An actress is suing Amazon for $1 million for revealing her age on the company’s film and TV industry database IMDb. The suit says the actress, who didn’t want to reveal her identity, attempted to increase her exposure on the website in 2008 by subscribing via credit card to IMDb Pro, which offers more information than the public site. She changed her name and didn’t reveal her age when providing information for her profile, but soon after joining, her age appeared on the site, “revealing to the public that plaintiff is many years older than she looks,” the lawsuit states, according to AFP. The info harms her chances of landing film roles, the suit claims. She believes the site performed record searches using her credit card information to obtain her age; she has asked the information to be removed, but IMDb has not done so. The lawsuit alleges fraud, breach of contract and violations of her private life and consumer rights. Amazon declined comment, the report says.