Independent Films Captured 7 Major Oscars

So tonight’s Academy Awards scorecard for independent films were 7 major Oscars, including the 19th Best Picture of the past 30 years for non-studio movies. The Independent Film & Television Alliance compiled this list: Best Picture: The King’s Speech (The Weinstein Co);  Best Director: Tom HooperThe King’s Speech (The Weinstein Co), Best Actor: Colin FirthThe King’s Speech (The Weinstein Co), Best Supporting Actor: Christian BaleThe Fighter (The Weinstein Co distributing internationally), Best Supporting Actress: Melissa LeoThe Fighter (The Weinstein Co), Best Original Screenplay: David SeidlerThe King’s Speech (The Weinstein Co), Best Foreign Language Film: In A Better World, Denmark (Nordisk Film).

  1. I realize the strained technical correctness that considers “King’s Speech” an “Independent” feature, but, when that film fits your definition, the term really starts to lose any value or meaning.

    1. The King’s Speech was produced independently by Bedlam Productions and acquired by Weinstein. Independent doesn’t mean arthouse or low budget — it means majority was independently financed, which King’s Speech was.

  2. So let me get this straight. The Independent Film and TV Alliance is counting British films that are supported by the government and Paramount flicks starring A-listers as “independent” films. Hell, if you want to count things like that then everything can be called independent. What a crock.

  3. Wouldn’t the Foreign Language Film always be categorized as an independent, and isn’t counting this category among the indy “acchivements” wrong?

  4. The so-called Independent Film & Television Alliance is a joke. If Paramount Vantage’s THE FIGHTER can be on this list, why not Fox Searchlight’s BLACK SWAN? And their recent list of the most successful “independent” movies of 2010 was packed with films that had production and marketing budgets equivalent to studio fare, including some from Sony division Screen Gems. It completely devalues the meaning of the term “independent film.”

    1. Their hip in their own mind. What was hip about either of those shows? Justin Bieber is hip_LOL. Maybe if your a 10 year old girl.TSN isn’t hip

  5. Absolutely love that independent film, whatever that means, is alive and well. Some really great stories still being told. Also great how real crap was left out. There were some indies that had major stars and were given nothing. This year the voters got it right. TSN deserved little. KS, brillant. Now that’s a fine film. Just saying…

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