MTV Casting Occupy Wall Street Protesters

You can’t accuse MTV of not mining the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests for potential content. First came word that the network placed a Craigslist ad seeking protesters to audition for the next installment of The Real World. Now the network said it will use its Emmy-winning True Life documentary platform to air True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street on Saturday, November 5 at 6 PM ET/PT. MTV said it embedded cameras with three people at the protests for a two-week period to “capture the day-to-day realities” of the protesters as the movement gains visibility — even among MTV’s target youth demos. Here’s a preview clip:

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Oooooo,snap! Sick burn, O'Really Factor! These losers need to get their message out on one of the...
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very good point.
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Someone be sure to tell those kids, by being on that show, they're making money for the...