The DGA will need extra space in its National Executive Director office after the guild announced today that it is giving execs Russ Hollander, David Korduner and Bryan Unger the title of Associate National Executive Director, each with different responsibilities. The moves come as part of an effort to “provide greater clarity about leadership roles and responsibilities for each of the guild’s core functions while also more clearly defining the role of the National Office and the regional offices,” the DGA said.

Hollander’s full title will be Associate National Executive Director/Eastern Executive Director. He will have responsibility for administration and enforcement of the Freelance Live and Tape Television Agreement; the National Commercial Agreement; all non-dramatic programming (including basic cable); new media; all network news, sports and operations; and local stations. Unger will be Associate National Executive Director/Western Executive Director, charged with overseeing administration and enforcement of the Basic Agreement, Low Budget Agreement, all dramatic programming (including basic cable), creative rights, diversity and agency relations. Korduner will be Associate National Executive Director/Senior General Counsel, with oversight and management of residuals, memberships, credits, reports compliance, signatories, human resources and legal.

Unger also will be responsible for local service and representation related to the guild’s Western offices; Hollander will be responsible for local service and representation for the Eastern offices.

4 years
David Korduner is a terrific exec and a tremendous asset to the Guild. Congrats to all!!!
4 years
Bryan Unger is a top notch executive, with passion for what he does and the experience to...
4 years
They're gonna need huge business cards for those titles to fit on.