Mary Tyler Moore To Receive SAG's Life Achievement Award

Mary Tyler Moore will receive the 2011 Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award. The award will be presented Jan. 29 at the 18th annual SAG Awards in Los Angeles. ”Mary Tyler Moore won our hearts as Laura Petrie and Mary Richards, our respect as her production company became synonymous with quality television, our awe as she tackled difficult subject matter in film and on Broadway, and our admiration she turned her public recognition into a catalyst to draw attention to critical and deeply personal health and social issues,” said SAG president Ken Howard. ”She truly embodies the spirit behind SAG’s Life Achievement Award, and we are honored to proclaim her as its 48th recipient.” Moore won two Emmys for The Dick Van Dyke Show and four for The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

    1. Hulu has most of the episodes for free right now. I own all of the DVDs of both shows – worth the investment. Cable stations just BUTCHER the episodes for commercials. I stopped watching TV Land’s airing of classics ten years ago, when I caught “The Dinner Party” ’73 episode of “MTM”, and they cut most of the Veal Prince Orloff scene. Idiotic. The “editors” obviously knew nothing of the series. They also cut Cloris Leachman’s (Phyllis) priceless reaction (Emmy winning) to Betty White’s Sue Ann Nivens attempting to steal her husband, in “The Lars Affair” – the “pie scene” is priceless…..but gone on TV Land.

  1. Well-deserved but my real satisfaction comes from knowing that for her to agree to be present for this honor means she has recovered from her recent brain surgery. That’s a huge relief.

  2. If Mary Tyler Moore is off screen because she wants to be off screen, cool, but, if she’s not showing up much because people aren’t casting her, or something like that: seriously, what’s wrong with people?

    The highest-grossing film out there right now is a serious, grownup drama. There really should be room in mainstream theaters for Woody Allen movies and Mary Tyler Moore movies.

  3. Hob knobbing with Mary Tyler Moore will not wash clean the current SAG regime. They reek of corruption and the sooner Ken Howard and Co are gone, the better off actors will be.

  4. The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show were seminal TV events in my life. Not only did they make me laugh ENDLESSLY, but they taught me what was funny, timing and “comedy”, but were after school and Saturday night “friends” I could count on to always be there and not desert me just because I happened to be “different”. Thank you, Mary for a lifetime of laughs and memories! Congratulations on your much deserved honor from our Guild!

  5. If anybody deserves honor, Mary Tyler Moore does. She is a national treasure.

    I just wonder when the Kennedy Center honchos will finally honor Doris Day. After all, she owned the movie box office for a decade, sang with the best big bands of the day and had a top-ten TV show. And she’s a humanitarian. A triple or quadruple threat for sure.

  6. In order to receive an honor from the Kennedy Center you have to agree to show up. I believe Doris Day has turned the invitation down.

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