whole world .

    17. Sheesh, isn’t it, “he who is without sin cast the first stone” Forgive Mel and move on, he has done a lot more good than bad. All you people need to stop judging, thats whats wrong with this world, to many people JUDGE others.

    18. @Shy:

      Mel Gibson’s detractors never seem to understand the hypocrisy of their position. Of course, he should be forgiven. There are many celebrities who have committed far greater transgressions, but they’re given a free pass by the Hollywood establishment. Lets enumerate some of the numerous examples of this hypocritical behavior.

      1. Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl in 1977. He fled the country in disgrace. Over the years, he never accepted responsibility for his actions and even changed his story several times. Hollywood remains very supportive of his career.

      2. John Landis got 3 of his actors killed on the set of Twilight Zone in 1982 because of his incompetence and negligence, and he never took responsibility for his fatal judgment. Hollywood didn’t punish him, and he went on to direct many films.

      3. Before he entered the film industry, Mark Wahlberg attacked children and the elderly on the street because he hated their skin color. One of his victims lost an eye. He committed many violent assaults while shouting homophobic and racial slurs. He never apologized to those he hurt or paid financial restitution. Despite the seriousness of these crimes, Hollywood never objected to his disgusting past, and he continues to find a lot of work.

      4. Ari Emanuel got busted in 2002 for making homophobic and racist comments, and his employee’s lawsuit was settled for $2.25 million. While publicly lambasting Gibson, he then defended his friend, ex-HBO boss Chris Albrecht, in 2007 for a history of violence towards women that stretches back over many years to the early 1990s. Emanuel wasn’t shunned by Hollywood and continues to run WME, while Albrecht blamed his behaviour on alcoholism (!) and now works as Starz president and CEO.

      I could list more examples, but I think I’ve made my point. The people unwilling to forgive Gibson are just hypocrites. None of the celebrities mentioned above are treated as harshly as Gibson is. They’re allowed to work (and get rich) while Gibson remains constantly harassed.

    19. Leave Mel alone

      Seriously, you’ve all loved his films over the years, from classics such as Mad Max to Braveheart.

      It amazes me how fickle the public really are and I’m ashamed to be a part of the public.

      Thank God that I am not like the people on here.

      It’s about time that you all looked at your own misgivings in life and judge yourselves instead of those in the public eye.

      I’m a firm believer in this….

      No offence to the stars (and I personally do not mind at all), but they wouldn’t batter an eyelid at your life. Why? because they are too busy entertaining you. I mean, is it that dismal, that all you can do is judge others? Can you not find time to do something other than hate others? It’s alright having an opinion, i love the freedom of speech.

      Mel, carry on being you. I’ve watched you since I was young, Gallipoli, Mad Max Trilogy etc. You’ve had a fantastic career, and as a director, absolutely outstanding. Some people cannot match up after a glittering acting career, but you have surpassed everything and gone on to better things. Apocolypto was phenominal.

      Gotta say, I miss you on screen fella ;)

      Don’t let the minions get you down!!!

      Seriously, tapes? who cares.

      I enjoy Mel’s films, both acting and directing.

      Mel is an amazing and entertaining man.

      Who on earth really cares? Next week, you will all be on someone elses back, why? Because you just cannot help yourselves.

      It’s about time that you all got out and started to make something of yourselves.

      Get a life!!

    20. yeaaaaa u know whats retarded? Mel Gibson is getting judged for yelling at his ex girlfriend while intoxicated….. well… my ex girlfriend was a much nicer person than that Oksana chick is and if she called me to start shit when i was wasted i’d say some terrible things too, that was a very unfair thing she did and i dont think Mel has anything to apologize for, oh and yelling at the cops? Come on, Mel’s problem isnt anti-semitism, its Alcoholism, and that can happen to anyone, so back off, i would love to see Mel continue his great work, and preferably i’d like to see the next film he directs because weather u like it or not he is one of the finest directors around right now! Apocalypto was an extremely underrated film

  2. I had a pleasure of working with Susan at Silver pictures and I’ve got to say RDJ should be thanking his luck stars every day for that woman. She’s the real deal and there’s no doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t be where he is today without her.

