Hilary Swank, Josh Brolin Set As Oscar Presenters

They’ve been added to this Sunday’s Academy Awards. Swank has won two Best Actress Oscars, in 1999 for Boys Don’t Cry and in 2004 for Million Dollar Baby. She is currently producing Something Borrowed and will next be co-starring in New Year’s Eve. Brolin received an Oscar nomination in 2008 for his supporting performance in Milk. He’s currently co-starring in Best Picture nominee True Grit.

  1. Why is Hilary Swank presenting ? She is not Oscar nominated this year, nor does she have an upcoming starring role to promote.

  2. Ms. Swank is presenting because as an OSCAR WINNER she’s a member of a cinematically triumphant clan and represents sublime accomplishment even as she bestows said honor on others. (now whether or not you agree Swank should have won her Oscars is a different story…)

    I, however, happen to think she is supremely talented and cute and down to earth – but then again I’m just a lowly writer schlub trying to find my way in the big, bad world. Can you please set down your jug of hater-ade? Life’s too short for such animus and mean-spirited ways.

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