EMMYS: Producers Under Pressure To Cut Charlie Sheen From Broadcast

Charlie Sheen To Make Surprise Appearance On Sunday

EXCLUSIVE: I hear that there has been some pressure put on the TV Academy and the producers of tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards telecast not to have former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen as a presenter. Here is what I’ve learned has happened: Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, who was the subject of many of Sheen’s public insults last spring and is currently being sued by the actor over his termination from the show, confronted TV Academy chairman John Shaffner, who is the production designer of two of Lorre’s comedy series, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. I hear that Lorre demanded that Sheen’s planned appearance be cut from the broadcast. Meanwhile, Warner Bros Television Group president Bruce Rosenblum — who oversees the studio producing Men, Warner Bros TV, which also is being sued by Sheen — made a call to Fox chairman Peter Rice asking whether it would be possible for Sheen to be dropped. After Rice couldn’t commit to doing so, Rosenblum asked him to at least not give Sheen an open mike that the actor may use to embarrass Lorre or the other Emmy nominees from his shows, all produced by WBTV.

Making things even more sensitive is the fact that I’ve learned Sheen has been eyed to present the Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series category, which features two nominees from a Lorre series, Big Bang‘s Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki. Ironically, this is the category Sheen was eligible for but opted not to submit himself this year. As of now, I hear that the Emmy producers are sticking to their plan to go with the Sheen appearance, but the final decision may come down to the last minutes before showtime. He may not be in the clip packages included in the broadcast, though, as I hear that at the last minute WBTV asked that Sheen be cut from any Men footage used on the show. Lorre is slated to attend the Emmys as he is nominated for Big Bang, which is in the running for best comedy series.

  1. I hope the Emmy people don’t allow Sheen to be cut otherwise it’ll be setting a precedent that every asshole producer will take advantage of when getting revenge on various actors. It’s not like Lorre doesn’t have a history.

    1. I agree. Charlie was obviously ill and the “show” took advantage of this to fire him. I won’t be watching the show from here on.

    2. I was shocked to see Charlie Sheen on the Emmy’s. Yes, he was out of line and played it up about “winning” Make all the excuses you can but it’s still a disgrace the way he acted and continued to act over a long period. I don’t believe for a minute he was drugged 24 hours of the day. He knew part of the time what he was doing and didn’t care what anyone thought.

      Why the producers didn’t cut Charlie Sheen is beyond me. No one of the house full of people thought it was a good choice!

      1. It was not a ‘disgrace’ he was speaking lot’s of truth so get over yourself Liz.
        Moreover he did a classy move with this appearance (and lot’s of people think that as well) it was a smart move from both Fox and Sheen.

    1. Tell that to Chuck d-bagg Lorre, Sheen has moved on ! (and even made some apologies, took responsability in public, can’t say the same for Lorre..to say the least and now..that..digusting).

  2. John Karavitis On the one hand, I can understand the concern that, given that there is an ongoing civil suit, that these two should be kept far away from each other. On the other hand, we have the issue that a high-powered Hollywood executive is trying to influence proceedings that are supposed to be a gathering of industry professionals in the public eye. SO, on the one hand, Hollywood demands that everyone toe the line with regards to its liberal agfenda, on the other hand, when someone’s feelings might be hurt, all this tolerance (and probably diversity, too) go right out the window. If Sheen gets an open mike and starts to rant, it will hurt Sheen more than anyone else. This kind of backdoor shenanigans led to the infamous blacklisting period back in the 1950s. Hasn’t Hollywood learned its lesson??? John V. Karavitis

    1. Charlie has a new show in development and wants back on the air so I don’t think anyone needs to worry.

      It’s about money people that’s all.

  3. Is Chuck Lorre the new Joseph McCarthy ? This guy is pathetic, his passive agressive shenanigans make me like Charlie Sheen even more, i hope his new tv show will rock and gain lot’s of ratings.

    1. As someone who had relatives who lost their original careers due to the blacklist, I find the McCarthy analogies absolutely appalling. Whatever the heck is going on between Lorre and Sheen, it is utterly inappropriate to compare a dogfight between two Hollywood power players to an era in which thousands of innocent people had their lives nearly or totally destroyed by a genuine witch hunt.

      Personally, I wish both Chuck and Charlie peace.

      1. well when i made that McCarthy analogy i talked about the pressure, the methods of intimidation, pressure from Lorre and Warner, i did not say it was exactly the same thing of course.
        I know that McCarthysm was far more awful and important than that but still there is some similitudes in the methods.

        1. Julie, thank you for the clarification. My comment wasn’t just directed at you, but at the other posters who made the same inappropriate analogy. A private citizen saying, “I’m gonna use my power to piss on a guy who’s suing me,” is NOT the same thing as the US government demanding, in violation of the Constitution itself, that you incriminate yourself. And that you add to it by destroying innocent friends.

          Chuck and Charlie are having a pissing contest. That’s it. If anybody here wants to say they both sound like needy toddlers, no arguments. But on behalf of my late aunt and uncle who were its victims, the Lorre/Sheen fight DOES NOT IN ANYWAY WHATSOEVER resemble the blacklist.

