'My Week With Marilyn' Moving To Thanksgiving Weekend

EXCLUSIVE: Emboldened by the critical reaction that the Simon Curtis-directed My Week With Marilyn received in its New York Film Festival debut, The Weinstein Company has moved the film from November 4 to November 23, placing it smack into the Thanksgiving holiday fray. The film received strong reviews, particularly for Michelle Williams’ portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, Kenneth Branagh’s turn as Sir Laurence Olivier, Dougray Scott as Arthur Miller, and Eddie Redmayne’s performance as the production assistant who gets Monroe to drop her suffocating star persona as he shows her a good time in Britain. TWC’s hope is that the film will be commercial enough to play through the year’s end and build momentum into Golden Globes and beyond. Just as Fox Searchlight is expected to have two contributions to the Best Actor category with Shame‘s Michael Fassbender and The Descendants’ George Clooney, Harvey Weinstein seems poised to have dual aspirants for Best Actress with Williams and Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, a film we’ve yet to see.

  1. This movie doesn’t have a chance to succeed, considering The Muppets are going to blow away anything airing opposite it on this date. What fools these guys are! Pick another date.

    1. Maybe I will be the only one but count me in…I will pass on Miss Piggy and go see Marilyn~

    2. I’m sure you’re right, I mean this movie and the Muppets are aimed at the same demographics — not.

    3. Your instincts are quite off. Hope you’re not in the “business”.

      From the preview, it looks like Michelle Williams nailed it. This is going to be a huge hit and it’s going to put Michelle Williams on the A-list. She will at least be nominated, and her salary is going to put her in the top ten actresses in Hollywood if not the top five.

      All this aside from the fact that Colin Clark probably fabricated 90% of the story involving him and Monroe. If it did happen, I doubt that Monroe was doing anything more than toying with him the way she did everybody in her life. Monroe was probably the best there ever was at taking people in.

      But who cares.

    1. Well, now, it would just seem odd to release both films on the same day. You would think that they would have been really firm on The Artist. At least, that’s where my money is on which TWC has the most potential of taking off and sweeping awards. So strange.

  2. Marilyn is going to leave Iron Lady in the dust at the box office Even assuming people care about Margaret Thatcher these days (and further assuming the average person in this country under 40 even knows who she is), Michelle Williams will break your heart and Meryl Streep, as good an impersonator as she is, can’t compete with that. If Harvey has to back one filly to win the Oscar race, he’d be well advised to focus on Williams. This is an iconic performance that defines great film acting and thus may be the most fitting memorial to Monroe thus far.

    1. Meryl Streep as crossed over into self imitation. Iron Lady will be a bore and Meryl will be a parody of herself. But of course, her performance will be rubber stamped by the academy as usual.

      I’m not a member of the showbiz community but I’m a member of the viewing public and I have a nose.

      This movie will bomb. Marilyn will rule.

      1. Michelle Williams sounds and acts just like herself in My Week With Marilyn.
        There is NOTHING Marilyn about the character except for a CHEAP BLOND WIG and some 1950’s clothing.
        Michelle didn’t master the passion and loving expression that Marilyn exuded.
        Excuse me but where’s the sensuality?


  3. How many movies are Weinstein’s trying to open this awards season and how can they possibly have the money to push them given their recent run ending with the evaporation of Dirty Girl? Marilyn, Artist, Wettest County, Iron Lady, Coriolanus…

  4. Michelle Williams is one of my favorite actresses. She has come a long way from her younger days on the TV series, ‘Dawson’s Creek.’ I highly recommend renting her indie film, ‘Meek’s Cutoff.’ Her performance is brilliant in that film.

  5. I think this amaaaaazing move by TWC means that “My Week with Marilyn” is now the priority there, Oscar-wise. Let’s face it. It’s got EVERYTHING the Academy loves. A list Brit actors (Branagh, Dame Judi Dench), a rising matinee idol in Tony-Winner Eddie Redmayne and of course, the great Michelle, going beyond the beyond as Marilyn. She’s transcendant, heavenly, and the film is utterly enjoyable, too. And for some strange reason, it has the same heart-warming TONE as “The King’s Speech.” Expert direction by Brit veteran of stage and TV Simon Curtis helps in all categories.

  6. Some people need to be educated about Marilyn’s life. Its very interesting and they will know better about the government at the time.

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