Eddie Murphy In Talks To Host 84th Oscars

EXCLUSIVE: This Tuesday, a confab is scheduled for Oscar producer Brett Ratner to tell the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences whom he wants to host the Oscars. I’ve learned that Ratner will offer one name to Academy President Tom Sherak: Eddie Murphy. This is by no means a done deal yet, but this is a first step — though a lot more steps have to happen before this becomes a reality. I’m told that a lot of big names have approached the other 84th Academy Awards producer Don Mischer saying they are interested in hosting, and Don is fielding those calls. But insiders tell me that Ratner since getting the Academy Awards producing gig has only been talking to one person: Eddie. It’s been along the lines of, “If the Academy asked you to host, would you accept?” I learned that Eddie is “showing interest”. I do know that Murphy’s Hollywood agency WME thinks it’d be a real coup for Murphy’s dormant career which is about to get a kick-start. That’s because the veteran comedian is starring in the Brett Ratner-directed and Imagine/Universal-produced Tower Heist action laugher with Ben Stiller that opens on November 4th and is receiving great buzz. So Murphy and Ratner already have a close relationship, and this would be a way for Brett to put his personal stamp on 2012’s broadcast. Plus Murphy is starring in the DreamWorks dramedy film A Thousand Words scheduled for release on January 12th.

Eddie, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 2006’s Dreamgirls but lost, is said to worship the Oscars. “Nobody knows movies better or is a bigger cinephile than Eddie. Not Brett. Not even Quentin Tarantino. Eddie can quote scenes from every single movie word for word,” an insider tells me. “He can bring all that experience to hosting. Plus he has Saturday Night Live experience before a live crowd. And worldwide the biggest crossover comedians are Will Smith and Eddie Murphy.” That’s important because a huge part of the Academy Awards telecast audience is global. And with two movies opening before the Oscars, Murphy could benefit from the publicity bonanza especially overseas where international releases usually follow U.S. openings by several months. Besides, the Academy has been after more diversity which is why this October it’s honoring James Earl Jones and Oprah Winfrey (even though she’s much more of a TV personality than a movie star or filmmaker).

Today the comedy and urban entertainment website Humor Mill posted first an exclusive (sourced from several close friends of Eddie’s) that it’s a done deal. But I’ve confirmed it’s not — yet. Meanwhile, I hear that Billy Crystal, who recently expressed interest in hosting again, will almost certainly be incorporated into the show in some marquee way.

    1. great idea, i love eddie murphy because he is funny, talented and good to look at so he should host the oscars. if for any reason he does not show up please call whoopi just don’t ask the boring guys from last year

      1. I think it’s a good idea to mix it up instead of having the same people year after year. Eddie Murphy has had a lot of experience in front of live audiences and I know he will be fun to watch. I say bring him on!

        1. Hi,
          I agree with you, he is very funny & very nice to look at!!!
          Ih hope they do chose him, I might actually watch the oscars if he were the host!!

          1. I think Eddie would be great he funny and very taltented and would give the sometimes to long and borning oscars a new lift.

        1. Why bring in someone with the contingency “if he can tone it down”? There’s a potential Oscar host who wouldn’t have to tone it down – Jay Leno. Jay is hilarious, loved by all, inoffesnive and would have Hollywood rolling in the @#%& aisles. I’ve worked around the Hollywood community for years and never heard anyone say a bad word about Jay. And unlike Eddie Murphy or Billy Crystal or Steve Martin, Jay is actually funny. He could even do a Jaywalking outside the theatre or maybe read “Hollywood headlines.”

          Why always go for the juvenile, young audience? Jay will appeal to the older folk. He is not polarizing like Franco or Murphy.

          1. LOL… you wrote, “unlike Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal, or Steve Martin, Jay is actually funny. He could even do Jaywalking outside the theatre or maybe read ‘Hollywood headlines.'” You you… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow… wow! I’ve heard some outlandish things in my day, but that’s gotta be near the top of the list.

            Are you doing a Walter Monheit impression? Because only that fictional film critic would write something as ridiculous as what you wrote. Jaywalking? Hollywood Headlines? Egads, dude.

