EMMYS: Pee-wee Parodies Melissa Leo

Well, it won Melissa Leo an Oscar. So why shouldn’t faux fur win Pee-wee an Emmy for his HBO special?

  1. Pee-Wee’s “faux-fur/faux-ad” is both awesome and ridiculous. Just like Melissa Leo.

  2. Paul is the greatest. this is so funny. A super smart, talented, funny and nice man. I hope he gets a handful of emmys. The show was great. Like nothing you’ve seen.

  3. I grew up watching Pee Wee and this HBO special was unwatchable. So glad I was able to hit fast forward and delete.

  4. There’s some things you couldn’t understand, there’s some things you wouldn’t understand, there’s some things you shouldn’t understand….

  5. I saw two amazing shows out here in L.A. – the actual stage production of “Playhouse” that was later filmed on Broadway and then the NINETY MINUTES Reubens spent with the audience afterwards answering questions, joking with little kids who’d been brought to see it, talking about his career and what went into the creation of “Playhouse,” etc. Nope, not the kind of thing that wins Emmys, but it was one of the coolest evenings of entertainment I’ve ever had.

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