Pre-Oscars News: Scott Rudin Stays In NY; Night Before Patrons Compete For iPads; Weinstein Bros Bash Feels Like Old Times

Heard at Saturday’s pre-Oscar party circuit: Though he’s the rare producer twice nominated in the same year for Best Picture honors for The Social Network and True GritScott Rudin turned in his tickets for the Academy Awards. I’m told that Rudin made the decision just before the weekend. Considering how badly Sony Pictures wants him to attend, I suppose a private jet could get him here at the last moment, but I don’t think it will happen.

Rudin has let his colleagues on those films know he’s not coming, I’m told. It is a surprise given the long campaign for Social Network against The King’s Speech, but Rudin hasn’t always made the trip when his films were in the Oscar mix. Work kept him back in New York in the years when The Queen, The Hours, and Fantastic Mr. Fox were up for big awards. But Rudin did make the trip and accepted Best Picture Oscar with Joel and Ethan Coen for No Country For Old Men. That leaves fellow Social Network producers Michael De Luca, Cean Chaffin, and Dana Brunetti to represent the film, and The Coens for True Grit. The two films are up for a combined 18 Oscars.

Rudin has told intimates that he had too much going on in New York to leave. On Broadway, the musical Book Of Mormon with Matt Stone and Trey Parker  just began previews last Thursday before its March 27 opening. And the revival of House of Blue Leaves with Ben Stiller and Edie Falco begins rehearsals tomorrow for an April 25 opening. In addition, shooting just began Friday on Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close, the Stephen Daldry-directed adaptation of the Jonathan Safran Foer novel that stars Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and Thomas Horn for Warner Bros. All of that action is taking place in Gotham…

It takes something special to get the Oscar crowd excited, and clearly iPads hit the spot. There was a long line of stars and especially dealmakers and executives who competed in a movie trivia contest at Saturday evening’s Night Before Party. If you answered six movie trivia questions and one bonus question correctly, you won an iPad. Hundreds were given away, I’m told…

At The Weinstein Company party at Soho House, Harvey and Bob Weinstein held court along with the nominees from The King’s Speech. Attendees felt that this bash, which went past 2 AM, had the feel of the old parties the Weinsteins held almost every pre-Oscar Saturday during the Miramax heyday, which was always one of the more enjoyable stops along the trail.

  1. If Scott Rudin gets to see the Oscar ceremony live, ABC and the Academy shuld set-up a two-way video link between Hollywood and where Rudin is in New York, so if he wins, he can accept the award via that video hookup.

  2. Rudin is a wimp. From the minute he lost the PGA he has run from award season. If Soc Net was still a front runner, he would be in LA.
    I guess he’s not such a badass. He’s a coward.

  3. After another long, tediously boring night of all the pretentious celebrities bashing anyone and anything conservative or “rich” they will all get out of their designer dresses and tux’s, and get into something more “comfortably” (rich) and spend the night with all their fellow rich obnoxiously pretentious “artists” before going back to bashing anything conservative or “rich” tomorrow morning. Screw Hollywood and everyone in it. Oh, and to all you Fabulous rich intellectual “artists” attending? Don’t forget the cue cards and return all teleprompters to obama immediately after the show is over.

    1. You must really need to vent, man. It’s too bad that here your venting just vanishes into the ether. Maybe spend the time on something constructive next time you’re feeling sad, left out, angry, and deprived.

    2. Why are you even on this wed site if you hate Hollywood’s “liberals” and “artists” so much? Methinks thou doth protest too much. A little “artist” named William Shakespeare wrote that, though I have a feeling you’d better fit H.L. Mencken’s observation that “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the good taste of the American People.” You can go back under your rock now.

    3. Ms. “rightwing plant” and her GOP lov’n friends would like nothing more than to distract people from the best doc of the year and Oscar Winner…”Inside Job”…the story of the crooks, crybabies, and con men that that have run this country into the ground…

  4. Sure, Julie, the Hollywood Elites will turn over their teleprompters to Obama, just like I turned over my tax dollars to that trained monkey Bush and watched him start two endless wars while his “Ranger” campaign supporters created the largest gap between the “rich” and the “poor” since the founding of our republic. I’m sure you have a enough Glenn Beck on your TiVo to pass the time during the Oscar broadcast, so you can forget everything–including all the stupidity that transpired between 2001 and 2008.

    1. right on….well said…and 100 percent correct…these rightwingnuts are simply crooks, con men, and cry babies…

  5. Hundreds of ipads were “given away” to filthy rich execs? How many will get passed onto interns barely scraping by? Answer – zero.

  6. He knows it’s the kings speech. At least it’s not as bad as unappreciative monique not attending to present best supporting actor — at least christoph waltz is out of the country.

  7. Is Rudin pulling a Joan Crawford…finding an excuse not to attend and hoping that this might just be his “Mildred Pierce” moment of victory?

  8. Great. More above the line people getting free things. At least they’re doing it by knowing about (barely) the existence of BTL people.

  9. We’ve GOT to save our phony baloney jobs !!!!!! I didn’t get a harrumph out of that guy ! book book play. book book play .

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