UPDATE: And the winner is:
“Hey Nigel, let’s pull another culture-lifting show out of your ass.”

2nd Place: “It’s the Ford…American Idol…conga line.”
3rd Place: “Just another day on the set of So You Think You Can Pants.”

PREVIOUS: Here’s a great photo from last night’s American Idol finale, featuring pop star Lady Gaga horsing around with the show’s executive producer Nigel Lythgoe. The backstage picture was apparently taken after Lady Gaga’s performance of Edge of Glory judging by her ripped fishnet stockings, the result of her writhing on that giant rock. And the expression on Lythgoe’s face is if he has just seen a ghost. (Lady Gaga and her male dancer “leaped to their death” at the end of the song.) Can you come up with a good caption?

4 years
STARDATE 2211: Captain Kirk's log 31/5/2211 Upon mission to assist United Federation of Planets historical archaeological team...
4 years
"Gaga, I didn't say Lythgoe — I said LET GO!!" or "GAAAAAA! -- ga."
4 years
These comments are embarrasing. Im serious. It's obvious that this is a website for the business people...