    1. The great thing is, I believe he knows that Tommy.

      You have a good heart RDJ, but Mel’s own words and actions going forward will determine his fate.

  3. I’m so glad he came back too. Really missed him when he left! But I also hope that he’ll remain open to more meaningful films, at least sometimes, and not just blockbuster material as it’s beginning to seem. He’s a better actor than that. Don’t get typecast, Robert!

  4. Uh, sorry Robert but it’s not that easy for Hollywood to forgive Mel Gibson. We’re not talking about your standard drinks/drugs/prostitute using screw-up. We’re talking about someone who made anti-semetic remarks in a town that is pretty much owned by JEWISH people. No way back from that.

    1. imagine if his comments were directed at African Americans? you would never be expected to forgive. I forgive but I still don’t like him. He still has despicable views about Jews, the Holocaust and treating women with respect. Just because we forgive doesn’t mean we have to embrace him. He still will not do anything positive towards to repair the anti-seimitic damage and doing a Chanukah movie is NOT what Jews want. Bless Downey but until I see Gibson working with the ADL or Simon Wiesenthal Center he aint gonna change my mind. I am not anyone important but I am saying this as an individual who was deeply grossed out by him.

      1. So how exactly did you “forgive” him? I don’t see any trace of forgiveness in your post.

        Truth is, you didn’t.

        Mel said things in while drunk. But your hate is sober.

        We spend all our time judging celebrities, forgetting we ourselves are being hypocrites.

      2. He did have comments directed at blacks. Don’t you remember the voice mail message to Oksana: “”You look like a f*****g pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n*****s, it will be your fault.” There were also allegations that he called one of his employees a “wetback” as he suggested turning them in to immigration authorities.

        1. Thank you sproink. Yeah, the w.etback comment came after he discovered his sex slave Oksana had dared step out of the bedroom for some fresh air, when he discovered that she had, he told her he’d ‘fire the w.etback,’ who was hired to help nanny their infant daughter, when Oksana said, ‘fire away, I’ll hire her myself,’ he said he’d have ‘the w.etback deported.’ Mel’s comment about the ‘pack of n-ggers raping,’ because his sex slave was bedecked in a mini, was also foul and disgustingly vile and racist. But hey..we should all just let this stuff slide, after all, Mel was super nice to another white millionaire actor once when he was down. You people have no compassion.

      3. He DID make comments against blacks STUPID ASS!! And for James then let’s hang ALL these lowlifes and sickos I swear you all have such a demented perverse love of white male celebrities it completely blinds you to any sense of intelligence and decency. No DUH we have all sinned but I don’t recall driving drunk or slapping a woman or hurling vicious hateful misogynist threats at her either. So now what we have a day set aside for Hitler?!! You either stand for something or you fall for anything and you all are drunk on the HollyWEIRD kool-aid just because someone can ‘pretend’ real well to be a hero while being a scumbag in real life pathetic.

    2. Cheat on your wife, beat your kids, smoke crack, rape a woman, WORSE — ALL easily forgivable. Spout off some venom in a drunken state — BURN N HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!

      Man there are a lot of ignorant posters today…

    3. I like how you counter Mel’s drunken ‘racist’ remarks with a sober, straight-out of David Duke’s mouth, stereotype.

      Pot, meet Kettle.


      Who cares

      It’s just words

      Maybe it’s about time that people become more thick skinned!!!

  5. We all fall from grace, but what Mel Gibson said and did was DISGUSTING. I wish I could get back all the money that I’ve spent on his movies. I am no longer a fan.

      1. Never. He’s too angry, racist, and misogynous for me to patronize any project in which he is involved.

    1. Great to see RDJ giving Mel some love. Mel is a great artist and deserve a second chance. If I were Robert, I’d make a movie with him, the way Mel hired him in the 90s when no one would touch him with a 10 foot pole.

