Golden Globes Trial Delayed For A Month

The battle to decide who can sell the rights for the Golden Globe Awards has hit a snag. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s suit against Dick Clark Productions was set to go to trial Sept. 6, but has been postponed for a month. Judge Valerie Baker Fairbank is unable to hear the case due to illness, and it will be reassigned and rescheduled for October, according to the HFPA. At issue is the rights renewal with the Globes’ longtime home, NBC. The HFPA claims DCP violated terms of its contract by failing to consult with them before negotiating with the network in October. An HFPA insider told Deadline this summer that the HFPA actually wants to be rid of DCP so it can hook up with another producer for the telecast.

  1. “HFPA Insider” is an oxymoron.

    And their strange history since the 1943 founding to the early 50’s schism that lead to two factions: Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association & Foreign Correspondent Association — resulted in an award called “The Henrietta” given out.

    This current clash includes all the same story line, but with umpteen times the money as well as a twist re: one of the witnesses to be deposed. A trump card tell-all book in progress on the morass now?

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