There was chatter at NBC’s upfront presentation that isolated 2011-12 NBC Primetime Preview press binders included a page for Wonder Woman as a new series. Everything was fine in the New Series section of the NBC binder I found waiting for me when I came back from New York, but the Returning Series section included two intriguing entries: freshman drama Law & Order: Los Angeles and comedy Outsourced. Both were canceled last Friday, so their glossy pages, accidentally included by the fulfillment house contracted for the binders, provide an eerie peek into what could have been. “Fusing the classic ripped-from-the-headlines storytelling with the distinctive backdrop of LA, the newest addition to the Law & Order franchise is back to delve further into the unique attitudes, cultures and crimes of the West Coast,” is the opening line in the LOLA profile. Outsourced‘s writeup provides a glimpse at some of the producers’ ideas for the now-scrapped Season 2 of the workplace comedy. “After surviving his first year managing the call center in India, Todd’s ready for some bigger challenges — should he try to make his relationship with Asha a bit more than work-related? Is his team ready for a trip to America for training and some good ol’ USA traditions like beer pong?” We’ll never know …

Fernando Bastos
5 years
Por favor, não cancelem a segunda temporada de Outsocerd!
5 years
NBC TV series are not to be watched, because you never know when they will cancel them....
5 years
Lol i think The Paul Reiser Show did much worse than Perfect Couples least Perfect Couples...