WGAW Awards Show Video: 'Write It Gay'

Deadline gave you video of the opening musical number for the Writers Guild East Awards show from NYC. Now here’s video of the 2011 WGA West Awards show’s opening musical number from Los Angeles, “Write It Gay,” featuring Modern Family co-stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet:

  1. Look, I’m a gay writer and even I’m getting sick of the push for gay storylines, with the subtext being straight, bad. . .gay, good. I once talked to one of the creative heads of a certain gay channel and asked them what they were looking for, and they said not to send them anything that would put gay characters in a bad light. The serial killer in a movie couldn’t be gay. The villains couldn’t be gay. Gay protagonists or nothing.

    I love Glee but the show was sinking under the weight of its preachiness during the first half of the second season.

    Its almost a crime to be a straight character now, let alone make the character patriotic.

    1. Its almost a crime to be a straight character now,

      Yeah. Because there are NO straight characters on prime-time TV at all…


    2. Why do I find it hard to believe that you’re a gay writer?

      Sorry you couldn’t sell that surely insightful and fresh script with the gay serial killer.

    3. While there is an unprecedented push for gay characters on TV/film, its pretty ignorant to write “its almost a crime to be a straight character now.” Plus, with the whole patriotism thing, you clearly have an ax to grind. Why is it shocking that a gay focused cable channel wants to show gay characters in a positive light? It might even be in their mission statement. Nothing in Modern Family or Glee or Black Swan or The Kids are All Right suggests being straight is bad. Please think rationally (which I might not be by feeding your trolling).

      The WGA skit was a clever, but awkward and not always funny, low budget award show opening number poking fun at a so-called trend. That’s it.

  2. Um… These guys are AWESOME on the show. Because both are tremendously talented ACTORS.

    But…uh… Takes a different toolbox to do that whole “emcee/impressario” thang, don’tchaknow.


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