    2. Wow. You have a pretty interesting definition of “disgusting”.

      Bet you’re first in line for Roman Polanski films.

      1. What he did WAS disgusting. You don’t speak to the mother of your child that way, period. And she’s not blameless at all, either.

        And I have never seen a Polanski film, and think he’s a vile piece of garbage.

      2. Why? Can’t you be against Polanski and Gibson? Do you have to choose between them..? They are both disgusting human beings who don’t deserve an ounce of respect… Blaming this on the alcohol is just ridiculous.

  6. It’s wonderful to see the name again of Robert Downey, Sr. (A Prince). Why isn’t he making movies? HE’S the one who kicked down the door for most of today’s comic filmmakers.

    C’mon, somebody’s gotta have a bootleg cell phone capture of this gala.

  7. Its interesting that Mel and Robert bonded together after making one of the worst movies of both of their careers. LOL

  8. I’m not a religious person, but I keep thinking “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Gibson’s crime was he got angry and drunk and said things he shouldn’t have. Gibson is not the only anti-Semite working in Hollywood. It’s time to move on.

    1. poor Mel was brain-washed by his dad while growing up, on a steady diet of orthodox catholicism and anti-semitism, ya it’s true. He has to realize that and do something about it

  9. Well, it makes sense that a creep like Downey would demand forgiveness for Mel, after all, Downey disgraced himself with his black face routine in Tropic Thunder. That was every bit as bad as anything Gibson ever said.

    1. Tropic Thunder was making fun of the racism inherent in Hollywood’s “typical” black characters and the long history in Hollywood of white actors playing minorities (and the disabled) poorly (go watch the original Anna and the King). The only possible litmus test for determining the attitude of a film is to look at who they’re making look stupid. Go back and watch the movie again, moron.

    2. Best performance among the many recent one’s RDJ has given. I’m of mixed race, and none of my black, hispanic or white friends took it as you try, and fail miserably, to portray in a negative light.

      There’s a rock with a hole under it that’s empty and waiting for you. Please, crawl back into it.

      1. When someone says they are “black” “bi-racial” etc.that’s usually a rock-solid sign they’re some pasty, shut-in white guy from Encino. But nice try “Brent.”

        BTW I think if I tried to crawl under that rock between you, your mom and your cousins there just wouldn’t be any room for lil’ old me.

        PLEASE don’t breed, not that we’re in any danger of you ever doing that.

  10. Most of the country has forgiven Mel Gibson. Doesn’t the Jewish faith teach about forgiveness of even the darkest acts? Isn’t God the only and ultimate judge? Or is everyone in Hollywood a secular Jew, meaning keep the culture, lose the moral tenants? This will probably get taken down because I’ve noticed the DEADLINE crew gets jumpy with mere mention of anything having to do with Judaism (yawn), which just proves the point.

  11. Happy for RDJ. I love how he has turned his life around and seems to have such a great marriage in Hollyweird. As for Mel, those tapes did some serious damage. Plus his flip use of the N word did not sit well with me either.

  12. mel gibson didn’t just offend jews. he’s also a racist and a misogynist, prone to violence. rdj had an addiction, mel gibson is an entitled religious fanatic and as asshole. big difference.

  13. The main difference between Mel Gibson and most of the other well documented Hollywood screw ups mentioned in this piece isn’t the drugs or the alcohol, it’s called hate (or anger) and Mel is full of that which is what makes him so unlikeable and dangerous.

    1. One of the most vile human beings I have ever known is an A-lister anyone here knows. (They) have a great team that keeps them out of the spotlight and (their) indecencies hidden.

      Man, some of you people really have NO IDEA.

