Showtime has renewed The Big C for a third season ahead of the dark comedy series’ second season finale on Sept. 26. Ten new episodes will go into production starting early next year for debut in the second quarter of 2012. The Big C is created and written by Darlene Hunt, who serves as executive producer, along with showrunner Jenny Bicks, Laura Linney, Neal H. Moritz and Vivian Cannon. The Sony Pictures TV-produced series stars Laura Linney as Cathy Jamison who this season become an all-out warrior in the fight against her Stage 4 melanoma, while her husband, Paul (Oliver Platt), stepped up to become her greatest advocate and treatment “cancierge.”

4 years
I too was diagnosed with cancer and was going through treatment during the first season of this...
4 years
To all you negative people that are against this show having a third season, I say this.........
4 years
I hate that they killed Paul off. Love love the show!