          1. We agree it is not the same thing but Lorre actions are a bit more than ‘using your power to piss on a guy who’s suing me’ he clearly wanted to censure Sheen and this type of actions lead to far more horrible consequences than a piss-fest contest.

    1. My thoughts exactly! But they would ruin it probably.

      Charlie seems to be on his meds at the moment and Lorre and company look like assholes for trying to go all HUAC on him (google it youngsters, it will be back again at some point). As far as I’m concerned they are all overrated and belong on a reality show on a bad cable network that I never watch.

      1. i root for the dysfunctional actor, he is entertaining and doesn’t do his ‘bad’ deeds behind the scenes, he doesn’t hide whereas Lorre is the ultimate coward, weak passive-agressive full of power hollywood corporate producer.

  4. Lorre has already fired Charlie from his show. So, what is that he wants now? He wants Charlie not to be on TV anymore?
    I hope whoever is in charge not to listen to Lorre. Charlie was invited there and he has the right to go.
    You go Charlie! Looking forward your roast tomorrow, and I hope u will get your new show in the air soon.

  5. Is LORRE looking for another lawsuit? This sounds like a clear cut case of intentional interference with a business relationship to me.

  6. Let’s see… Charlie Sheen goes on a drug-fueled binge of insulting the people who’ve made him a multimillionaire many times over, and has now launched his cynical and long-awaited repentance tour.

    Chuck Lorre, who’s also a multimillionaire many times over, can’t handle the fact that he’s been insulted by this drug-addicted fool.

    And Bruce Rosenblum, who presumably should have a broader perspective on all this, has waded knee-deep into this depressing clash of unstable egomaniacs.

    So much money wasted on such little people. It’s depressing.

  7. Hasn’t Charlie been trying to take some responsibility for the situation in his various talk show appearances in the past week? The guy is trying – at long last – to take the high road. Let him do the show.

    1. Charlie’s brain is finally out of its manic stage (like everyone predicted) and now he’s trying to act like a grown-up – until this happens again (or some reasonable facsimile). I agree he should do the show. Announcing Best Actor in a Comedy Series will not put him within reach of any of the 2-and-a-half Men producer/writers and frankly, using the lawsuit as an excuse won’t work because it’s this is a gig for him – not for them. They don’t have to be there. The are choosing to be.

      Plus their worry is stupid. If he goes off the rails on air and makes comments about them it will only make him look bad to everyone, including his new studio and network for Anger Management. If he cannot play nice after all this time, they may not want to pay with him at all. He should be able to appear tonight and I hope he does. I’m not a fan, but I think he has the right to work if he wants.

  8. All this drama doesn’t matter, there are no popular shows nominated and the “EMMYS” are up against a football game. The ratings are going to suck.

  9. Chuck Lorre must be a miserable miserable man….Geez you won…hez fired…wait…Chuck is still fighting Sheen…Chuck is still staying up nights trying 2 make this guys life hell…I think Sheen is WINING!!!!

  10. How about we ban those stupids VANITY CARDS he does where we are subjected to his inner pain as a child- hates his Mother … boring ….. cry baby brat – big deal you write a silly show about nothing
    be thankful you got away with this and lets hope they don’t catch on to YOU

  11. Wow…all that money and power and Lorre just can’t take anything. Amazing…how much the ego can just make you look like a child. Lose it all Chuck, then where’ ya gonna be at?
    Sad..soooo sad.

  12. hah! you’ll never work in this town again, see… except lorre’s not loved by all. and hollywood and america love retribution and redemption stories.

  13. The worst thing McCarthy ever did was “Band On The Run”… I mean, how many people suffered through THAT, right???

    Kay, it’s the 21st century. Move on.

    1. Spare me your frat humor, until you go into work, get called into your boss’s office, get told you’ve been outed as a red, with no way of defending yourself, and then have to move 3,000 miles away from where anybody knows you to escape the stigma and start your entire life over at the age of 51.

      Once you’ve done that, maybe I can laugh.

      If you don’t know enough to take the McCarthy blacklist seriously, you really have no damn business being in Hollyood, no matter how many agency names you drop.

  14. Our marketing team got Charlie and Ashton backstage together making nice. All is fine! Let the issue drop.

    1. yeah and when you bashed non-stop Charlie Sheen for his ‘antics’ you did not ‘dropped the issue’..why should we just ‘drop the issue’ when it is about big disgusting, supreme d-bagg Chuck Lorre moves ? Ah yeah once again the industry rewarded him with the best actor/best actress emmys (and i like Parson and McCarthy..this time the ‘good one’ Melissa..lol !)and his shows give massive ratings to CBS..so he can whatever he wants we ‘should drop the issue’..pathetic and disgusting On the inside.

  15. Charlie Sheen kept it classy–Chuck Lorre doesn’t know how to be classy if he tried. Good Luck Charlie hope you continue to improve. Grow up Chuck you are acting like a spoiled,five year old brat who is having a tantrum.

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