      1. indrid cold…….you are right.
        If you have worked in Hollywood for any amount of time, you KNOW there are lots of racists and haters, and treat women like crap, but they are powerful and have good handlers and pr.
        I have never heard more racists comments than what have come out of the mouth of the brother of the mayor of Chicago……

  14. Mel is a better actor/director than 99% of sh*t coming out of Hollywood at the moment. Just look at the boxoffice. That should tell you something about the quality of movies right now.

  15. You are forgiven… I will support mans personal redemption. Those who can’t maybe they need to get busy and seek their own.

  16. Forget hollywood, is the public at large ready to forgive Gibson? If not, I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to invest in him regardless of how talented he is. If the movie going public is not ready to move on and pay for his movies, he’s not bankable and a waste of resources. At this point, it’s not merely the anti-Semitism. Fair or not, many, many women were horrified by those tapes his ex recorded. I don’t doubt that America will forgive him, but I don’t know that Gibson has even gone on his apology/PR campaign tour yet. I for one haven’t heard an apology. I’ve heard blame and seen a lot of seething anger brewing under the surface. Sure, audiences love RDJ, but until Gibson shows some regret and some genuine remorse, merely the association with a beloved actor will not solve his problem with audiences.

  17. I am all for forgiveness and redemption. However, will Mel there were two separate incidents. First you had the run-in with the deputy in Malibu, followed by the ugly exchange with his wife. It seems to suggest some deep-rotted issues that should not be so easily dismissed.

    Healing takes time. Mel doesn’t seem to be willing to wait. He wants it NOW. It’s far too soon for that.

    1. Mel does not seem to want to ask for forgiveness himself or make amends like Downey did. He hit rock bottom and went to jail, which means he paid for his transgressions. Mel just seems to want his friends like Foster and Downey do the asking for him. Not even sure he has the courage to look people in the eye and say he was wrong. He beat his girlfriend, said some pretty racist things to her in the process and his anti-semitism is well documented. Being drunk does not excuse his behavior. When he is the one asking,then maybe, but until then…

      1. He DID apologize about his drunken rants when he got arrested. Aren’t you following?

        He did NOT HAVE TO apologize for his family issues. That’s none of our business. That’s his own. Live your own lives and stop judging celebrities.

        1. Spousal (girlfriend) abuse is a crime, it is not a “personal” family problem. He was apparently in a destructive relationship, but it does not excuse what he did. During this time, he also showed his racist side–again, not a “personal” issue. What is this nonesense. Mel acted like a violent, racist jerk but it is OK since it is his personal problem? Wow.

          1. THANK YOU!! And shy you are an asshole how DARE you compare Gibson to Chris Brown?!! Bitch please Mel is a beloved formerly ‘handsome’ white male who has been adored for years and that causes a lot of dummies on here to completely overlook what he did. Such as slapping his baby’s momma oh and yeah let’s not be all holier than for the white males having children out of wedlock. It’s NOT the same.

    2. “We forgive your sexism but not your antisemitism and only 30% of your racism?” What does the concept of forgiveness mean if you’re going to qualify everything?

      As for the spousal abuse – there are no victims only volunteers. I’m not defending domestic abuse; my point is that if she had the foresight to record his (likely drunken) ravings then he didn’t suddenly become a monster and she had ample opportunity to pack her bags but it seems like the Gibson estate was a little too cozy.

      He’s an alcoholic and his enablers are doing what enablers do so that’s not helping. But until he kills somebody he’s just an asshole who on occasion makes good movies, most of which are quite profitable. So let him atone if he’s willing to put forth the effort. Unless he makes another Lethal Weapon. Then all bets are off.

      1. BULLSHIT!! Please ANY so called man that puts his hands on a woman is a lowlife thug PERIOD and no amount of playing blame the victim will change that so now it’s HER fault because a grown ass man can’t keep his anger in check and hauls off and pops her one?! That also goes for her supposedly provoking him Mel is a grown ass adult and if he spewed some shit he had no business doing that is on HIM not Oksana

  18. So Hollywood can forgive an admitted child rapist(Polanski) but not Mel Gibson who got shitfaced and went on an insane rant? Wow, just wow.