          2. Why bring in someone with the contingency “if he can tone it down”? There’s a potential Oscar host who wouldn’t have to tone it down – Jay Leno. Jay is hilarious, loved by all, inoffesnive and would have Hollywood rolling in the @#%& aisles.
            Hanko, Jay Leno’is hilarious,loved by all…’.Leno is anything but hilarious and to say ‘loved by all’ is a stretch. His audience is the ‘lowest common denominator,slacker born after 1985 types’. They don’t watch the Oscars,they tape the broadcast and ff through the boring stuff. His hosting is awful and he couldn’t handle all of the names.He’s a dullard.
            Murphy is past his prime. The old eddie on SNL/red leather eddie are gone forever. His comedic sense is so not 21st century. ‘The easily distracted,facebook,thumb-centric,under 30s’ wouldn’t give a sh*t about EM. The young would be bored & the geezers would be disappointed by the FCC constraints. The youth audience is where the heat is and that’s what draws the advertisers w/the big bucks.

          3. Hey, This is Jay Leno. Don’t be a jerk. You’re talking about a Hollywood’s box office king versus a guy who couldn’t survive at 10pm. Not only is Eddie Murphy way funnier than me, Eddie Murphy is way money-er than me.

          4. Aww shut up! Eddie Murphy would b a great host for the Oscars and he is one the funniest comedians since Richard Pryror!

    2. he actually has a hell of a lot of great ideas, and a s***-load of energy. eddie murphy’s interesting, though one wonders if the guy has the patience and stamina to push through 3 1/2 hours and stay upbeat. james franco sorta checked-out early, but anne hathaway was game to keep going (and she was still trying to be a sparkle in the hall during the commercial breaks). the early billy crystal-as-host broadcasts showed the guy had sustainability and was clever and witty as hell on his feet. eddie? well, it seems it’s about mood, and if he gets frustrated and pissed-off he might leave with his entourage mid-show. martin and baldwin tried to have fun throughout, so maybe the jury’s still out on co-hosts. ben stiller and will ferrell? funny together, funny apart, with video package possibilities galore.

    3. I love eddie murphy. The eddie murphy seasons on saturday night live are among the best. Dare I say it. The Oscars might just be worth watching with eddie hosting. Can’t wait!

    4. well if Eddie M. does host the Oscars I hope the censors are ready to bleep out most of what he says. he’s a very foul mouth comic. he use to be very funny and never use bad language, but now it appears he can’t be funny without being filthy mouthed.
      Too Bad Eddie M. You use to be great!

      1. When did Eddie Murphy *not* use bad language in his stand-up? SNL, sure but his stand-up was filthy (and great!)

      2. What are you talking about eddie murphy has always been a faoul mouth commic. the fact that you didn’t know that shows that he is capable of being cunny without it. Ever seen “Delirious” or “Raw” eddies two hugelyu successful feature film lengnth stad-up movies. They were over 2 hours, hilarious and yes rauchy but both show he can hald a long show and it isn’t like he will be filling every second… I think this is a great choice.

      3. “but now it appears he can’t be funny without being filthy”? Was this post from 1987? His days of being a filthy yet brilliant stand-up are long gone by. Now he is family fluff and has been since the 90s. There is nothing wrong with that but don’t get the chronology backwards here. I would love to see the old Eddie back. Obviously he would know to cut out the language. The man is funny.

    5. This is a pr push to make Eddie relevant again. He’s got two massive movies coming out. One, Tower Heist will be a huge hit – because it’s Stiller. The 2nd, A Thousand Words, was made 4 years ago and it is an expensive mess. Close to $100 million in budget.
      It will tank much like his last two massive non Donkey movies: Imagine That and Meet Dave, both gargantuan failures.

    6. You had to know a commercial hack like Brett Ratner would find a way to commercialize the Oscars — to his own benefit! Eddie Murphy as host would only boost the chances of Rattner’s picture drawing more people at the boxoffice. I had hoped that AMPAS was above some commercialization! I was wrong, obviously.


    1. Potential? What? Really? You didn’t just say Eddie Murphy wasn’t great ‘yet’ did you? Lol….wow. One of the bestbstand up comics EVER! He was GREAT. When he goes back to stand up in 2012 he’s going to pick up where he left off.

      1. yeah, except he hasn’t been that Eddie in years and years. Plus, even if he could dig deep for that,he cannot do all that R/X rated content on regular tv.

        1. He has the tendency to be too vulgar, in order to be funny.Nothing compared to the great J. Carson and Bob Hope.

          1. …except fer Fibber McGee an’ Molly. I tell ya, that Fibber McGeeeeee HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! And George Gobel. OOH! Somebody see if Georgie Jessel is availiable.

          2. Your ageist jokes are pretty lame, but worse is your pussy hypocrisy. You wouldn’t have the balls to make a racist joke here; you feel pretty safe making fun of someone you assume is old…even though Johnny Carson and Bob Hope are known to anyone who knows the first thing about comedy and pop culture.

