Ricky Gervais Says NBC Has Invited Him Back To Host The Golden Globes, And He Was Approached About The Oscars, Too

UPDATE, 2:55 PM: ABC says there is no truth to ricky Gervais’ claim today that he has been approached to host the Oscars.

PREVIOUS: 2:12 PM: Ricky Gervais had Hollywood buzzing in January with his no-holds-barred hosting stint on NBC’s Golden Globes telecast. He ripped enough folks — from Charlie Sheen to Robert Downey to Johnny Depp to God — that few thought the host Hollywood Foreign Press Association would want him back for a third stint (see Deadline’s take on the night: Live-Snarking The Meanest Golden Globes). Apparently, though, NBC has other ideas about it: The British comedian said at the Edinburgh International Television Festival today that the network has asked him to host again, saying he is considering it “but I shouldn’t do it.” NBC declined to comment on the matter. “I love NBC, I love the fact they stuck by me through it,” Gervais said, adding, “I don’t think I should do it. What am I going back as?” Gervais wasn’t done yet at the annual TV confab. He also revealed that he was approached about hosting the Oscars, though it’s unclear whether that was before or after the Academy announced Brett Ratner and Don Mischer would produce the Oscarcast — normally the producers make the call on the host. Regardless, Gervais said he’d never take the gig.

“They said to my agent would he like to be on our list. I couldn’t do the Oscars. It’s a thankless task for a comedian. They don’t want to hear jokes, they want to hear if they have won the most important award of their career,” he said. Gervais also said that he has been offered a U.S.-based talk show “a few times” but isn’t interested. “I got into this business so I didn’t have to put a suit on and sit behind a desk five times a week. It would be strange to do it.” The real question is what hasn’t Gervais been offered? How about SAG president?

  1. the Great Gervais can do whatever he wants. If he wanted to appear on Mad Men, I believe Matt Weiner would write him a part. But could Kurt Sutter write him a part on Sons Of Anarchy?

    I see Ricky in The Sopranos feature film. He’s the head of the London crime family who comes over to make a deal with Tony Soprano, but falls in love with Meadow Soprano

  2. Oh dear…more bad jokes that we’re supposed to be shocked or offended by?

    The first year was humorous but last year was awkward. Trying to get attention from using alcohol is better suited for Girls Gone Wild and The Jersey Shore because the rest of us are very much used to drinking…it’s not wild or shocking.

    1. I know right?!

      We want ass-kissing and ball-licking from our hosts, not to poke fun at a bunch of self-important celebrities who take themselves far too seriously in these awards shows meant as nothing more than a pat on the back to each other.

  3. I love Ricky — his Golden Globes hosting was amazing, jaw-dropping TV, unlike this year’s Oscars but we’ve all been over that enough, haven’t we? But I think it is true what was said in this article — the audience in the theater doesn’t want to hear jokes while the folks at home definitely do….

  4. I’m all For Ricky hosting the Globes again (If only because Ratings Starved NBC needs all the attention they can get), but he should be–at the very most–just a Presenter/Un-necessary Montage Presenter at the Oscars, have Neil Patrick Harris host them instead.

  5. He should definitely host it again. Aside from he’s hilarious, I’d love to see celebs boycott the awards because of him which would only make them look even more horrible, petty and childish. lol

  6. Having followed Gervais for over 10 years, I have read and listened to everything he has ever sent out to the public.

    That being said..I’m 99% sure he either didn’t say any of that or ABC is saving face. Hmm which one to plump for.

  7. Well, i have never enjoyed The Golden Globes as much as i did last time so yeah, i hope he will do it again.

  8. Agreed Christopher! Nothing better to go with my popcorn and soda than watching Reese Witherspoon squirm in her seat while getting ripped about her boring ass movie Water for Elephants

  9. Please producers of Golden Globe – beg Ricky to do it. Because the numbers of viewers will be crazy. Everyone will be expecting Globes.

  10. Gervais makes the mistake of thinking just because a joke is at someone’s expense, it’s automatically funny. He needs to be more clever or at least be genuinely subversive by telling truths about the business the public doesn’t know or even want to know. Instead he just reinforces tired perceptions. Sheen’s an addict and Tim Allen is over. Thanks for insight, gnome.

  11. Jk5000, I think the jokes are purposefully banal to reinforce the irony (the most privileged and talented at the mercy of fat little Englishman).

  12. So Gervais has been caught lying about being asked to do the Oscars. Probably lied about the Globes, too.

    This man’s ego is so massive – too bad his talent doesn’t match.

    1. He`s funny. Mixed good w/Larry David but could use an American dentist. He`s gotta True Blood thang goin on that`s distracting.

  13. It’s all about ratings and NBC desperately needs them so I’m not surprised Gervais would be offered the gig. But he is the perfect host for this so-called award show that takes itself way too seriously – the Hollywood Foreign Press have pulled off a great con, IMHO and how they’ve gotten the stars to show up to their little shindig is pretty darn amazing so yeah, Ricky, let it rip!

  14. I realize there are large swaths of the population that will deem anything done at the expense of rich actors to be extremely hilarious, and I can’t say I completely blame them given the economic situation in this country, but in my opinion, Gervais is funniest when he’s insightful and self-deprecating, not when he’s taking cheap, easy shots at other people. Sorry, but there’s nothing fearless about making jokes about John Travolta’s sexuality (he’s hardly at the top of his game these days) and fat jokes about Hurley from Lost (it’s tired and really, now that Gervais has had the Hollywood treatment and lost all that weight, he needs to retire all of his fat people ridicule). I love the guy’s TV and film work. Loved Ghost Town, The Office, Extras, any of his cameos lately, but I think he’s gotten a bit mean-spirited in his hosting gigs.

  15. I loved Gervais last year on the Emmy’s he tells it like it is and was soooooooooooooooooo funny. Best show I’d seen on tv, and with Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon doing the dance at the show’s intro, with Born to Run…………..

    I don’t know how the should could get any better, unless they got rid of Jane…

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