DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg is the leading cheerleader for 3D — and lobbied theaters hard to raise ticket prices for 3D films. So it’s funny to hear him say that “the bloom is off the rose” for the technology for a while “driven by a singular and unique characteristic that only exists in Hollywood, greed.” But he isn’t talking about ticket prices: He told Fortune magazine’s Brainstorm Tech Conference yesterday in Aspen that too many filmmakers “thought they could just deliver a kind of low-end crappy version of it, and people wouldn’t care, or wouldn’t know the difference. And nothing could have been further from the truth.”  He says that over last seven or eight months Hollywood has put out “the worst lineup of movies you’ve experienced in the last five years of your life.” But he says that interest in 3D will grow as top directors use the technology. “It will take us a while, but we’ll earn (public interest) back,” he says.

BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield says the comments “made us even more concerned about the health of the movie industry” — including DreamWorks Animation. Here’s the video of Katzenberg’s interview:

4 years
When you go to a store and buy a product and it turns out to be crap,...
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oh...and trust me - JK knows from crap. What about the dreck he foisted while at Disney...
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I've said it before and I'll take any opportunity to say it again, Katzenberg lost the plot...