OSCARS: Eddie Murphy Says He Isn't Doing “Any Of Those Crazy Dance Numbers”

Eddie Murphy was on Late Night With David Letterman last night to promote Tower Heist, giving Letterman a chance to ask about Murphy’s upcoming Oscar-hosting gig. “It aint all it’s cracked up to be,” said a semi-joking Letterman, a former Oscar host himself. Murphy then went on to talk about what won’t be on his Oscarcast. Here’s the clip:

  1. I wish Eddie Murphy would just do movies for adults again like he used to and ceases doing children’s films.

  2. Thank God. Those musical numbers are NEVER funny, and RARELY entertainmening in any capacity whatsoever. The musical numbers are the chances to go to the bathroom or check other channels. Good call by Murphy & Ratner to give them the axe. If the show focuses on the awards and the occasional comedic jab by a sarcastic host, then it’ll be entertaining…ish.

    1. I’d just like to clarify I meant “entertaining”. Not entertainmening. I dun have meself an endumakasheon.

  3. Oh Eddie … it’s always sad when has-been comedians crack themselves up and think they are so much more funny than the audience.

  4. Ratner has never been a good director and Eddie Murphy hasn’t been funny for over 20 years. This doesn’t bode well.

  5. A key point of Eddie’s interview with Dave was his admission that he hasn’t done stand-up since he was 27. That could be one explanation of why his roles are so out-of-touch with his audience. When he was doing stand-up, he had immediate reaction (or non-reaction) from a live audience. That connection is hard to beat.

    Like Tyler (above) said, Eddie needs to make movies for adults again. One way for him to know what adult audiences want is to attempt to revive his stand-up act, if only for a little while.

  6. So sad.

    He looks like Snoop.

    He’s lost the edge.

    I’m less psyched then I was.

    So sad.

    Thank you.

  7. I admit that I still hope — every time — to see Eddie stroll up and just blast a titanic home run one more time.

  8. Wow this was not a good appearance to promote Tower Heist/Oscars. Letterman seemed to sense Eddie’s lack of fire and motivation as well.

  9. So…no special appearance by Randy Watson and his band Sexual Chocolate? But they so fine, don’t you agree?

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