David Seidler To Keynote Nicholl Fellowships Presentation Nov. 3

Beverly Hills, CA – Oscar-winning writer David Seidler will deliver the keynote address at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 26th annual Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting presentation on Thursday, November 3, at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. Seidler became a first-time Academy Award® nominee and winner with his original screenplay for the 2010 Best Picture winner “The King’s Speech.”  He is currently working on “The Lady Who Went Too Far” and “Games of 1940.” The Academy annually awards up to five Nicholl fellowships of $30,000 each. This year’s recipients are:

  • Chris Bessounian & Tianna Langham, Los Angeles, Calif., “Guns and Saris”
  • Dion Cook, Altus, Okla., “Cutter”
  • John MacInnes, Los Angeles, Calif., “Outside the Wire”
  • Matthew Murphy, Culver City, Calif., “Unicorn”
  • Abel Vang & Burlee Vang, Fresno, Calif., “The Tiger’s Child”
  1. David Seidler is THE perfect choice for the Nicholl Keynote speaker. Seidler exemplifies the heady reward that comes with Talmudic-like dedication to the writing craft. His work is splendid, as is his ‘back story’ of being the late bloomer that grabs Oscar gold. Great job with ‘King’s Speech” and a sweet group of Nicholl winners to boot. Congrats to all and may they have long, productive and fulfilling Hollywood writing careers. (And if they make a buck or a million bucks, that’s the cherry on the proverbial sundae.)

    1. In case you didn’t know: scripts are read blind, so judges don’t know where the writers reside.

      From the Nicholl Web site:
      Guns and Saris, set in India, writers born in England and the Sudan.
      Cutter, set in Florida and Rwanda, writer born in Florida.
      Outside the Wire, set in Iraq, writer born in England.
      Unicorn, set in Baltimore/DC area, writer born in Kansas.
      The Tiger’s Child, set in Laos, writers born in California (the children of Hmong refugees).

      Hard for you to believe, I guess, that some aspiring screenwriters might move to Los Angeles.

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