Christopher Dodd is addressing attendees at the National Association of Theatre Owners’ CinemaCon convention today in Las Vegas. In his first true public comments as chairman and CEO of the MPAA, he stresses a couple of times that he’s had the gig for only nine days. Still, he touched on the points MPAA chiefs are supposed to touch on: the importance of exhibition, the dangers of intellectual property theft and continuing to grow the international market for Hollywood product (mentioning China specifically).

The former Democratic senator from Connecticut also makes sure to suggest that his political experience will be of use to him in his new gig.

After three decades in Congress, I have some idea how to attract the attention of a Congressman or Senator. When you return to your states, invite your local governor, state legislator, congressman and senator to your theater and fill it with those who work with you along with video store employees and their families. Tell them about the importance of these issues to you and to your communities. If you become that educator, you will leave a lasting and indelible impression on those who will make decisions about your future. 

CinemaCon continues through Thursday at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

hollywood joe
4 years
Hello Mr. Dodd; Cool opening speech. Go and get all the unemployed people who worked in the...
4 years
Gee those theater owners are fighting to see who gets to hold this wonderful 'education' function....
4 years
He sounds so in-touch when he talks about local video stores.