            Now ain’t that funny, shitheads?

        1. That’s right. Eddie Murphy, in general, is greatness personified. However, all that means is every individual project of his has the POTENTIAL for greatness, because he is only one element of the production.

          COMING TO AMERICA had greatness. BOWFINGER had greatness. DADDY DAY CARE was lacking greatness.

    2. You must be a youngster. You see, there was a time — it was called the 80s — when Eddie Murphy was the biggest and most bankable star in Hollywood. I know, I know, but I’m not making this up. Ask your parents. He had huge box office hits, sellout arena tours as a standup, and platinum records.

      Eddie hosted the first (I think) VMAs back in, like, ’84 and he was funny as shit. This is a good idea.

      1. If anybody knew Eddie. They would know he said around Dream Girls, the Oscars don’t like me. I don’t expect to win( paraphrase).

        So does anybody really expect him to host after Meet Dave. (I liked it, most didn’t)

        Eddie Murphy hosting. Hell,they didn’t like Chris Rock/Whoopi Goldberg. This crowd needs simple humor, Billy Crystal style.

        1. I kinda liked MEET DAVE too! Points for a fairly original concept, at least. Whoever thought of Eddie Murphy playing a HUMAN-SHAPED SPACESHIP had to be very creative or on a lot of drugs or both.

          Last week’s episode of DOCTOR WHO used a similar concept, incidentally.

    1. Are you joking? Just the idea of having Eddie host is a thousand times better than the train wreck those two were. You’re forgetting that at his core Eddie is a great stand-up comic. I think he’ll be awesome.

  1. Eddie Murphy Delirious was and still is the funniest stand up comedy show ever!! Murphy was in his young 20’s and REALLY funny. However, Eddie did what a comedian should never do which is grow up and become mature. Comedians are funny when immature. I think it was around the time his first kid was born.

    It would be awesome if we for once in decades since his prime could see the old Eddie Murphy that everyone reminisces about. He’s done family films which I will never waste my time with, however my point is that he can go pg-13.

    Remember that Eddie Murphy used to be the biggest star in the mid 80’s. He was up there like higher than all the A-List. Everyone talks about the young/immature and fun Eddie Murphy and yet he has not tried to lighten up to bring it all back. First he tried to hard and fake to be cool in Another 48 Hours and then he tried to play cool in Boomerang. Today he calls the role in Beverly Hills Cop a “character” he played. When it’s quite clear that he was being himself back then. If he can only tap into his IMMATURE YOUNG EMOTIONS THAT MADE HIM THE GREATEST COMEDIAN OF ALL TIME… If we get an Oscars Eddie Murphy Delirious then it will be better than anything that Billy Crystal could do. Perhaps his agent or manager can have a talk with him.

    1. Yes! DELIRIOUS is the funniest stand up show I have ever seen. If only the Oscars could bear some resemblance.

    2. Damn, I miss the old comedically edgy Eddie Murphy. He had a swagger, strong point of view, unbelievable charisma, and extraordinary smarts. Eddie definitely owned the ’80’s ( not even Tom Cruise could touch him ) . Murphy lost his edge and focus because he became too comfortable , too rich, and too greedy, and too complacent- unfortunately most of our most gifted actors go this route. Also, he starred in those lousy family films.

      If Eddie signs on to host, I just don’t see him bringing edginess to the Oscar hosting job.

      P.S. Murphy truly deserved an Oscar nomination for the first Nutty Professor remake.

  2. For me, besides the fact that his talent is so diverse, he can do no wrong. What a great idea. I love Billy Crystal too!
    I miss Eddie’s laugh…

  3. Let’s just hope that if Murphy signs on to do this, he doesn’t follow Chris Rock’s lead and say “Black people don’t care about the Oscars”. Of course, Rock didn’t say exactly that, but that was 100% of his schtick…

  4. ”Nobody knows movies better or is a bigger cinephile than Eddie.” Did not know that. I’d look forward to his hosting. If so, I hope he hits it out of the park.

  5. With the possible exception of Bowfinger, there has not been a funny movie starring Eddie Murphy since Coming to America.
    That being said, the man is still an entertainer.

    The question is: how long has it been since he’s been in front of a live audience and does that matter?

    1. Of all the movies he’s been in since Coming To America, you pick BOWFINGER as the funniest? It was decent, but overall……uh, not so much. Frankly, I can’t get my mind around him hosting and NOT going to The Fat Suit at least once. All respect will be gone if that happens…and, let’s face it, he hasn’t done much without The Suit lately, so it WILL make an appearance…..sadly.

