Ricky Gervais Says Golden Globes Have Invited Him Back To Host For 3rd Time

That’s according to Ricky Gervais himself, who’s written up a diary of his “mad week” presenting the Golden Globes in today’s Brit magazine Heat. First, he claims the Golden Globes have invited him back to host. “The organisers asked me to consider a third year. I don’t think I should. I don’t know what I could do better. I certainly couldn’t get more press for them, that’s for sure,” Gervais says. He claims the Hollywood Foreign Press Association want him back because this year’s Golden Globes U.S. ratings went up again — although in truth they drew 17 million which rose only slightly from last year. Gervais has said he wasn’t sorry for anything he’d said and that the HFPA should not have hired him if it did not want to offend anybody. “The question is always, ‘Did Ricky go too far?’” Gervais writes. “And the answer is always, ‘No.’ I have yet to find anyone who was actually offended by it.” But Gervais also fleshed out what he’d previously revealed on Conan: how he wanted to open the Golden Globes by coming out dressed as Adolf Hitler. His plan was to walk slowly to the podium, let the gasps die down, and say, “Too much?” He was going to awkwardly peel off the moustache, look round the room, and say, “Wrong crowd.” Beat. Then he would say, “That’s the last time I borrow a suit from Mel Gibson.”

  1. Ricky is brilliant. He made me watch this stupid and boring award shows. I dont get the oversensitivity by some of you.

  2. Can we get over this already?

    I don’t care who was “offended” (And I don’t think that anyone was)

    But as a comedy writer I found his jokes stale and poorly constructed. That’s the true offense.

    Gervais is a very funny man – just not that night.

    1. Dear Mr. Anonymous Comedy Writer,

      Please let us know what comedy you’ve written so we can judge if your jokes are not stale and if they are constructed properly.

      Thank you,


      1. Oh, I forgot… only writers are qualified to point out bad writing, and only actors are qualified to judge bad acting.

    2. I think you may have made a good point at last anonymous, the point being, that Gervais’ jokes were stale and you could see them coming as far away as unstable Egypt.

      But why, is it so important to see hierarchy in their trade, squirm anyway?

      Any person with a few brains can take a jibe at their expense, if it is done with a bit of clever fun, tongue in cheek and with good, well meaning intentions. Australia’s export to the world, ‘Dame Edna Everage’ (Barry Humphries) is excellent, because he/she sends her/himself up at the same time. Self depreciation, in other words. Mel Brooks is marvellous. There has been countless REAL comedians over the years who have delighted audiences with this ability.

      But I remember a world, and especially an America, where people were put on pedestals for their achievements. Have folk out there lost sight of true goals, ambitions and being truly aspirational. And, if the ‘common’ man in the street can’t make it, then let’s have fun giving it to the guy who can and has. So much easier, but so, so cowardly. TV execs with ratings on their minds, let’s appeal to the peons out there. Make them feel good about their own lot in life.

      Has life just become one great big ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ as hammered home by the Australian community if they feel ‘achievers’ have become too big for their boots? And believe me, there is an equivalent in the UK, we call it the ‘gutter press’ – maybe Gervais took his pointers from them!

      Has the ‘back seat driver’ finally gotten their own way, they can now call the shots. The reality TV celeb taken over from ‘true’ talent because she has had her fifth baby and oh boy, that’s REALLY COMPLICATED! Is this what it has come down to? Let’s bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

    3. Judging by the fact that my first answer to your notation was removed regarding ‘Gervais being stale’ and ‘your overwhelming thrill in seeing successful people, 100 times more talented than the bloke we are discussing, squirm’….I must have struck a few raw nerves.

      I am suggesting Mr. Anonymous, that because of this sadistic thrill you have in seeing your peers squirm, that you can’t be at all successful at what you do (comedy writing I believe) otherwise you would be aspirational in your attempts to succeed like those in your chosen profession that you like to ridicule rather than wanting those ‘Tall Poppies’ you describe as ‘spoilt and rich’ cut down to size.

      Think about it!

      1. So right, Annie. When did we lose respect for talent, hard work and success?

        It’s not funny to watch people squirm in discomfort and embarrassment and not an accomplishment or talent to make them do it. The butts of Ricky’s “jokes” were held hostage by the camera, utterly defenseless.

        Those of you who claim not to know of anybody who was offended by his “performance” are simply not paying attention.

  3. Not sure why people inherently think Hitler is funny. I get that it makes people uncomfortable and creates that awkward and uncomfortable moment Gervais is known for, but when did silence/squirming replace laughing as the way an audience expresses they find something funny?

    I’m no comedic prude, and do believe that a laugh can be had with a reference to Hitler involved, but just mentioning him is not all that funny.

    I do think the line about borrowing the suit from Mel Gibson is funny, though.

    1. First off, Gervais as Hitler is visually hilarious due to his similar body and hair type. Secondly, It’s not that Hitler is inherently funny, but that extremeness and sensitivity are often manipulated to great hilarity.

