EMMYS: 'Two And A Half Men' Won't Compete For Best Comedy Series

EXCLUSIVE: With 16 produced and aired episodes, this past eighth season of the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men is eligible for a best comedy series Emmy Award. But the veteran sitcom, which has been the subject of controversy surrounding now-former star Charlie Sheen, won’t be in the running. A source at the show’s producer Warner Bros. TV confirmed that Two and a Half Men was not submitted for best comedy. According to a show insider, the feeling was that, given the circumstances this past season, Two and a Half Men should not be submitted for consideration in the best comedy series category. Production on the show was suspended in January, after one of Sheen’s benders sent him to the hospital. Following a series of bizarre rants by Sheen who attacked relentlessly Two and Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorre, Warner Bros. and CBS, production on the show was shut down for the season and Sheen was subsequently fired and replaced with Ashton Kutcher. While not backing Men in the series category, I hear the studio is throwing its full support behind Sheen’s co-stars on the show with ad campaigns planned for Jon Cryer, Holland Taylor, Angus T. Jones and Conchata Ferrell. Two and a Half Men has been considered a long shot for a best series nomination even without the Sheen debacle. It has been nominated 3 times, most recently in 2008. The show’s co-stars have fared much better. Cryer has been nominated every year since 2006 and won in 2009. Taylor has been nominated four times – in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010. Ferrell was nominated in 2005 and 2007. While shows are submitted by their producing studios, actors’ applications are done primarily by their representatives. Sheen’s team had not submitted the actor by the April 29 deadline but an Emmy rules loophole made it technically possible for him to be written in later. It is unclear if that has been done.

  1. Will it be nominated for best drama instead? The whole affair was certainly more thrilling than the last season of “Mad Men” and seeing how “Breaking Bad” is out of the running it would be shoe in.

    1. that made me laugh through the piles of work i need to look over thank you from one stranger to another

    2. Way off base on “Mad Men”, season four wasn’t the game-changer season three was, but it was GREAT.

      You may want to watch it again.

  2. Yeah it was more entertaining than Mad Men or even Breaking Bad.
    Sheen should come back on movies and dramatic roles..

    1. Sheen should get a role as a junkie on Breaking Bad. Could be his dramatic comeback.

    2. Charlie should go into hiding. He has been a thorn in the side of the industry long enough. Please get some emotional help. Mental help may be even better. Two and a Half Men will do exceptionally well without him.

  3. Wait, you’re telling me Conchata Ferrell was nominated for an Emmy? Twice? For acting? She’s an even worse actor than Sheen and that’s saying something.

    It’s ridiculous that Two and a Half Men was not submitted for Emmy consideration because of the Sheen drama. It should not be submitted for Emmy consideration because it’s a piece of unfunny misogynistic tripe.

    1. I’m sorry, but how the heck do you figure?? And “She’s an even worse actor than Sheen…”?? Say what you want about the guy’s personal life and character, but it’s pretty clear by your comments you either have never seen these people’s work or you have some vendetta against them on a personal level.

      I am not associated with the show or with either of these actors, but I am familiar with their body of work.

      Ferrell could be accused of being “one note”, but she nails her “note” better than anybody else.

      Sheen is a personal disaster (and has been for YEARS), but he’s, up until recently, been an absolute professional on set (he’s called “Ma-sheen” for professional reasons — not personal) and has an impressive body of work that no one with any sense of acting would call “one note”.

      Course, you probably think Roman Polanski and Mel Gibson are terrible directors too. I know it is not easy to do, but we need to try to separate the “talent” from the “disaster”.

      Again, so there is no confusion, I am not defending these PEOPLE, but I will defend their talents.

  4. Yes, because the rest of the cast and crew should suffer because of Sheen and others inflated egos. Makes total sense.

  5. I am impressed w/ the choice made. Even though I love the show, I feel that Sheen’s behavior is not something that should have any more attention brought to it. I commend those making this difficult choice and essentially costing others, but they will do well individually! Can’t wait to see what Ashton brings to the show! Miss him being on TV!

  6. It’s pretty pretentious not to submit it because of the “drama”. It makes people think that CBS thought it was good enough for an Emmy regardless of the Sheen debacle.

  7. Daisy are you…for real ?
    Conchata Ferrell a bad actress ?! Really ? And charlie Sheen for all his flaws (and it is his real life people not your freaking business, actors are not role-models just artists, entertainers) is a pretty good actor so of course you have a right to express your opinion like i have also this right. And i am using this right to say that i strongly disagree with you. Imo Sheen and Ferrell are the better actors of this cast by far, and yeah they were nominated numerous times for their work on this sitcom and they certainly deserved it ! IMO always.

    1. Exactly right, Somebody. The show was laugh out loud funny all the time. The cast was a great mix (although I never liked the Chelsea girl) People need to stay out of someone’s personal life. Mind your own business.

    1. Alex – Funny isn’t it that 30 Rock gets more Emmy votes in each year than than actual viewers for any episode? Something stinks. Then again it’s NBC and it’s not like they have anything to replace that ratings-challenged debacle with.

      1. I take it you were offended when Transformers wasn’t nominated for best picture? Profitable and/or popular don’t necessarily mean “good.”

    2. Well, the fact that 30 Rock is 1000 times funnier than 2.5 Men might have something to do with it, bub.

  8. It was the worst season yet. No way in hell does it even deserve a nomination. Between Jenny McCarthy’s so very unnecessary return and Alan going the way of Bernie Madoff, it was a massive trainwreck overall.

  9. Not submitting the show for Emmy consideration because of Charlie Sheen’s off screen antics is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    Either you have faith in the quality of the content, or you don’t.

    The writing has been horrible the last couple of years as they focused more on Charlie Harper being a dysfunctional drunk, so… No real loss.

  10. I’m absolutely for real. Ferrell delivers every line the same way. She’s the weakest member of that cast.

  11. men was my favorite show i watch all reruns laugh love them wont watch now charlie sheen should of been up for emmy he is the show like jerry sienfeld show with out jerry

  12. Excellent headline. I don’t think it has ever been competing for best comedy. A show should have to be funny for that category and CBS shows are only funny unintentionally (except HIMIYM)

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