      1. The Prince was right… ‘Bowfinger’ was able to do something no film since Coming to America was able to do: Utilize Eddie’s talents with successful comedic results.

        ‘Bowfinger’ was brilliant; get a clue.

  6. Say what, now?

    Murphy hasn’t done anything remarkable in over a decade and, frankly, what looked like it would be a terrific trailer for Tower Heist screeched to a halt when he appeared.

    This is not a bad idea, it’s a terrible one.

    I believe the word is, ‘YIKES!’ or maybe, ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’

    1. If there is a God, Jamie Foxx will continue to fade and just go away. Went WAY too broad (with not enough to cover, talentwise. Rap and singing?!? Decent chops, but just because you have the training and were in a movie, that doesn’t mean you have to go from actor to NUCLEAR POP PHENOMENON)……and way too quick.

      1. You do realize that Jamie Foxx has been singing as long as he’s been acting, yes? He released an album back in ’94

  7. Forget about all that encyclopedic movie knowledge. Eddie should start his research, if he gets the gig, by studying Chris Rock’s opening 2005 show monologue:

    1. Rock was funny. Maybe he can bring back the president bashing about deficits and the general negativity about the president. Should work find a second time. Now more than ever.

    2. Eddie is Chris’ teacher. No need to watch him; Eddie’s got this !
      I hope he dnubs them the way he was snubbed in 2007. He DESERVED that oscar.
      His best work in years and he was snubbed ? To hell with them Eddie !

  8. Eddie could be a good choice. I have to disagree, though, that his Delirious was the best of all time. It was great, but the HBO Richard Pryor stand up (red shirt, black pants) was probably the finniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  9. Since when is Will Smith a comedian? Has Will ever really been in a comedy? I guess Hitch, but come on. He’s no comedian.

  10. If Eddie’s stand-up chops are as sharp as they used to be, and he can brush off the rust, this could be amazingly funny. He needs to write some material though.

  11. I know Murphy has a reputation (fair or not) for being a bit of a Diva but if he accepts the gig and they accept him hosting it, the FIRST thing they should do is let him be a major player in the writing staff.

    Mr. Murphy, if it does unfold? PLEASE have a hand in the writing of the intros to each award.

  12. OMG!!! Have all of you lost your minds!!!! Eddie Murphy is yesterday’s news and completely irrelevant. …For the past decade he’s only made really bad live action flicks for the kiddies! He has no edge left. He became a joke himself when he picked up that prostitute and proceeded to pretend she was a hitch hiker. …UGH!!! No one in this town has any balls to be creative or original anymore. Hollywood should be changed to Hollydead, ’cause executives can’t find anything new or fresh to present to audiences thirsting for creativity.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. There’s no difference between Crystal or Murphy, and all the arguments that everyone used against Crytal are just as valid by inserting Murphy.

      Look I’m in my mid 40s, so the 80/s are prime time. for me and movies. Muphy was awesome at times. But that was 25 or so years ago.

      Move on. I have. I still go to movies, listen to nrw jusic. I hace my favs from the past, but that is exactly what they are past favs. I can’t and won’t ljve my life stuck in a rut, watching the same old thing. I’ e moved on, new stars, new actors. Just like the rest of society has. All except for Hollywoof. Who insists on cramming the old on s at every turn. Yet at the same time, that isn’t what people are watching. They know that from box office results. And other award shows. So I just can’t undertand why although they clearly see who is in, in the 2010s, they refuse to provide that for entertainment and get people to actually care. Be ause I don’t care about my old favs, and nobodu else does either.


      1. Wow. Really? Anyone from 20 years ago is just old and useless? That post says a lot about you. You better run to therapy and deal with your issues about getting older.

        1. That isn’t what I said at all. But someone from 20 years ago isn’t going to bring in the 19-34 demo the Oscars so desperately want and need. Same as stars from the 80s arent exactly bringing in box office dollars.

          Ya gotta change with the times, or die.

          1. EM is not from “20 years ago”. He has fans from all demographics. From the 45+ who watched SNL & saw “Beverly Hills Cop” in theaters to the 20+ whose parents took them to see “Daddy Day Care” to the kids who love Donkey from “Shrek”, everyone has a connection to EM. Plus if anyone can think on their feet, know where the line is, when/how to cross it w/out alienation & still engage an audience (just think of the promos w/ that laugh), it’s Ed. He’ll bring in demos the Academy hasn’t seen in… ever! He’s edge & family friendly all @ once.
            This is a brilliant move on the part of Ratner & the Academy. If they can pull it off.

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