Back On SNL: Wayne's World Does Oscars

  1. I would say “why?” except it was funnier than 90% of all the crap SNL has rolled out this year. Love Dana Carvey.

  2. Carvey was fine, but it was rather shocking to see how diminished Meyer has become: slow, thick, hesitant. And the sweetened laugh track on SNL is becoming more and more obvious.

  3. Even eleven years out of practice, Dana Carvey was funnier, had better timing, and could read his cue cards better than any current member of the cast.

  4. The cold opening was excellent with Mike Myers putting in an appearance and the other big cameo during Dana’s monologue was fun, but last night was pretty lackluster. I had hoped they would have put more thought into the celebration of such an important cast member’s 25th anniversary of his first appearance on the show when he came back to guest host.

    Case in point: what would you rather see during Weekend Update, some lame disco meteorologist and a lame send up of John Franco or Dana as Grumpy Old Man tackling everything that’s happened since he left the show, like say… THE INTERNET?

  5. TERRIBLE show. I am in awe of just how bad the writing was. I was in a room of ten hardcore, longtime viewers, and it cleared after the first hour. Church Chat was horrible, and it should have been incredible.

  6. Many seem to be giving this particular show slack, because of the nostalgia aspect. But that’s even more of a reason to be pissed at it’s lameness. This was a damn goldmine, and they picked at it with a dull fork. The current writers are inept.

  7. My criticism of the show has nothing to do with old versus new cast. It’s the writing. And, actually, Carvey’s Church Lady was too tame – he held back.

    And I thought the opening was a show killer.

  8. I loved seeing Carvey and Meyer together again as Garth and Wayne. Took me right back to college. The best one was when they had Aerosmith on and Tom Hanks was their roadie. Classic.

  9. When I saw they were doing Wayne’s World, I initially thought, “well, this is fun.” As it played on, and I watched two middle-aged men making jokes abut wanting to bone Anne Hathaway, well, it just seemed sort of creepy. And not funny. But still somehow nostalgically interesting to watch. Weird, huh? Agree that Myers looks like he’s lost his legs a bit, but “Love Guru” would do that to anybody I suppose.

  10. Mike Myers’ canadian accent is more prominent here than I’ve ever heard it. It sounds weird coming from Wayne…

  11. Wayne’s World. As unfunny now as it was then.

    Still, love Dana Carvey. I wish his health issues didn’t sideline his career or I could put him in some kind of Frankenstein machine and swap his career with Myers’.

  12. Really funny and truly awesome. I’ve missed Mike – seems like he’s been gone from the spotlight forever. These two were awesome together and when it comes to kitsch movies, Wayne’s World the movie ranks right up there with Bill & Ted’s …

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