EMMYS: 'Family Guy' Pleads For Emmy Love

For years, Family Guy producers had been asking for, sometimes even demanding, Academy votes in the show’s Emmy mailers. They’ve now switched to begging. Following Stewie’s turn as President Obama under the Vote For Change! slogan in the 2009 mailer and Peter Griffin’s cover boy stint last year as the girl from Precious with the motto Vote For Us Or You’re Racist, it’s Stewie in the spotlight again. But gone is the cockiness, as the sad-looking prodigy is staring at the spider web-filled Family Guy trophy case.

Now in its ninth season, Family Guy has yet to win a best series Emmy. It was nominated four times for best animated series and once, in 2009, for best comedy series. That year, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane famously pulled the show from the animation field to go against its live-action brethren in the top comedy series category. It worked, as Family Guy in 2009 became the first animated series in 48 years to nab a best comedy series nomination. The previous series to accomplish that was none other than The Flintstones, the Hanna-Barbera classic that MacFarlane is rebooting for a 2013 launch.

After landing the landmark best comedy series nomination in 2009, Family Guy stirred controversy with the second phase of its Emmy campaign, which included staff writer Patrick Meighan breaking protocol by sending an email to TV Academy members begging them to vote for his show and the show producing six videos attacking its fellow best comedy series nominees. After coming up short last year with no best series nomination, the Family Guy team is trying a more subtle approach this year … sort of. While going for the sympathy vote on the cover, the show is back to its trademark over-the-top self-deprecating sense of entitlement inside: “We paid for a Golden Globe and didn’t get it, so we’re owed an award.”

  1. Really? doesn’t begging for an award defeat any sort of sense of accomplishment? not to mention the whole idea of winning awards for art is a joke

    1. It’s all begging for awards, whether it’s a “for your consideration” ad or this. The studios shovel money into getting these things as well. I’m sure the publicity department feels a great swell of accomplishment with each win.

  2. If it was going to happen, it would have happened by now. The show’s no longer at its best. The campaigning is a good gag in itself, though.

  3. Their desperate flyer reflects the way I feel about comedy in general. Thanks, Seth, for being the number-one contributing factor to my own gloomy outlook on comedy.

    Typically, if you want to win awards, you try harder at creating a better product instead of stomping your feet about not receiving any. Clearly, Team MacFarlane thinks keeping the unimaginative status quo is the way to win anything. That crap has worked with their fans and Fox execs. Maybe that’s why they expect the same from award voters.

  4. The Simpsons in the first near perfect 6-7 years never won & neither has South Park, Family Guy doesn’t even come close.

    1. Related to your point — if The Simpsons didn’t win for the first genius 6-7 years, how can Team Family Guy expect to win for ripping off nearly everything from The Simpsons’ first genius 6-7 years?

      1. I think Seth made the point over and over that The Simpsons deserved it more than his show. OVER AND OVER.

        1. Seriously. He has said one millions times or more how The Simpsons deserved it more, yet all these yahoos keep acting like they are saying something relevant.

    2. Amen, dude. In my honest opinion, the new episodes of Family Guy don’t even deserve to be on television, let alone receive an Emmy nomination.

    1. No kidding, right? It’s like McDonalds bitching that they deserve a James Beard award.

  5. And if ANY animated show deserves it this year, it’s “Archer”… probably the best comedy on television besides “Parks and Rec”.


  6. It doesn’t win because it’s not the best comedy. It is just a series of loosely tied flashbacks. If anyone deserves it it’s SouthPark or the Simpsons in their prime. But Family Guy is not the best. Just one long pop reference. Ugh.

  7. I love Seth’s ability to milk a joke for so long that it stops being funny and then eventually starts being funny again (Chicken fight, hurt knee, bird is the word, Conway Twitty) but is that really going to resonate with the Award People™? I doubt it. They’re all into character growth and story arc and that nonsense.

  8. The show has been lazily-written and beyond terrible ever since it was brought back for the second time. It’s always been fairly slapped-together, but it least it used to be amusing once upon a time.

    Pro-tip: Just because a line is inflammatory or offensive, does not make it a joke. It has to be funny, too.

  9. Seth, you’ve made your money. Walk away from the table and be happy. You’ll never understand why we don’t like you (because if you did you would have done something about it by now..)

    Welp, back to my job at the post office! La di daaaa……..

    1. I have a job because of him and the post office isn’t hiring. He goes away, my job and the jobs of 600 others go away.

  10. seth macfarlane is a pretentious asshat. his success means nothing to him if he can’t get solid gold spray painted concrete statues that he can brag about to the celebrity crowd he hobnobs with. every other word out of this guys mouth makes me want to gag. he is heinously narcissistic and i wish him and his overrated crap would dissapear.

    1. You do? DO you wish the 1000s of jobs he creates for writers and artists would disappear too?

      1. Amen. 3 shows = 40 something writers who would otherwise be on the unemployment line.

  11. CPB: You are wishing for a whole lot of men and women to be out of work, cheer up. Life is short, we are in a great depression and hundreds of folks have jobs because of this pretentious “asshat”.

  12. I think it’s ironic that commenters on this site – many of whom picketed during the wga strike – would rip apart a guy who employs FIFTY SEVEN writers and has, for the past SEVEN YEARS. Don’t you people think before you hate? His shows keep THOUSANDS of people in jobs. Like him or his shows or not, doesn’t that count for anything? You would really wish all those jobs go away? What are you doing for America?

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