Egypt is rapidly becoming a very dangerous place for foreign journalists. On the heels of the attacks on Fox News’ Greg Palkot, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC News’ Christiane Amanpour, an NBC News crew has been carjacked by a group of angry Egyptian men and threatened with beheading. According to ABC News, its producer Brian Hartman, cameraman Akram Abi-hanna and two other ABC News employees were surrounded on a crowded (and considered safe) road that leads from Cairo’s airport to the city’s downtown area.

Hartman told ABC that it was only through the appeal of Abi-hanna, who is Lebanese and a veteran ABC cameraman, that they were saved from being killed or severely beaten. “We thought we were goners,” Hartman said . “We absolutely thought we were doomed.”

A total of 30 journalists from different countries have been targeted by protesters in Egypt in the past few days.

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