Source: Charlie Sheen To Make Surprise Appearance At The Emmys On Sunday

EXCLUSIVE: He may have not submitted himself for an Emmy nomination this year, but it seems Charlie Sheen will still be going to the Primetime Emmy Awards. Deadline has learned that the former Two and a Half Men star is expected to make a surprise appearance at the ceremony tomorrow night. The pre-Emmy parties have been buzzing about a potential Emmy presenter stint for Sheen, whom the producers for this year’s ceremony identified early on as a dream get. The Emmy Awards air a day before the premiere of The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, and the actor has been doing a major PR blitz for the event over the past week, including appearances on The Tonight Show, The Wendy Williams Show and the Today show. Additionally, Sheen has a new sitcom, Anger Management, which should be taken out to buyers soon.

    1. STAGE LEFT: Sheen and Chuck Lorre enter arm in arm. (Then Charlie wakes from his dream and Chuck wakes from his nightmare.)

      1. since when it is a dream for Charlie to enter arm in arm with Chuck Lorre at the Emmys ?! Euh you are quite delusional KC to say the least..

  1. I do not think people should be so ugly toward him. I think it is very sad and we should all just move on. Let him try to start his life over. I am sure he punishes himself on a daily basis.

  2. Charlie Sheen had such a promising career and I am so disappointed to see the direction that his life and career has gone. He has done some great movies in his time such as Wall Street (1987), The Three Musketeers (1993), The Arrival (1996), Shadow Conspiracy (1997), Postmortem (1998), etc. I always wanted him to just do mainstream movies, particularly serious films and dramas, try to reach his full potential as an actor, join the A-list and try to win an Oscar. But now I have just given up on him. He hasn’t surpassed his father, Martin Sheen who still gets better roles and does bigger movies and he has become the laughing stock of Hollywood.

  3. Well, it cannot be seen as a “surprise” now. Maybe it will turn off some Emmy watchers or who knows? I think that he is desperate for something, which the general viewing public may not be able to just shrug off so easily. He needs to concentrate on his recovery and not the interviews and appearances to try to convince people that he can change, or whatever. The overall public is probably very tired and burned out by Charlie Sheen and see him as some kind of sick joke or sad lonely person.

    1. lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i hope you don’t believe just what you wrote, guy you are more than clueless about Hollywood..

    1. Don’t know what you’re talking about. On Leno he was more than willing to accept blame for what happened.

      Give credit where credit is due: he doesn’t seem to have much of a filter. He says what’s on his mind even if it isn’t very complimentary towards himself.

    2. Joy you are the pathetic one, Charlie Sheen is one of the few (if not the only one) celeb who owns his flaws, one of the reason he has such a strong following by the way

  4. Agree with Tim. Charlie’s behavior (“I would’ve fired me, too”) caused hundreds of TV Academy crew members to lose their jobs and now they’re going to celebrate him? Shame on them.

    1. No one lost their jobs, it’s Hollywood you just move on, except the show was not cancelled and I’ll bet the same crew is back at work.

      Don’t be so dramatic.

  5. Tim, you’re off base. Nothing wrong with Charlie presenting. Forgive and forget is what this town is build off of.

  6. He’s desperate for something alright……….MONEY! He has spent a ton and is paying a lot of alimony on top of a huge overhead. He is trying to show the business that he is back on track and for that should receive a huge order upfront from TBS or somebody like that (FX?) for Anger Management. That’s what this facade is all about. Nothing more nothing less. Once he cashes a few checks he will back to his old ways. Watch how one of these networks buys into his act and get burned for it.

    1. That’s exactly the feeling I have. Like the only reason of this ridiculous press “tour” is to show moguls of TV that he is sane and can be trusted with that stupid Anger Management show. Once he will be green lighted – Sheen will become crazy, drug addict narcissist again.

      1. ‘stupid Anger Management’ bouahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa you really spit out your bitterness hate nonsense in every post about Sheen..don’t waste your time like that, it is about posting about artists you like or better to try to make a life for seem so is really a very pathetic way.
        Otherwise why not, if Sheen is on it i will watch so Emmy succeed to get him smart move from them imo.

  7. I hope Charlie Sheen shows up to the awards show, then I can have a reason to watch it after 10yrs of not watching. He doesn’t owe anyone anything. he owes it to himself to get well.

  8. If 2.5 Men sinks nothing is a sure thing in TV, and Anger Management and the Roast hit it big then it was the right time for him to leave 2.5 Men. So maybe WBTV/CBS did him a favor by firing him.

    1. Ok do you remember that he was having $40 million dollars a year in that TV show? And now he doesn’t have any. And if that new show will be green lighted then never ever he will have something that is even close to that numbers.

      1. money is not everything greedy DUMB.ASS, maybe he will be just more happy with this new crew and showrunner, he has already more than enough money, money doesn’t buy you everything, simple to understand.

      2. cause it is always about the money…

        If I made 40M$ in a year, I’d care less if If I ever made another cent. That is the problem withh Hollywood, too damn greedy. Never enough.

    1. What exactly did this thread have to do with politics? Oh right, nothing. Enough with the joyless insertion of ideology into every corner of our lives.

      1. “Enough with the joyless insertion of ideology into every corner of our lives.”

        AMEN!! Thank you! That sums it up perfectly, especially “joyless”. Joe, please go over to Cafe Press and get that sentence printed up on bumper stickers and coffee mugs!

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