OSCAR SPOILERS: He'll Present First Oscar

EXCLUSIVE: I’ve learned 2-time Oscar winner and Academy favorite Tom Hanks will be the first presenter and name winners in both the Art Direction and Cinematography categories right off the bat. Best Picture frontrunner The King’s Speech is up for both, so the world will quickly get an idea whether that Best Picture nominee is able to mount a sweep right in the first few minutes of Sunday’s Oscar show. Two other Best Picture pics are also nominated in both categories, True Grit and Inception, with the Christopher Nolan written and directed movie having taken awards at both the Art Directors and Cinematographer Guild awards earlier this month. The King’s Speech also won at Art Directors. The show’s theme exploring the past, present and future of movies will start right here and then wend its way throughout the evening. The producers wanted to have a big star kick it off and set the tone.

  1. Changing things up a little, I see. Isn’t usually one of the supporting acting categories that’s handed out first?

  2. So when THE KING’S SHEEP wins best art direction, a gay porn can claim to have Oscar winning art direction!

    1. Do you seriously believe that every film made on the same set is the same film?? And if so, what on earth are you smoking?

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