If you thought everyone was glued to the tube watching last night’s NBA Finals, you were right. LeBron fans (or foes) took a big bite out of Sunday night’s North American box office numbers. TV ratings were 50% higher than last year, affecting the male-skewing films in the evening like Super 8 ($9.3M), X-Men: First Class ($6.4M), and The Hangover Part II ($4.4M), which all missed their Sunday estimates by between $800K and $1.6 million. That means Super 8 ended the weekend at $35.4M (not $37M) with a cume of $36.4M (not $38M):

1. Super 8 (Bad Robot/Amblin/Paramount) NEW [3,379 Runs]
Friday $12.2M, Saturday $14M, Sunday $9.3M, Weekend $35.4M, Cume $36.4M

2. X-Men: First Class (Fox) Week 2 [3,692 Runs]
Friday $8M, Saturday $10.1M, Sunday $6.4M, Weekend $23.7M (-57%), Cume $97.6M

3. The Hangover Part II (Warner Bros) Week 3 [3,644 Runs]
Friday $5.7M, Saturday $7.6M, Sunday $4.4M, Weekend $17.7M, Cume $215.8M

5 years
Or the studios just estimated badly?
5 years
umm, The Trip was great but wasn't one of those 3 films!
5 years
Um, no. I was trying to buy a ticket for the sold-out matinee of "The Trip" in...

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