Doris Day To Receive Career Achievement Honor From L.A. Film Critics

Doris Day, the actress whose girl-next-door image helped her to become a  huge Hollywood box office draw in the 1950s and ’60s, has been named to receive this year’s Career Achievement Award from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Although Day stopped acting in the mid-1970s and became a high-profile animal rights advocate, she cultivated a reputation as Hollywood’s virginal sweetheart in a series of romantic comedies including, from 1959, Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson (for which she was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar) and That Touch of Mink (1962). The versatile Day also starred in the 1956 Alfred Hitchcock thriller The Man Who Knew Too Much as well as her own network sitcom (The Doris Day Show, 1968-73) before abruptly leaving the business. Previous recipients of LAFCA’s Career Achievement Award include Paul Mazursky, Jerry Lewis, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Richard Widmark, Robert Mulligan, Arthur Penn, Sidney Lumet, Robert Altman, Ennio Morricone and Conrad L. Hall. Day is the first woman to be honored since Dede Allen in 1999.

  1. Any word on whether or not she will accept the award in person and will it be televised? Would be great to see her again, but historically speaking, she rarely leaves Carmel…

    1. Chief asks a good question. She actually has a new cd out that is prettyg good. I wonder if any appearance might include a concert. Maybe 15 years ago, my wife and I (yes, I’m straight and love Doris Day) saw her and an assistant walking about 30 dogs on the beach in Carmel. There are very few people I have ever felt compelled to stop and thank them for their work. I did with her and she couldn’t have been nicer and more gracious. Check out “Please Don’t Eat The Daisies” sometime. Amazing talent. Amazing life.

    1. She deserves the AFI and the Lifetime Oscar. Or the Humanitarian award for her work with animals. Let’s get crackin.

      1. What about her SINGING ?????
        Did you know Doris Day had PERFECT PITCH ?????

        If you’re not born with it…. it is not something you can learn or be taught. You either HAVE IT or NOT!

        Add that to her accomplished resume.

  2. It’s about *!@#^&! time! I’m guessing she said she would accept the award in person. Hope so anyway.

  3. She was always so enchanting and special and am so sorry how hard
    and unhappy her private life was…but at least she had the love
    and devotion of her pets to heal her. Bravo, about time she is

  4. Great news! I’ve always thought Doris’ work wasn’t properly recognized. And if she had accepted the role in “The Graduate” I think her career would have blossomed and taken a completely different turn. But that voice!! There will never be another like it!!

  5. All gooeyness aside, it is great to hear about this, and it would an incredible moment at the Academy Awards, if they’d likewise honor her. Of course, they presented the honorary awards at a separate ceremony last year, but for Day, I think they’d move it back to the main event. However, it would likely be too much exposure for her, considering her reclusive lifestyle…

  6. I love Doris Day.

    …And 12 years since another woman won the award? What’s up with that – what’s the criteria?

  7. wonderful her and she deserves this..dont forget she has a new album out in europe..looking for distributor here..

    1. You can get it on Great album brought tears to my eyes when she spoke about her son. It was in the top ten when first released in the UK.

  8. Doris Day should get a lifetime achievement award/Jean Hersholt Award from the Academy … NOT Oprah. Please….

  9. And yet the honorary Oscars this year go to James Earl Jones and Oprah Winfrey. Over Doris Day. Wake up, Academy.

  10. The best good news thats come out of Hollywood in ages. Bravo to Doris. She was the butt of so many bad jokes in the ’60s – something she didn’t deserve. Her favourite film has always been Clamity Jane. She was such a spitfire in that one – probably more like Doris herself.

  11. This is a wonderful tribute to a woman who brought so many smiles to us during her movie career. She did not sit on her laurels when she was done acting, she went on to help animals and never stopped caring about others. Hip Hip Hooray to the LFCA for giving the award to a lady who so deserves it. We love Doris Day!!!!

  12. She was such a tremendous singer, just perfect for the period. She also was an underrated actress. “Love Me or Leave Me” is a great film. She also gives a really interesting performance in an odd film with Frank Sinatra, “Young at Heart,” a remake of “Four Daughters.”

    Finally, I have so much respect and appreciation for all she’s done for animals. Thank you to her for everything.

  13. Doris Day is one of a kind. Hollywood and us fans are lucky she is around to provide the movies and music she did so well.

  14. How wonderful. No one deserves this award more than the delightful, multi-talented Doris Day. She’s made so many happy with her great, natural performances in drama, comedy and musicals, and we are blessed to have had the privilege of enjoying her and her talent. A great singer too!

  15. This lovely woman deserves this award and so much more! I am absolutely thrilled that she is being honored and recognized for her body of work. She is a phenomenal actress, singer, and dancer. She did it all and did it very well! Now, it’s time for the Academy to get off their rump and give this lady her due, instead of beating around the bush, and requiring her to attend the awards ceremony. If they can give Oprah an award, when she only did one film….then they can certainly honor Doris! Her fans are adamant she finally gets this recognition.

  16. While DD in LA would be wonderful, I’m a tad skeptical. Her son Terry and I almost convinced her once to take the jump for a Rock tribute, but God bless her, she ultimately just couldn’t do it. If Terry couldn’t pull it off, likely few can. Yet we can still hope and wish and pray.

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