    Also who the hell do you people think you are to say you will not forgive? Like you’re anything special. I sure hope your life is clean as a whistle. It would be a shame for you to require someones forgiveness one day only to be met by a sanctimonious piece of shit like yourself.

      1. Yay! Another anti-Semite.. Polanski hasn’t been forgiven by everyone in Hollywood… Very few people would stand up for him if asked…

        Johnny Depp surprised me though by protecting him..

        1. Hello almost every talented folk would stand for Roman (in France they all stand by him, french have an affection for Polanski no matter what and not because he is a jew..France don’t praise jews as much as USA). However yeah some can still be shy about it here because they are afraid american audience will turn against them and they need to be ‘loved’ and bankable but at the end they greatly admire Roman Polanski as an artist ..and all actors want to work with him, i don’t say it is honorable but Roman Polanski will be praised no matter what because of his talent, he is a genius as a filmaker.
          Anyway these two cases are different and Mel Gibson is talented but not in the same league as Roman Polanski in term of talent as a movie director..of course you can’t accept some despicable things/acts from someone only because you think they are enormously talented and trash other and not give them a pass because you think they don’t have as much talent, it would be horrible, pitiful and totally unfair in a very offensive way..just read about Louis Ferdinand Celine..just the ultimate example, he is far worse than any Roman or Mel but also maybe one of the best writer of any time.

  19. Pretty moving plea by Robert. Nice to see. I wish they’d put more deserving actors who aren’t millionaires ten times over and who haven’t had multiple breaks a shot. Gibson had his and will get more, but the one thing the man doesn’t need is work. He needs sobriety first.

  20. Forgive Mel for what? For being what 80% of Hollywood do everyday – just an asshole… This town isn’t about forgiveness…it’s about…HEAT. Mel, you are an asshole…please don’t change…then you will be a take asshole. Now stop begging and get yo away some HEAT.

  21. Polanksi drugged and sodomized a child, and yet has the town’s unwavering support and defense. Gibson spewed some reprehensible vitriol while drunk and/or battling with a despicable gold-digging excuse for a human being, and he gets so blackballed that a nobody like Zach Galifianakis can nix his cameo. Kudos to RDJ for trying to inject some sanity into this situation.

    1. well put asuka,
      what Polanski did is unforgiveable, it’s also a crime. what tyson did was a crime, what mel did was stupidity.
      To support Polanski is to support a CHILD RAPIST, who never paid for his crimes.

      1. Well, for starters, there is a difference between having unlawful sex with a minor and being a child rapist.
        with all your talk about forgiveness, you forget that the very person who we should really care about has both forgiven and moved on.
        “The victim, Samantha Geimer, during a television interview on 10 March 2011, blames the media, reporters, the court, and the judge for causing “way more damage to [her] and her family than anything Roman Polanski has ever done.” She adds that the media were “really cruel,” stating that the judge was using her and a noted celebrity for his own personal gain from the media exposure.”

        Personally I have no problem forgiving Polanski for what he did – I don’t support it in any way, but at least he has been asking for forgiveness, covered his share with the victim, and I don’t blame him for fleeing an opportunistic judge’s decision who was clearly going to toy with that girl for personal gains.

        1. First, there is a reason why a defendant is put on trail by the state – because the crime is not only perpetrated against the victim, but also against an ordered society. Thus, it is irrelevant if the victim has “forgiven and moved on” – the crime still stands as an affront to the state.

          Second, it WAS “rape rape” – he ployed a child with alcohol and drugs, then sodomized her. There was nothing “consensual” about it. It was also not the first time he had been “unlawful” with a child (I’m going to use the word “child” and not your carefully chosen noun, “minor”) – he molested Charlotte Lewis as well.

          But that nor your comment has anything to do with the town’s absurd sense of morality. Polanski is a tremendous talent, but he is also a pedophile, and in this town, words are apparently worse than actions, even if those actions include raping children.

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