NBC has bought 33 1/3, a single-camera musical comedy from The Cleveland Show co-executive producer Kirker Butler. The project, from 20th Century Fox TV, centers on a 33-year-old aspiring rock singer and single mother of a teenage girl who, after a humiliating failed marriage proposal, moves back into her mother’s basement where she must learn to deal with her opinionated gay slacker brother, an old crush who still lives next door, a mother with a medical marijuana card, and a head filled with a never-ending playlist of some of the best songs ever written. This marks the first network development for Butler, who worked on Family Guy before segueing to spinoff The Cleveland Show and penned the famous Star Wars parody episode. ICM-repped Butler is writing 33 1/3 and is executive producing with Aaron Kaplan.

Fox has bought One Great Life, a comedy from Doug Liman and Doug Bartis’ Hypnotic and Universal Cable Prods. Written by Shaun Zaken and Jay Baxter, the project revolves around four friends who, after hitting their thirties, decide to pool their assets and live one great life. This is the latest broadcast sale for UCP in its first season as a player in the space. It joins two other projects, also from UCP-based Hypnotic: an Elmore Leonard adaptation at NBC written by Nicolas Falacci and Cheryl Heuton, and Jason Tracey-penned detective drama Metropolitan at Fox.