      And that trademark, palpable discomfort happens to result from very astute observation of people and situations, which are funny because they ring true. He used a very unorthodox format to pursue those hyper-real moments and in doing so revolutionized the half-hour comedy. Now the mockumentary sitcom is a genre of its own. If you want “setup, setup, punchline” that’s your thing, but it’s not the only thing that makes people laugh.

  4. Oh man, that Hitler bit sounds funny. Seriously. I wish he’d done that. I actually laughed out loud reading the description of that bit. I’m a big Jew, and still… that would’ve been a classic moment of uncomfortableness.

    I have to agree with Anonymous.

    He was a dick on stage, which is fine… but he should’ve been funnier.

    If he wanted to do some Roasting, he should’ve learned something from genuine roast-geniuses like Jeffrey Ross, Greg Giraldo (RIP) and Lisa Lampinelli.

    Meaning… you can be as cruel and inappropriate as you like… but just make the jokes LAND for crying out loud.

    He just wasn’t funny enough. Gervais can do WAY better and he knows it.

    and yeah we should definitely get over it already.

    1. “If he wanted to do some Roasting, he should’ve learned something from genuine roast-geniuses like Jeffrey Ross, Greg Giraldo (RIP) and Lisa Lampinelli.”

      If that is what you think is funny, and you think any of those you mentioned have ever had an original thought between them, it says more about you than you wanted!
      It is always good to have some context from the writer. Your idea of comedy is nothing but the same hedonistic profanty, repeated over and over, about different people. No intelligence needed.
      Lookat the original Friars club roasts, or Carsons roasts. They were witty, itellectual and actually funny, like Gervais.
      Ron Reale

    2. AND, you are sooo right…the Hitler bit would’ve KILLED! Great, witty, and topical,like the rest of his remarks. Most important, FUNNY!
      Ron Reale

  5. Watching the spoilt, rich celebs literally squirming in their seats as Gervais fired off his barbs made the Globes watchable. I’m all for him returning to host them for a 3rd, 4th, 5th time. Just give him the gig permanently.

  6. I hope he’s serious that they want him back next year because I certainly would tune in again. He was hilarious.

  7. I guess not making fun of Roseanne in a Hitler outfit cooking jewish cookie is not enough to make fun of – gotta do a Mel Gibson joke.

  8. the Hitler / Nazi motif is a Ricky Gervais favorite.

    The Nazi soldiers in “Extras”, the Nazi joke in his interview with Gary Shandling (Shandling does not think it’s funny), and even the goose-stepping David Brent in the Office U.K.

    It’s part of his pushing the envelope and has precedence in UK humor.

    He was hilarious at the Globes. If you think he’s funny, then he was funny that night. And he made the right call not to wear the Hitler mustache at the Globes.

  9. Ricky, please, if HFPA is wise enough to invite you back…do it.

    You make the show interesting and worth viewing.

    Hollywood needs to be bitch slapped every once in a while…and, I believe… they like it.

    I know…I do.

  10. Actually, the show’s “humor” per Gervais–was totally lame. You want to demean and insult people, fine, have at it. But don’t call it “funny” or “hilarious”, call it what it was, boring and lame. That’s 3 hours of my life I’ll never get back.

  11. Mel Brooks made a career out of Hitler jokes back in the seventies.
    Gervais made the Golden Globes the most talked about awards show this season. You can’t buy that kind of publicity. He’s good for them, and they are good for him. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  12. Controversy = ratings.

    The show was buoyed by his performance.
    I usually don’t watch these self-absorbed
    events but if I knew he’d be back I would.

  13. It was funny to see when actors just put down their heads and pray that Ricky won’t pick them. I want to see it next year.

  14. all time funniest HItler costume joke has to be in the ‘Adolf Hankler’ episode of the Larry Sanders Show.

  15. his jokes just sucked. the hitler opening would have actually been a well-constructed smart joke. hilarious.

  16. It’s about time someone drank on stage again and talked trash to everyone else. In the good ‘ol days, that was called professionalism. It’s show business, people! How many times do we need to stress this? Gervais was doing his job. The plastic drones couldn’t give a proper response because their heads where in their assholes trying to find a way out. Truth suffocates the guilty and they were definitely having a hard time breathing. Furthermore, these award shows are just an excuse to get smashed, the actors don’t care, neither does the HFPA. They only care because they think we do when all we want to see is stoned comedians pawning everyone in the industry. I’d drink with Ricky any day and he could insult me as much as he’d like.


    1. Nah they’d jump on the “It’s harmless fun!” bandwagon. People loved Ricky’s performance and these stars are realizing it. If they don’t show next time they look petty. Plus their reps and publicists have a year to counsel them on this fact.

  17. Ricky Gervais – only reason to watch Golden Globes. He was hilarious. All you Hollywood whiners can shut up.

  18. You know. We loved Ricky the first time he did the Globes. We loved his jokes. He obviously came back because of it. We loved his jokes when they we re at SOMEONE else’s expense. Everyone, get over it.

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