Harvey Weinstein On 'King's Speech' Win

Deadline’s Mike Fleming just caught up with Harvey Weinstein at The Weinstein Company party inside Chateau Marmont: “I am on Cloud 9. I am so excited to see Colin [Firth] here. We’ve done 10 films in 20 years together… This win is so special because, after the Golden Globes, we were left for dead. We had lost all the critics award, every single one. But we stayed the course and that was key… It is great for my company. It has attracted many films and all kinds of new financing opportunities.”

  1. TSN’s momentum with the critics was cut abruptly short by the politics of the Guild and Oscar voters. With the plethora of content available to us online, we know the campaigning involved. In addition, it’s obvious Weinstein convinces these voters with business propositions of I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. The main rub of tonight’s Oscars is Hooper’s undeserved, unexpected and embarrassing win.

    1. Yeah, right, how ’bout that Weinstein bribing all the members of the WGA, DGA, SAG and BAFTA to give it their top awards, the audiences at the film festivals and the millions and millions of people all around the world to applaud at the end of all those screenings, the film review sites to give it higher user ratings than TSN, and the American public to keep it in the top eight for over three months, and counting. Guess the critics – and those like you – are the only people who are incorruptible…

  2. The Social Network was truly the best film of the last year overall. It was robbed by a British movie that the Academy felt obliged to honor because of the company.

      1. Hey Banksy – I liked YOUR movie. I watched Exit through the Gift Shop this past weekend. That French guy – Thierry – was TOO funny.

  3. I really liked TKS, Colin Firth more than deserves his win, but it did NOT have the substance tô win for Best Picture, nor does it make sense that it stole the best original script from inception.

    The King Speech is pretty funny, and touching at the end. It’s a good movie from start tô finish, but that’s it. Just a good movie. It feels more like a BBC made for TV movie than anything else. The script has hardly any turns an, while well written, is just as silly as you’d expect a movie about a sturret prince to be.

    The social network, on the other hand, had the intriguing story, the amazing dialogues and more of an ensemble cast than TKS, which was basically all about the 2 actors.

    Great movies make u think afterwards. Social network did, black swan did it beautifully, hell, even Toy Story 3 did. What does the king’s speech makes you think about? Yeah, i know, if u try hard enough you can do things, but it’s just too thin of a story to call it the best picture of the year

    1. You must be joking, Caio. Best original screenplay for a script that was 90% expositional?! I’d rather be entertained than pay to sit in a lecture hall for a lesson that makes no sense.

  4. I don’t agree. I saw King’s Speech & TSN. And was not a fan of TSN. KIngs Speech was better acted & had a better story.Maybe if I was 20 I would feel differently

  5. I was so pleased that the king’s speech won best picture. Honestly I believe the Social Network got overhyped PR becouse it covered facebook and that perhaps turned off some AMPAS members.
    Second to my own local displeasure the local cinema which is still holding four other movies schelduled for The King’s Speech for later in the afternoon like 5pm as first show. Now for a picture like this which just won best a pic oscar is an insult to the customer and to the weinsten company in my opioin.

  6. Umm okay so the person that said it’s a british movie, its not. I mean im 12 and i thought it was a very good movie. Harvey deserves to win, I’ve met him on numerous occasions and he deserves this award.

  7. Once again the Academy gives its top award to a picture that confirms the art of film rather than expanding it.

  8. “we were left dead and we stayed the course”??? does harvey think he is in some middle eastern war zone? dude you bought an oscar. let’s keep the hyperbole down.

  9. I agree with the poster who said KS was more suited to a Masterpiece Theater special but Masterpiece is usually far better done that your typical formulaic Weinstien Oscar vehicle. Actually, KS and Wienstien remind me of that those old Merchant Ivory movies from the 80s.

    How awful that the Oscars can be bought and sold to the point that a three start English costume drama beats out a true piece of movie making talent like Social Network.

    People should quit watching that charade that is the Oscars. King’s Speech is just another Shakespeare In Love.

  10. Well, I’m not. Inception was expositional enough, but you have to be with a story like that. I found it truly fascinating, and perfectly balanced between action scenes and dialogues.

    TSN is not even close to be an HBO movie like TKS is, I haven’t got the slightest clue what you’re talking about. It had conflict, a story that kept moving and that put several characters in action.

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